DCS 2.5 Update Thread (2019)

Hmm…perpetually mute Jester or have Tomcat textures reloading every 15 minutes. Decisions decisions. :smile:

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New DCS 2.5 Open Beta update:

ED Forum link: here Open Beta update

DCS World

  • R-27R and R-27T DLZ is corrected.
  • Black screen flickering on the some video cards fixed.


  • Fuel Probe Model Adjusted to match real airframe
  • DMT can now track moving targets
  • MPCD Brightness control enabled


  • Added the following keybinds:
  • Milpower and AB throttle buttons
  • Canopy open and Canopy close discrete commands
  • Landing gear lever lock on, off, on/off commands
  • Landing gear lever neutral command
  • RV-5 Radalt commands for each option
  • Rocket salvo mode command for each option
  • ASP-5 sight aiming mode command for each option
  • Bomb release mode command for each option
  • Parachute deploy cover open and close
  • Cockpit temp selections
  • Emergency brake on and off
  • Nose gear brake on and off
  • AGI -1 cage and uncage
  • ARK-5 far/ndb band select
  • ARK-5 near band select
  • ARK-5 function select
  • ARK-5 receive mode
  • ARK-5 near/far select
  • Main battery
  • Bomb arm
  • ASP5 sight cage
  • RP5 radar telemetry
  • Fixed Polish Skin
  • Increased Cockpit Brightness
  • Fixed Gun Arming button animation
  • Instrument Textures Updated
  • Adjusted Rocket pods (ORO-57K) coordinates

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Fixed flight model not reacting to damage values. (Fix did not make the last update)
  • Updated external sounds.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet

  • Added Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) mode with MSI coming next
  • Missing AGM-65F timing after re-arming is restored.
  • Correct sequence of bombs release from double rack.
  • Optimization of afterburner nozzles animation.
  • Folded wings produce bug on 2nd and other LODs fixed.
  • INS set correctly on Autostart.
  • INS alignment fixed.
  • Updates to IFF and datalink to include interrogation of already locked target

DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • Su-33. Fixed small jumps on carrier spawn.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Added new ejection seat to external model.
  • Added synchronization of the following systems to multicrew:
    -Canopy (partially working)
    -Radios priority
    -Navigation priority
    -VOR/TCN selector
    -HSI course/heading selector
    -Fuel test
    -Emergency air brake
    -Emergency landing gear deployment (working partially, only front cockpit)

DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fixed very frequent CTD due to Jester sound missing.
  • Increased roll moment from missing wings
  • Increased drag due to aerodynamic damage
  • Decreased lift due to aerodynamic damage
  • Tuned thrust for better adherence to level acceleration tests
  • Corrected refuel keybind to support 2-pos and 3-pos switches
  • Prevent gun drum counter reaching 7XX
  • Prevented JESTER from turning off radar at the start of a mission
  • Limit the sidewinder seeker-driven HUD movable reticle to the HUD FOV
  • Implemented ability to hide the stick grip.
  • Tweaked IR signature coefficient in non-AB and AB.
  • Fixed typos in RIO keybinds
  • Made Sidewinder pattern scan slightly tighter.
  • Play sidewinder lock tone only when explicitly SEAM locked.
  • Allow SEAM lock from sidewinder boresight mode.
  • Don’t play tape player button sounds when changing volume
  • Added more FFB effects: trim, airspeed & G effects
  • Corrected inlet efficiency reductions
  • Corrected lack of weathering on all tail surfaces in default liveries
  • Fixed VF-103 Hi-viz spelling errors
  • Fixed Autopilot off keybind
  • Fixed JESTER going crazy and rambling during A2A refueling
  • Tweaked wing overstress logic.
  • Wings will now continue to sweep past 5g.
  • Added night lighting to CAP drum
  • Added night lighting to LANTIRN panel (known issue: too weak)
  • RIO helmet in cockpit now matches exterior
  • Adjusted AIM-9 SEAM lock tone to be less ear murder-y

What they didn’t write in the patch notes are that the MiG-19 FM tweaks are in. It drops a wing on high AoA and spins if manhandled. Much fun!


Well that’s because OBVIOUSLY FM tweaks are implied in “added keybinds.”



You may have meant this more as sarcasm, but I actually LOL’d …of course I think sarcasm is funny…two Like votes! :rofl::slightly_smiling_face:

Hmmm. Wondering when the aim7 lock fix will come (if it hasn’t already). I wanna play with tomcat in blue flag

Whats wrong with aim 7?

Anyone having any trouble with the update? It stops halfway through for me and crashes.

Edit: Now its working but I’m getting an unbelievably slow dl rate :thinking:

I had the same issue. Join us on HP when you are done!

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Regarding blue flag,
In multiplayer, the aim7 has a bug where itdoes not give a lock rwr warning to the target aircraft. So it’s a silent killer and hence banned at the moment on load outs. The aim7MH works fine but the f14 doesn’t carry it and the aim54 is banned for balance reasons.

That only leaves the aim9 as the only valid a2a missile, which restricts the platform somewhat.


