DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)

but if you take too many pain killers, you may start seeing the 3 eyed raven :astonished:

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Luckily I’m past the crazy pain killer stage. I did binge what both seasons of “F is for Family” the first couple days after surgery when I was on the strong stuff.

No pain now. But a LOT of time on my hands!


Black Sharking


mmmmm Vihkers !!!

Italian NAVY (and =TIA=s) In action !


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Getting back into the Harrier and doing some training tonight while experimenting with some weather effects. These screenshots taken above cloud cover while I’m at 20,000 feet. Below the cloud cover the desert looks like the land of Mordor. Pretty neat but did not take screens of that.


It was fun to fly in, but these screenshots are terrible…


They are great screenshots. Dcs lighting in game is very nice.

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Holy Wow! Upcoming night time screenshots/F/A-18C screenshots and …

… and a new 3D model for the AI Su-34 (I know, it’s just a target for some but it does look nice!)


Yup. Seend and seen… I must admit I got really excited. “I’ll be in my bunk” excited. Literally.


I was fine right up until the “literally” part.


Dcs su-34 confirmed

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The Su-34 has some neat looking curves with it’s huge two seat cockpit.


Playable only from a single computer in the basement of the Lubyanka! Or is it Lefortovo these days?

Don’t forget the toilet. One must never forget the toilet.


I hope the toilet is modeled correctly and realistically.

From what I understand from the official forums, the lever is on the correct side for a Russian aircraft of the modern generation, but the water flow strength on initial flush isn’t correct. Total volume of water appears to be a few liters lower than spec, and the flow rate seems to be much higher than one would expect with a lower total volume.

Clogs and the resultant backups do seem to be modeled in all their glory and the requisite cockpit indicators and warning lights are there as well.The test flush makes a satisfying sound during cold starts as well. Here’s to hoping they get the water flow issues patched before it comes out of beta.


Exactly what I was thinking! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Been working on my A2A skills in the F-15C using the instant action mission. Today I was able to clear the sky of all hostile fighters, but lost an engine in the process. Still managed to limp back for a landing.

Also - I have to admit, I’m using labels for dogfighting. Just too hard to see the bad guys otherwise…