Cold Waters


Oh man…those screens like this really set up memories…!


This does look rather interesting.


The manual has been released!


The release was apparently today, but has just been delayed a few days due to the Steam review process.


Subsim took a look at this sim, and has some gameplay footage! A Skipjack SSN versus a soviet convoy.


Man…I got a little trip planned coming up and I’d love to have this on my laptop. It’d be awesome if it got released in the next couple days…


This looks so much fun. What is apparent though is the lack of crew voices.


I thought most Mudspikers have voices in their heads?


It looks much better and more interesting than I was expecting - quite a progression from Atlantic Fleet. Only worrying thing for me was he broached twice when trying to get to periscope depth, and it didn’t look like operator error; more like the game messing up.

That said, I’ll be getting this for sure. Looks great.


It was in fact, user error. You don’t just dial in a depth and course like in the subsims of the days of old in this one. You control the diveplanes and ballast (and also the rudder) manually. He was commanding a 15 degree pitch angle on the planes with neutral buoyancy right up until he broached for the first time. During his second broach, he was commanding 15 degrees pitch on the planes right up to 55 feet, and 5 degs of pitch untill only a few seconds before the 2nd broach.

There’s quite the discussion about this on the steam forums. The devs have stated they felt this control model was more entertaining in their opinion, keeping the sub onder control while flooding etc, but they also said if the community wanted it badly, they’d do the typical enter depth and course controls as well.

Yeah me too. Looks great, the first nuclear subsim in 12 years or so! Been playing the old subsims like 688(i), Dangerous Waters and Silent hunter 4 in anticipation of this one :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks for clarifying that. I think (while not having tried the game yet) I’d prefer to tell a virtual crew “periscope depth” than try to manage dive planes etc.


Does this mean I can also order the reactor operator of that Narwhal to start or stop the reactor coolant pumps at will?


The manual sub controls are a weird design decision though. The rational behind not having TMA and sonar is that the crew takes care of these and you as the captain concentrate on commanding. So why should the captain drive the sub himself? I’d rater just order “bring her up to periscope depth”.


Maybe can be played both ways?


It sounds like it’ll be combining being the Officer of the Deck and Diving Officer.


OUT Now on Steam.


It’s out! €36,99

The download is just 1550MB


Not that I’m a good streamer, or a pro at it… but streaming the tutorials if your still on the fence… 1st one already done and up, starting the others…

ENDED it… guess I need to read the manual to get out of the basics…

first kill screens:


Loved and played the heck out of Red Storm Rising, so this looks really tempting, pricy though at $40 so will wait to hear reviews.


Hmmmm… A quick perusal of the manual says that for a reactor scram, the ship is dead in the water. So no simulation of the battery or the diesel, or the Electric Propulsion Motor (EPM) that can answer up to an ahead 2/3s Bell?