Desk Mounts - What to get?

I really am in the need of some good desk mounts for my WH stick and throttle, I know there are a few out there and a few reviewed here, as far as long term use and such, how have they held up for you, or have you got one that wasn’t so hot. Thanks in advance! (PS looking for North American based companies as not to kill myself on shipping :slight_smile: )


Do you fly VR? Because if you do, my solution would work for you and be far cheaper than any companies’

The throttle is mounted on an ikea kitchen step.

To set it up i pull the pedestal from under the desk, put the stick on it. Rotate the chair 90 degrees and lower it. Pull up said kitchen step and plonk that big ol throttle unit on. By the time its set up, the mission has loaded and is good to go.

It clears out neatly and effortlessly too.


My review of Pein mounts. Amazon has them. Get the best you can afford. I like these but my heart wants Monster techs.

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The Peins look good. I’ve had a really good experience with the Monstertechs. But whatever you chose, don’t mount that stick on the side. Center stick will change your simming experience.

Except when you fly the F16 ;).

I love my MonsterTech setup!!

I would love some desk mounts too…but first I need a desk. My desk is glass…and pretty much any mounting solution would likely shatter it.

Did I miss a “how to” on that stick pedestal at some point? That looks interesting.

I have the Monster Tech one (stick only) above and it works great. Very happy with it.

Yeah. Bought three parts: The pipe (110mm sewage pipe). A connector piece made to connect two of those pipes and an end piece. I screwed the end piece to the board. Glued the pipe into it (PVC glues real well, with the right glue it just fuses). I then took the connector piece and sawed a trough in it for the stick’s wire. The warthog stick base is just a little shy of 110mm in diameter. It just sits on/in the connecting piece with the wire giving rotational stability.

All in all cost me about 10 euros. Sorry I didn’t make any pictures.


Another 10mm and they’d have suspected you were building a main battle tank gun… :rofl:


Leaning hard towards MonsterTech right now, those that have it, its durable, and you’ve had it for a while?

Rock solid. Just as good as the day I bought them.

You might also want to take a look at . They make an almost identical product.

I have had my Monster Tech mount for a year and a couple months (had to look that up in my email history) with zero complaints. It is sturdy.

I have the HOTAS Table Mount with the plate for the VKB Gunfighter.

Yeah was looking at his (foxxmount) stuff too, and I could get some Eagle Dynamics logos plastered on them as well :slight_smile:


Also looks like these mostly take up less room than VIRPILS mounts as well.

You can use 120 mm pipe as long as its not exported outside the US… Wait, Too Soon?


Call it a 4.72441 inch pipe and nobody will be the wiser. :male_detective:

That’s a serious breach of conduct! :face_with_monocle:

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Said the DIY Vlog builder

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I document!
Pics or it never happened…

Here’s my padewan getting to grips with the il-2 spitfire.

A better view of my throttle mount.