Cold Waters


Did anyone try the 1968 campaign yet? I am now playing this mostly and it is a lot of fun and very challenging.

US submarine weapons of the era were awful. You have the Mk 16, which is a WWII-era straight running torpedo, and the Mk 37. While the Mk 37 has an active/passive seeker and wire guidance, it is actually slower than most nuclear submarines! To have any chance of success, you have to get really close, preferably in the baffles of the enemy, and hit them before they can even react. This means there us usually a lot of stealthy maneuvering, often hair-raising close to the enemy, before you can take the shot. And if you blow your cover too soon and get counter-fired upon, at these close ranges you are in deep trouble. In 1968, sub-sub combat is very exciting stuff.


You’ve got company.

Prepare for a nasty surprise.


I was thrilled to see another nuclear-era sub sim as I played the living daylights out of 688i and SC but have no interest in WW2-era sub sims. I’m just about coming to terms with the mechanics now and am liking it but I am very grateful for the recent addition of crew voices because without them it felt more like a strategy game than an immersive simulation, especially given that this is a sub command sim that is played from a perch within the 3-D world outside the vessel under command, with the all-important data and control interfaces being relegated to the corners of the screen. For an old Sonalysts purist like me, this limits the claustrophobic immersion I have always treasured about sub sims.

My biggest beef is – thankfully – shared by many and is, I believe, about to be addressed in an update: this is the micromanagement of driving the boat. It is very odd that a command-level sim which delegates TMA and sensor management to competent AI crew will not let the player command depth, course and speed, i.e. order periscope depth or a particular compass turn rather than have to manage the planes and ballast, especially when there are other things going on. I know this has been noted here, I am just adding my voice to the chorus. An upcoming patch will apparently give us a helm control panel, which, in addition to addressing the micromanagement issue will also make the control interface less dependent on constant keyboard inputs.


Bought this today. Went through the training and did the one on one dual and came out on top.
Now to nervous to try anything else :sweat_smile:

I do love the missilesystem on this though


Gave it another go after some pause and lo and behold, depth and course commands are in. Great addition!


Had a Seal insertion mission where I spent all my ammunition taking out the local defenses. On my way back I ran into two instance of enemy subs searching for me. Pretty nerve-wracking :sweat_smile:


Some new content planned for CW!

  • Playable 688i and Seawolf
  • oil rigs and civilian shipping
  • South China sea theatre with PLA Navy appropiate units for a 90’s scenario.

Luhu DDG
Luda DDG
Jianghu FFG
Jianghu-3 FFG
Jiangwei FFG
Chengdu FFG
Yukan LST
Yuting LST
Song SSK
Kilo SSK
Ming SS
Foxtrot SS


Ooooooh, this could be fun.


My body is ready.


Nice to see this on GoG. A bit cheaper than Steam as well.


I have been playing Cold Waters again lately. This is such a fun game. The improved user interface, the crew voices and a whole bunch of civilian ships are great additions. It got a whole lot harder too! Torpedo evasion is not that easy anymore and once you are getting plastered by helos, aircraft or SS-N-14, you are pretty much dead.

What I enjoy most is just watch Kashins, Potis or Rigas cruise along (and blow up from time to time). In what game will you find such a huge variety of beautifully modeled Soviet vessels?


In case anyone was wondering, Cold Waters updated today on Steam and included the new South China Sea Campaign along with various fixes etc.


Ohhhhh groovy. Got mine from gog, will look to see if it’s updated there.


My GOG just updated today when I arrived home. I am guessing the new campaign has arrived there too.


Is there any hope of MP for this?


Not sure many of you guys are still playing it but I came across a nice Youtube channel the other day.
From an ex-submariner (I think).

Check out his channel for more tutorials, etc.


yeah I watch quite q few of his vids. He often adds to the game some very interesting real life info into how subs and certain systems works.

Plus the 80’s porno music he has for an intro is cool :wink: