Coming soon...KMAS

Can’t help but be excited. Our journey starts soon! We will be working our way toward some basic capabilities. There will be tears shed, metal bent, egos destroyed, rage quitting commenced…but we’ll get there…

Kings Mountain Attack Squadron

We will be the Three Amigos …at MTOW…stick shaker clacking as we struggle to join the fight. Bigger things will come I’m sure. We look forward to seeing you all in the skies. Progress reports to commence soon.


Kai is my 10 year old son…
Joseph is his 12 year old cousin who lives with us and we raise as our own son…


Sounds like they found a great Sensei!


Will be referencing your guide! I plan to start them out with something a bit more sedentary…a proper instruction course in the MSFS Cessna 152… :rofl: I shall try to suppress much of my CFII over-bearingness for the sake of fun…


A Cessna? You gotta skip that feng shui crap and teach them to be a badass!


(sorry, been watching way too much Cobra Kai lately)


I say go the other way and start with the Savage cub. :muscle:

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We could just go full insane mode and go Viggen with non-English cockpit…or MiG-21…


DCS Gazelle, asymmetric load, keyboard only. :wink:


Kids these days will never know the horror of flying with the numpad… LOL… I used to be able to both trim the plane and control the views like a maestro with the numpad…


Since we’re discussing alternate AC maybe the F-5 or the F-86? They both have an undeniable cool factor, teach stick and rudder skills, and manual weapons delivery. About the only thing they’d be missing out from the C-101 is the nav tools, and lets be honest 10 and 12 year old boys could care far less about TACANS and VORs compared to IPs and reticle depressions. I will agree the Tiger and Sabre are a little less forgiving when landing, but they’re not the Mig-21 either.

That is the plan. I already bought them the F-5 for down the road a bit. That will be pretty fun screaming around with them…

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Careful now… :ajs37:

I’m lost. It’s early. The caffeine hasn’t kicked in. Sorry but what is this?

Aaaaahhh. Coffee has hit. Understand now.


I thought there would be 8 weeks ground school first? :nerd_face:

No…but one of them DOES need to clean their room first… :rofl: Even Pete Mitchell has chores…


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I can imagine that once your squad is up and running reasonably OK, some other Mudspikers will form up an aggressor group and will meet you and your wingmen in DCS… just sayin’ :slight_smile:

Flying Top Gun GIF by Noise Nest Network

Which will lead to me in a prison camp…


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You do realize that in a couple of weeks they will be flying rings around you…inverted. :wink:


Sounds like a reason to restrict them.

Is that Kingsmountain, as in the war of tax evasion battlefield?