Cost effective sim setup

I got inspired by this thread (Desk Mounts - What to get?) by @schurem .

That resulted in this prototype:

It is build out of plastic drainage pipes from the local DIY shop and I am very pleased with the concept build.
After glueing the bottom parts together with PVC glue the mount got a lot more rigid.
The top part is removable (which is nice because the Warthog stick sits very tightly and is not easy to remove when needed.

Not in the pictures is the styrene “bottom” I made to protect the vulnerable Warthog wires at the bottom of the base of the stick.

Next was building an option to fix the desk chair:

And today I hooked up the semi fixed rudder set:

Next up:
Testing if I fit properly in this office conversion :slight_smile:

Still to come:
K-51 collective which I hope to mount at the left side of my office chair.
The Warthog Throttle and Saitek Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel which will be setup in the adjacent Ikea Ivar shelf.


Love your cost effective Sim setup! Congratz!

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I like it!

What are you doing about stopping the seat of the chair itself from rotating?

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The chair rotation was never a problem when I was flying “desk based” so I hope it will be the same in the new setup.


I have an office chair too and I can confirm Rotation is not a real issue IF the controller are solidly grounded.

I think you’re not going to have problems! :+1:


Nice setup. :+1:


Good work, I like it! I love the simple but effective solution of slotting the chair wheels into the base - that’s great!


That’s how the addiction starts… :wink:
It’s fun to make your own sim!

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Wow, great idea!
I might replicate that.

And what part of this do the trio of HP desktops holding up a Logi wheel perform? :slight_smile:

:rofl: I actually noticed the shoe holding the PSU (or whatever it is) before those.
Still, it looks more in order than my office so, kudos!

The trio of HP desktops are the old game computers which were used by our kids in their “lanparty room” which is nextdoor.
They have been replaced by more powerful gaming computers.

The shoe is my old running shoe containing a powerbrick while the glue is drying :wink:
I have been working from home since Covid emerged and my running shoes have been promoted to office kit (no more running as my knees cannot take it).

I am amazed at the details you guys see on the pictures. I expected some comments about the Tamiya Clodbuster and King Tiger, but not about my shoe.


Well, that’s Mudspike in a nutshell for you! :smiley:
Again, Welcome!


Now we are talking my language. I went in a deep dive on this very subject recently. I really REALLY want to replace the Bush Devil I had.
I ran it over with my car :pleading_face:

Always. Work from checklists…

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Yay the sewerpipe centermount lives! Nice!


Still working on an option for an offcenter stick mount…
I am thinking of a piece of wood which has a second sewerpipe endcap to screw the pipe + stick on.
This will be positioned to the right of the pilot.

Still figuring out the correct placement…

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Looks really nice! And I also like the table! Where did you buy it from? I am also looking for a table with a large desktop and a lot of space underneath.

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My table is nothing more than a big piece of wood supported on both end with wooden beams that have been bolted to the walls.
One wooden beam from left to right prevents the table from bending.
No room for adjustment so after careful measuring I decided that this is the correct height.