Cold Waters


It’s not necessarily realistic but you can stay underwater even with fully blown ballast tanks if you’re fast and nose down to ~10 degrees. Naturally that doesn’t make you particularly quiet.


In case someone has the same problem, I found the solution. After selecting the tube you have to click into the tactical map before pressing space to target the weapon. If you do not click into the map first, the tube selection will always jump to the lowest tube when pressing space.


Oh and I bagged the Kirov in the campaign yesterday :slight_smile: I was supposed to intercept a replenishment group that was supporting some warships. And one of these warships happened to be the mighty nuclear powered battlecruiser of the Northern Fleet. I even got a medal after the engagement. It didn’t end too well tough. After sinking the complete enemy task force I was finally hit by a stray torpedo and had to abandon ship.

The game still has some problems, but I love it.


A beta version of the v1.1 patch is out on Steam which seems to fix some of the most pressing issues.


Commanding depth, speed and heading coming soon


Outstanding :slight_smile:


I am just going to put this here for anyone who could make use of it. I can’t say enough good things about Killerfish for posting a mod guide for their game so soon after release. The game is great already and so much more potential for opening it up…


After getting into a scuffle with some surface ships, that I though were on the bottom of the North Atlantic, I kept getting an intermittent contact from one of them. Once I had the nerve to come up to take I look I found this guy still chugging along in a circle.


Oooh the ultra rare Ugh-Boot.


Capsizing doesn’t put them out of the fight. Those Russians sure are tough SOBes, they will send a fish your way even they’re upside down.


You See Ivan, for to make fast submarine kill, we must first flip ship so that guns are under water!


You make a compelling argument.

Also it makes sense to shield the vulnerable belly of the ship. Everybody know that ships don’t like to be tickled on their bellies.


Eliminates any drop the rounds might have encountered.


Completed my first campaign :slight_smile:


Time for a shower, it seems :smiley:



Is this any good?
Can you scale back graphics for a 4 year old laptop?


It’s good alright. I don’t know to what extend you can scale it back, it runs fantastic with everything maxed out on my merely decent rig (R9 290/FX8350) Only on certain missions (Spec Ops insertion/TLAM strike) with time compression maxed out I’m noticing a little choppiness.

Just realise it is what it is. It’s no succesor to Sub command, Dangerous Waters, or 688(i). I personally think of it as Flaming Cliffs for subs. The mechanics are pretty accurate but the workload is simplified.


Anyone here play Seawolf?

I played a TON of that game, about as much as I played of Dangerous Waters in later years. The difference was while DW’s systems bordered on “flipping a switch because I know I’m supposed to and not because I know what it actually does” in Seawolf you understood it all.

I actually learned to read and understand the waterfall display faster than my crew could id a ship from it. I’d look at it and watch it come down and shout “Alfa!” a good minute or two before my crew would figure it out. It was that good a game at making them distinct and recognizable without you needing a grad-level course.

Never played RSR, though, although I read the book a good half-dozen times at least.


Your laptop will be fine. Get it.

The game is based on the Atlantic Fleet engine, which started life as a tablet game before making its way to PC.


The 1.05 beta patch has introduced crew voices.

I am very pleased with the steady fixes, polishing and improvements that the developer is applying to this game. And rumors are that Cold Waters sells fairly well on steam, so there is reason for hope for a rich sub future.