confused about the new IL2 series

After a LONG absence from flight sims, I started making a comeback a few weeks ago, first with the new DCS World Open Beta and $300 more in planes and terrain (ouch!)… started to look back at the old IL2 series, noticed I still have a number of their games in my Steam list… but went to the web site, kinda confused on how things are ran now… is their a base game then you buy all those mission/add-ons, like Battle of Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad, and now a pre-order for the next one.

Are these all separate games or like I asked, all part of a base game?


If you buy on Steam then you have to purchase Battle of Stalingrad first, but if you choose to buy direct then you can buy whichever “Battle” you wish first. As you add each “Battle” they become merged into your existing install to make one big package.

Also, if you buy on Steam, you would then add additional “Battles” directly from the IL2 site and they will be added to your account.


The only thing the new and old IL-2 series have in common, is the name.
The new IL- Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow/Kuban can each be bought separately, but are all interconnected to the same sim software. You are basically buying new terrain and aircraft that then become available in the same base sim software.

I have all of them. Great sim! It works really well in VR.

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So I got 1946 and cliffs of dover, neither of those are the new “series”?

Also have Battle of Stalingrad, bought and paid for in my account, with the offer of the Battle of Moscow as a DLC, buy that and good to go? Thanks again.

the battle of stalingrad is your thing. Buy its “DLC” from the il2sturmovik website.

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All the new series are called “Battle of…”

  • stalingrad
  • moscow
  • kuban (pre-order, but some content is already available)
  • bodenplatte (announced)

There’s also 2 games announced that will tie in with the new IL-2.

  • flying circus (WW1)
  • Tank crew (WWII tank sim)
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And this is why I’m falling away from gaming more and more everyday, lol…

Got the game and add-ons installed, go to launch from STEAM, and still have to log in to IL2’s web site, of course have a account, but can’t remember password, asked for a new one 3 times now, no e-mail, (and no not in my spam or blocked folder)…

So got this game, installed and can’t play… maybe I’ll get back out, lol…jk.

I feel your pain. It’s all in what you love. IL2 is worth it to me. Elite wasn’t. I rage trashed my pos HOTAS a couple of months ago and have been exclusively X-box since. I’ll get back to the grind eventually but, man! the simplicity sure is nice.

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I don’t have ROF, DCS, or Il-2 on Steam, it’s a double-login PITA that way. I do have CloD (and now CloD Blitz) in Steam of course.

There’s no chance you used a different email for BoS is there? It should be the same email and pw you use for the website, so try logging in there to get that squared away. Once in, you should be able to access your profile and see which titles you own. If that doesn’t match, it’s the wrong email.

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Finally got it fixed with a email to support… just miss the days where you buy a game, install it, might have to enter a CD key and off you go… no online check etc etc… lol

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Thank the pirates who not only cracked it for themselves but for thousands of others, leading to this.

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OK… this close to uninstalling it all again, and going back to my trusty Xbox One X. :wink:

Games running but now my Logitech Flight Stick isn’t identified in game. Works in the profiler, works with DCS… but nothing in the ILS series… flight stick is checked over mouse, but nothing… been trouble shooting half the day… another reason why the PC is dying… TO ME. :wink:

Any ideas? Logitech 3D flight stick… fully updated and working, but not in game.

Hey, Chuck. Glad to see you. How have you been?

I’m kinda curious about the new IL-2 series myself. Which one’s the best buy? How is it for single player flying? Is it still heavily biased in favor of Russian birds?

Haven’t got that kit Mag, but the nearest thing I could find to help was some reference in the Rise of Flight forums about it not being recognized. It seemed the solution (although hard to tell) was to install the Logitech 3D flight stick software for it to be recognized by RoF (and as from the same people, maybe IL-2 new). Hope that helps.

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Ya, that was one of my trouble shooting things I did…works in the software, but still not in game. Thanks, but won’t waste too much time trying to figure it out…got better things to do then fix someone’s software. lol. :wink:

Maybe this?

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thanks fearless. That fixed it.

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That’s what happens buying that cheap gear! Lol

Well then it should say in the description… “only for true flight simmers willing to buy hundreds of dollars worth of hardware extras… not for the average gamer.”

Sorry, no excuse for a game not to support common flight sticks… especially a WW2 flight sim. I can more understand needing a HOTAS for modern planes, but NOT this game.

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Sorry but I believe is more of a Steam problem, or am I wrong?