DCS 2.0 Conundrum

Of course, if I owned the Vancouver Canucks, they would have won many Stanley Cups by now instead of a couple near misses, and many bad seasons… backseat coaching of course is much easier.

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Really a LTS version would be great, because these days they usually go from beta to stable without any bug fixes unless it’s a big thing. It sort of defeats the purpose but atleast rolling back is easy.

I’m not sure why you think that my post deserves your sarcasm.

I’m not being condemning or saying that the Devs at ED do a bad job, and back when i used to talk to Devs personally, i was never met with such contempt when i made a suggestion.

And on the topic of backseat coaching, i am a professional software developer, and i deal with very similar problems on a daily basis, so i kind of take exception to that statement. I’m not aware of you earning your keep by coaching hockey.

If you think that LTS versions are a bad idea, be my guest and make your case.


A reminder to everyone to present your opinions and facts with respect. We aren’t going to let conversations devolve into taking pot shots at each other.


My apologies.

No worries. I think it is fine to be critical of development paths we disagree with. And how else are developers going to know what their users are thinking if not to read what we think we know or is happening? I mean, I like hearing how people think we are running this site, both good and bad. If everyone was up in arms and 75% of you were writing messages saying you hate the tone here, I’d have to reconsider how we are running it. In the same vein though, if only two or three people were making 75% of the noise, I’d be skeptical that that really wanted me to improve the site, and would figure they just don’t like me. LOL.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again though, I don’t think there is a single feature we all want that ED wouldn’t want to put in their sim eventually, nor is there a single bug that they wouldn’t want themselves to fix. It is, of course, in their best interest to do that.

Now…back to the BFT campaign. I’m close to graduating and the ice in my champagne bucket is starting to melt…


Their GM isnt the smartest bloke either…

Less about that, and more about what he was handed… but then you proved my point lol.

Point was discussing how ED handles their releases is not a relevant discussion, its unlikely the Devs are coming here looking for ideas. The point of my post is that I have lots of ideas on lots of things, government, sports, movies, game releases… I just dont see the fascination of posting a solution for nothing other than… well I dont know what, I have an idea, but I am sure it would be construed as sarcasm :smiley:

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Of course, but I can be critical of the critical posts cant I? :slight_smile:

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But no one can be critical of an f111…


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Sure you can. But I’m not sure you should be. To be critical of every critical post is implying that some criticisms don’t have merit, which clearly they do. I’m more of a “choose my battles” kind of person.

In my opinion, that is a mistake. There are great ideas for theaters, campaigns, storylines, missions, platforms. I’m sure the developers for all games and sims have their own ideas, but sometimes inspiration can be found by looking to the fans.


Well I was more talking about things like business model, how they handle their internal testing and releases… the boring stuff you know, of course they should listen to their fans when it comes to content, to a degree anyways :slight_smile: Forums are only a small part of the input.

And if I was critical of every critical post, well I would be doing nothing but replying to critical posts :slight_smile: Whose on first? :smiley:

Here is a novel idea… f111. :f111:



Ah, apologies then. I wasn’t aware you were talking about the more internal factors of developing and publishing. Sorry, I’ve been monitoring the forums in one pane, and writing that Tornado article in another. Division of labor. Yeah, most people have no idea of how intricate and difficult the process of testing, revising, testing is. Given the complexity of DCS World and the complexity of all the modules, it is no easy task for sure.

I’m starting to think you are a fan of the 'Vark…

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No, my bad beach, I should have been more specific…

Funny you posted this and Avialogs just shared some new docs on it :smiley:

TBH, i don’t get why that should be sacrosanct. Nobody is trying to tell ED how to run their business, but if some part of their process is perceived as to fall short, why should we not discuss it? You disregard the fact that the community contains some very capable people in the field of software development who can share their experience on how to tackle a specific problem (i’m not talking about myself, btw.). Displaying a “We must not talk about things that must not be” attitude is, in my professional experience, a hindrance of progress. Scrutiny is not a form of disrespect, as long as all parties stay tactful.


Indeed. sobek. Just because something appears set in stone that doesn’t meant we cannot discuss it, despite us not having a direct influence on the process.