DCS 2.5 Update Thread (2020)

Guys, I was googling a bit around DCS and F-4 Phantom module and to be honest I am a bit confused.

Do you know what is the state of play at the moment? I would love to see it in DCS :upside_down_face:

Me too. But I don’t expect it anytime soon.
Last we heard from it, it was being put on the back burner.

Not anytime soon is the word. Too bad, would have been awesome. But we’ll see what happens when the viper and hornet are done.

From a glass-half-full perspective, it has not been totally cancelled either :slight_smile: Belsimtek was planning on doing one, but those efforts seem to have been put on hold when BST folded back into ED. The last official statement that I could remember and find was:

While the F-4E is still planned, we have other modules in higher priority like the Hornet, Yak-52, Mi-24, F-16, and AH-1. Focus on the F-4E will come once we clear several of these projects.

So, I would not expect any F-4E news for quite some time.




They talked about announcing a new complex jet later in the year. My money is on the F-4.

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What if… it’s the Strike Eagle, the Mudhen?

From the video:

Our 3rd party partners will also be hard at work in 2020 with the F-15E Strike Eagle, MiG-23 Flogger, OH-58 Kiowa Warrior, Syria and Falkland Islands maps, and more.

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Well, we already know Razbam is doing the Mud Hen.


Oh man I have such a massive hardon for the F-4E. The very thought of getting my mitts on one of those makes me swoon. :phantom icon:

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Here you go, a tiny F-4 Phantom… :f4:

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:fighting_falcon: :vr: :a6: :f4: could those be a little more darkmode friendly? The F-14 is already great for darkmode :f14: :smiley: :f14:

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So nope, not the F-4.

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I keep pressing F4 but it doesn’t work. :wink:


I’m thinking it must be a plane that shares a lot of systems with the ones we have already.
It’d make sense from a development point of view.

What other American fighter (possibly fighter/bomber) shares stuff with the F16 and F18?

I am pretty sure it will be an Apache (“highly detailed and complex aircraft representing a huge milestone”). ED wanted to do the AH-64 since about 10 years, together with the F-16. Once the F-16 is done, the Apache will probably be their next big project.


I would not mind that. At all…!
Been missing a good Apache sim since LB2…


Oh man… That’ll be absolutely awesome.


I would love the Apache, even the early Alpha model, but if we talking about systems commonality with F-16 and F/A-18, and it may be a little stretch, my secret wish is F-117.

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While I’ll admit there’s a high probability of it, I’m a bit skeptical. If it’s an AH-64D, that’s going to be such a complex undertaking that I doubt ED would want to expend the resources with what they already have on their plate. An AH-64A would be a bit easier as the systems complexity isn’t quite the same, but it’s by no means simple. If both the F-16 and F/A-18 are done this summer then I might be more leaning toward it, but without a decent multicrew system in place first it seems really far fetched. I guess if we watch the Mi-24’s release and see how that goes we’ll get a better idea.

This would be quite interesting in the game, but I don’t think it checks the box of “eagerly awaited.”

I’m keeping my expectations low. Something along the lines of a 172.