Sounds great to me… the Cat is like big Fish(bed) :sunglasses:

I mean I fly the Fish only with heatseekers :slight_smile:

Been having a ball with the MiG-19P. The updates are real nice. The navigation systems have been great to use. I guess the log above means there are now binds for all these things?
I like the canopy fix. It was a pain to open before but now I can open it with ease and cruise back with the top pulled back. :slightly_smiling_face:
I am leaving the Cat in the Hanger until they get rid of all its bugs.

Yup just reread it. All new keybinds. Good stuff!

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That’s why I only play against the AI with humans as my partners…no worries about “fairness”.


DCS Open Beta Hotfix


  • Fixed crash on collision FC3 aircraft with any object.

I think there’s also a Hornet HMD issue and a Tomcat crash to desktop, although:


…so I’m ok. :slight_smile:


But… AIM-7 sucks. Like, really sucks. Since the F-14 has to STT to use it, what is the… Yeah, forget it.

I rather have an AIM-7 in the 15 miles before the merge than nothing at all. Shot plenty bots with it.


It works pretty well for me, to the point I almost trust the AIM-7 in the Turkey more than the AIM-54. But that has more to do with the fact that by the time I start employing it, I usually have a good visual lock on the target and I’m trying to make sure the target stays defensive.


So far have gotten plenty of kills with the aim-7 shooting at 20ish miles (against ai). If you are getting inside 25 miles you should really be in stt on the closest contact and either dumping a sparrow or a Phoenix into him. TWS that close is gonna have latency and coverage issues as the beam narrows as they get closer.

Then again this is all assuming you have a wingman or 3 that are also targeting into whatever is out there, so nobody gets thru untargetted


The Big Show Campaign on Steam and First Flight of Fw 190 A-8

DCS World Open Beta Update
This week we updated the DCS World Open Beta update to include many great updates. Highlights include:

  • DCS World: Corrected Dynamic Launch Zone (DLZ) of R-27R and R-27T air-to-air missiles.
  • Hornet: Added initial Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) air-to-air radar mode and fixed several bugs.
  • Tomcat: Fixed crash due to missing Jester sound, adjust flight dynamics and engine performance, added option to hide control stick, corrected AIM-9 errors, and more.
  • MiG-19: Improvements to the flight model and added many new key binds and corrected several bugs.
  • C-101: Added more cooperative multiplayer synchronizations.

Please read the complete change log here

DCS: Spitfire LF Mk.IX – The Big Show Campaign on Steam
Download from Steam page


Put on Pierre Clostermann’s Irvin jacket, climb into his Spitfire Mk.IX and experience the massive air battles in the skies of Western Europe described in his similarly titled book. This campaign follows Clostermann’s career from April 1943 to July 1944 through 12 missions that recreate his memoirs down to the smallest details such as time, weather, squadrons and even radio transmissions. Find out what it feels like to fly with the Biggin Hill Wing in a huge formation of Spitfires, to follow Commandant Mouchotte into gigantic melees against 30+ Focke-Wulfs, to take part in Rodeos, Circuses, and attacks on V-1 launch sites, or to support the ground troops after the D-day landings. All clear? Switches on!

Key Features:

  • 12 historical missions following Pierre Clostermann during his time with 341 and 602 Squadron.
  • Detailed briefings, maps and briefing images, including separate PDF mission files with historical backgrounds
  • Unique kneeboard graphics and checklists for each mission
  • Historically accurate custom skins
  • Hundreds of specially recorded voice-over messages
  • A wide array of missions including fighter sweep, bomber escort, armed reconnaissance and ground attack

DCS: Fw 190 A8 First flights

We would like to share some exciting news on the progress of the Fw 190 A8 for DCS World. As we approach the 80th anniversary of the first flight of the Fw 190 back in the spring of 1939, the module for DCS World has taken its own first flight internally. As you can see in the included screenshots, while still early, progress is moving along at a good pace. With this new module comes some new features, such as the new fan-assisted air cooling model introduced to the oil cooling and engine air intake system.

Starting from the A8 oil cooler, the system will hold true with our current engineering approach and use the same math for radiators which has become much more efficient in compiling (saving time and minimizing mistake probability) as well as adding new opportunities for integration with the new Damage Model. Because of this it will handle punctures and over-heating correctly and is a much more robust system regarding any weird combination of input parameters. Eventually, this new system will replace the old one in all WWII aircraft.

The Fw 190 was designed by engineer and Test pilot Kurt Tank. The team he assembled to create this new fighter from the outset wanted a design with a much different approach than what was taken for the Bf 109. The design was to be a smaller tougher and easier to maintain. Inspired by a captured I-16 Rata, which was able to out turn the faster Bf 109, the Germans could see the benefit of the shorter wings and smaller design, wrapped around a powerful radial engine.

The A8 variant was the largest produced version of the Fw 190 and should provide an excellent opponent to the current plane set in DCS World, especially the Spitfire IX. Enjoy this sneak peek at the progress on this module, and stay tuned for more news in the not so distant future.

The Eagle Dynamics Team


Not actually replying to @Fridge - meant for whoever at ED works these issues and frequents our humble forum.

Nope. Still “broken”. If you key bind / control map to the L and R arming button, the opposite button animates.

This is not a big deal to me…I just look for the “Armed” lights.

That said, there are a couple of still broken things that I will post over on the Mig-19P thread.

While currently, and rightly, overshadowed by the F-14, the Mig-19 is an awesome mod. :slightly_smiling_face: