Combat Air Patrol 2 news

"In addition, we recently signed Combat Air Patrol 2 (CAP2) as publisher in partnership with the developer. We are working closely with the developer to release a very comprehensive update to the game, which is still in early access. The developer is the original who created Combat Air Patrol by Psygnosis back in 1993, which is incredible. There are substantial plans around the propriety engine for CAP2, including a new Battle of Britain combat simulator, which we will announce later in the year.

PC Pilot: David, there are indeed exciting times ahead for MicroProse and I for one can’t wait to see these projects come to fruition. Many thanks again and we wish you and your team all the very best for the future."

Source MicroProse F-16 Falcon interview (


Ok, that is a surprise. I’d never in my life thought that we will hear anything from CAP2 again. But as far as I can remember it was in a pretty advanced state?


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I think that this news will be a big surprise for everybody who bought CAP2 on Steam.


That’s good news - there are the bones of a good game in CAP2. My only criticism is that it was never advanced to a playable state.

Now, a Battle of Britain simulation needs a detailed and robust simulation of the Dowding system. I’d argue that’s more important to a simulation of that campaign that the economic simulation that some sims from the past have! But that’s not something that CAP2 seems to have (or not something I’ve noticed in it anyway).