Combat Pilot or Jason Williams rides again..!

I always thought Jason was the one who did not want to do a PTO sim due to insufficient information for Japanese planes but it seems that someone else was blocking it for GB.


That, or it was due to economy. I seem to remember a discussion about all the available documentation was in Japanese and translating it would be costly.

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Well he has several offers from simmers like me who’ are generously willing to lone out our wives for the cause.


I wonder how they will solve that issue this time around.
No offense to your wife and I don’t know her educational background, but I think an engineering degree and perhaps solid aeronautical knowledge is required, in addition to full command of Japanese and English.
But maybe that requirement was set by the others at 777? Maybe this time around they are ok with educated approximations.


I fear that in our world, the perfect is the enemy of the good. I am so sick if the IL2:FC discussions of how “X” is supposed to outturn “Y”. Really? What motor? 110 le Rhone? Is it new or does it have 20 hours of combat abuse already? Where was the better “turn”? On the deck? 6000m? Sustained? Instantaneous? Was the information corroborated or was just a single anecdote written by a pilot lucky enough to have survived 1917. Nobody really knows. I’ve yet to fly two Pitts that are much alike. Flying Circus is fine until laminar flow ceases then it’s a joke. All this talk of aerodynamic minutiae seems to be putting the horse behind the cart then slapping him firmly on the ***. I say, go with what you got. If that’s even just the approximate weight, HP, wing area, airfoil shape, turbo/super-charger, and CG, you’ve got more than enough. Plug it into a blade-element parsing simulator, make the experience modern and gorgeous, and let’s go fly!


Here are the key takeaways from the Stormbirds interview, IMHO.

Barbedwire has a strong interest in all things WWII along with a desire to make products with high levels of realism and great gameplay. Their executive team also has a deep passion for combat flight-sims it turns out. This made our working together a natural fit.

To manage this new project, Barbedwire has formed a new subsidiary called Entropy.Aero, which will work on Combat Pilot independently of their very busy development schedule for Gates of Hell.

Carlos Flors, the CEO of BWS, is an aerospace engineer by trade and pilot in real life and has a real love for flight-sims on the PC. Thanks to his aerospace connections, Entropy.Aero has assembled a very talented engineering team with industry experience at Airbus and Saab among others. You can expect the aero engineering in Combat Pilot to be quite good. You’ll be hearing more from Carlos and others on the team as things progress, but I’ll be leading the charge and managing the overall development as I have done with previous projects.


I couldn’t agree more.


I can second the notion that not just any Japanese speaker will be sufficient.
My company was bought by a larger Japanese company many years ago, so most of the top management is Japanese.
We had a visiting exec have a problem with their laptop and, surprise, Windows was in Japanese. So while I recognized what I was clicking on, when the error message popped out I had zero idea what it said.
Fortunately, there was a Japanese expat (lived here for a long time, married to an American) downstairs and I asked her to come up and try to read for me what it said. Despite being a tech writer she’s not a tech person, so she struggled to translate what it was saying into English for me in a way that made sense. She had to say things 2, 3, 4 different ways before I got what technical thing Windows was trying to say. If they’d had the English language pack installed we could’ve switched it over, but it was Japanese-only.

So someone who worked at Mitsubishi working on the F-15J or F-2 programs, yes, they’d be able to translate it well. Your average Japanese speaker, though, will struggle to do any better of a job than Google Translate.

As for who was more interested, long before he even went with 777 and RoF I remember Jason’s comment about his “dream sim” being a P-47 PTO sim of all things. Granted you don’t need a carrier for that, so maybe that extra work had influenced what his dream was as at least so far CP has made no mentions of a Jug, but that doesn’t mean it’s not waiting in the wings. <–see what I did there???


My understanding of the difficulties is that the Japanese written language has substantially changed/evolved, especially in terms of technical writing, since the end of the war to the extent that whatever documentation still exists (not as much as in the west) is virtually indecipherable to a modern Japanese reader, even if they are technically qualified to understand the material.


I think that Jason and the Entropy dudes started watching Greg’s Airplanes and Automobiles YouTube channel and that was all they needed😁.


There is a lot of stuff I can’t speak about unfortunately. All I can say now is I have a different team with different thoughts and ideas and I have more creative control.

My past comments about Japanese subjects were not that it was impossible to make them, just hard to make them to a certain standard and maybe some guessing needs to be done or creative license in lieu of actual data. Connect the dots on that one.

About Japanese translations, I don’t need a Japanese translator who is an engineer, of course that would helpful, but it’s not totally necessary. We already have engineers working for us who understand aircraft systems and advanced physics.

We’re going to start small and work our way into something larger. Have to crawl before you can walk.

With all the hoopla I forgot to check in at Mudspike. Wish us luck.



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That project is looking promising so far. I will definitely keep an eye on it.


Developer Diary #01 dropped in at the end of the last month

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