Commanders Log ---- Star Date 3307(Elite Dangerous Exploration AAR)

In A Previous Life…

A new commander (changed from Xbox to PC) Actually this commander is older than my Xbox one.

I had to redo all my engineer progress and really get back into things again. Once i got the materials I needed to get my DBX back up to par, I decided to take a little journey and test it out.

Off We go in the Andromeda Wanderer

First up a nice water world

Up next an ELW and if you look closely off the left wing another ELW.

Thats a bright star

And some cool shots, including a neat ring planet

This little journey was about 45 jumps and netted me a cool 70 million. Right now Im in Ngalinn grinding Empire rank.

However I am planning my next journey which should be awesome! Stay tuned for more


Having made it to the rank of Baron in the Empire, I decided it was time to set off on some more explorations. My goal is Duke in the empire so I can get a sweet sweet ride. However I need money for that first.

So off we go on my first trip,

A couple of rocky worlds in close orbit

A couple of stars, a M and T if I remember correct.

4 jumps in an ELW

And finally my destination of my first trip, Antares

Decided to go for a look at the closest planet

And landed on the 1.8g surface and almost died!

Had to take a quick trip to Quince to repair some hull damage. Next up we are traveling to VV Cephei. Fly safe Commanders!


Off to VV Cephei we go

Couple of close stars

Another ELW!!!

Fuel scooping!

And finally VV Cephei

UP next 57 jumps to KY Cygni

Fly Safe Commanders!


Off to KY Cygni we go,

Another cool T and M Star combo, I really like these.

Dual M star I believe,

And finally Ky Cygni!

Uneventful trip as far as exploration goes, Had multiple 1 to 3 star systems with nothing else in them.

UP next 51 jumps to Mu Cephei

Fly Safe Commanders!

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