DCS 2.0 Conundrum

Hi Everyone,
After the latest update for 2.0 open alpha, my F-15 has non responsive control input and the Mirage, while there is some control response, the airplane is completely uncontrollable.
I have mapped everything the same as in 1.5 and ran the repair after the last two updates.
Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas?

Have you tried remapping the controls or ask on the ED forums?

I haven’t. There were a bunch of issues with the release they couldn’t recreate and needed more info. Here:

Maybe roll back via updater? The DCS Updater GUI Utility - DCS Mods - ED Forums

I’ve read rumblings on the ED forum of a suspected Starforce issue with the latest 2.0 update that effects control Axes.

Ahhh the “Starforce Asset Pack” is real


F-15C control axis don’t work. on 2.0 from the changelog

Thanks everyone. I took a brief look through the ED forums but honestly, the forum is very unwieldy for me. So I didn’t find anything. You guys here at Mudspike are always the most helpful anyway.
Never thought of rolling back the updater. Starforce? Never heard of it. But I am just getting back into simming after a short lay off.

Starforce=ED’s copy protection.

It’s Stated in the Changelog:

I did find the F-15 issue. Thanks. I can find no acknowledgment concerning the behavior of the Mirage, one of my favorites.

“Sadly, some critical issues cannot fixed [sic]…”

To me, expressing sadness over a bug is logical only when that bug has been ongoing and still not resolved. These issues did not exist before but were KNOWINGLY introduced with the change (thus its inclusion in the changelog). To the casual observer, it looks as if they wanted to get the F-5 ACM campaign out along with the F-5/NTTR bundle, all else be darned. They could really use some adult supervision over there.

Or there were more critical bugs to fix

or these bugs were discovered late in the drop

or the work required to fix these bugs would exceed the amount of time available in the development iteration

or it was felt the work necessary to fix these bugs could be spent on different / more bugs

or maybe they were overrode for pressing business concerns as stipulated




Fun thing about software development is there are thousands of reasons a bug won’t or can’t be caught or fixed before a version gets pushed out.


The bugs are all associated with a specific problem that doesn’t affect all users.


I’m with @near_blind and @SkateZilla here.
I have developed software and bugs are a very complicated issue. :frowning:

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Yes indeed, it’s not a static process whereby you fix a bug and it will never surface or return. Especially not with something so complex as a flightsimulator. I think Cpt Smiley of RAZBAM fame has a fascinating way of documenting his progress and reasoning when fiddling with the Mirage, it gives some insight in how DCS works.

What’s humorous to me is that I almost never realize that a certain behavior is a bug. M2000C, line up, smoothly apply powah. Hmm, this thing needs some right rudder. Should have listened to ATIS. Woa. This things needs a lot of rudder. No, this thing needs all of the rudder. Phew. Darn those French aeronautical engineers. What were they thinking? Almost orphaned my girls.

Well me culpa. I understood that the F15C was broken for everyone. If it just some combination of user equipment causing the issue then I guess it would be a toss. Because otherwise the F-15 is so tightly integrated into the concept of NTTR and Red Flag (more so than any other DCS type barring the A-10) that knowingly releasing an update that porks it for all would be asinine. But if its just a small subset of users then I get it.

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DCS 2.0 isn’t exactly stable yet though, and you can always roll back a version. I’ve done it plenty of times myself, or just weathered through the bugs.

This is pretty important to remember, I understand that there is purchased content that can only be used in this version, but it is still early access, and things can happen. The tough thing about some of these issues is a lot of people, myself included, cant reproduce these errors. I would hope that people that have these issues would look at their own systems, and try turning different programs off, or trying to find a connection. I even installed a clean version of DCS on my wife’s computer in the hopes I could reproduce them there, and still had no luck. These types of bugs are the worst…


I disagree with this. Your definition of ‘knowingly’ and mine must disagree. As a developer I have had to make this decision multiple times: do I put out a release for the bugs that have been fixed, knowing that some other bugs have not or do I wait until those bugs are fixed and hope that no others are introduced. It is a balancing act that is going to please some people (those affected by the bugs fixed who are waiting on those fixes) versus those who do not have to install the latest release encountering new issues.

Knowingly could imply that they intentionally added the bugs and, surely, you don’t mean to insinuate that. So can we keep this:

Out of the discussion?