Dale Earnhardt Jr discusses racing in iRacing vs. NASCAR during the COVID-19 crisis

Great ESPN interview.


i still have an iRacing Account… hmmmmmm


Indy and Formula 1 drivers are racing online as well and being televised. It’s a great way for them to stay proficient and maintain that precious reaction time.

My flight department has been shutdown since March 13. Thankfully still employed and no worry of layoff. In the meantime, all I have is DCS and BMS to maintain any of level or proficiency. Far from the King Air I fly, but better than nothing.


Nice cockpit Skate!

My first thought when I saw these races on TV was “I bet they didn’t make these guys drive around Mazda’s to level up their virtual license”


it’s 5 yrs ago, in my old house, new setup is better.

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they are given pro status immediately IIRC.
They also run a private branch of the builds.

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what I witnessed when I watched was a lot of spin outs and no more than 1 lap at a time under green. Maybe they should make them drive the Mazda’s first :rofl:

trust me, the first 3 months or so, as I was making my way through the licenses, I would have one race where I end up cursing and going outside and shooting hockey pucks for an hour to get the anger out.

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I don’t doubt that, it’s the one thing that has kept me doing iRacing in the past, it’s not having to get the licenses so much as having to pay a monthly fee while you are trying to get the licenses. I don’t mind driving cars I have no interest in, but I do mind having to pay monthly to drive cars I am only driving in because I have to.

I watched the last 50 laps of Bristol last weekend and there were a lot of cautions, maybe one every 5-10 laps. I think that some of it was to keep the leader from running away with the race, which is in the spirit of NASCAR. While the production wasn’t bad, I couldn’t help but think that they are missing an opportunity to keep fans engaged. In other words, they interviewed one NASCAR driver, I think it was Hill, who looked like he was driving from either a guest bedroom or one of his kids’s room. He had a nice wheel, but it looked like it was clamped to a desk.

IMO, they should get some better looking cockpits for these guys and make it look like they are serious about eSports. Or perhaps that was their intention. And maybe it’s not logistically possible during the COVID-19 crisis. I was looking at Sim Labs site and all of their rigs are sold out, where a week ago you could get both the TR1 and GT1.

Anyway, compared to some of the F1 drivers sim rigs, like Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz, the NASCAR boys are pretty low budget.

Yeah, once I move back into a house, I will have a room for my sim setup, and I will build a F/A-18 Nose Section, but it will work for racing sims too, just gotta swap pedals, remove center TM stick and mount the wheel.

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this is prolly the most recent picture of my setup, but it has changed since then a little bit.

the Fanatec wheel has an attachment that I custom built to clamp to the desk now, plus I’ve gone back to 5x 24’ screens (3 Across the Main row, 2 above that on custom mounts) along w/ the 43’ 4K/HDR12 Roku TV to the right for 4K / Graphics work, plus a bunch of other things. the TV is now on a stand that was custom attached to the desk instead of an ammo box w/ a pc of particle board panel… lmao.

I may end up upgrading to 3x 27’ Curved Monitors and the 4K.

This image was taken a few days after I moved, so there’s literally junk everywhere.


How about XPlane ? P3D ?

Don’t own either. But no biggie. I’ll pretend my Huey is a “turboprop”. :small_airplane:

Stay sharp Chaz!

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Then there’s this. Perhaps the sponsors are taking it very seriously.

Companies that act as sponsors take everything very seriously that is watched by millions of people.

I have the feeling that this driver didn’t fully grasp that the importance of him behaving as expected by his sponsor is not based on whether he is driving iRacing, a real car, or a mule cart on a county fair. As long as he is displaying his sponsor’s insignia he is supposed to act as they wish.

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Trust me this is not unusual in the world of Iracing ovals (especially small tracks) from what I’ve watched. (And I’m an iracing member and user.) I jokingly refer to the oval side of things as “Ipacing”.

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