DCS 2.5.x videos



I’ll start with mine…

DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!

Spectacular view from a T-72 (found this on Reddit)


I know that this has been posted in the 2.5 thread but I want to put it here so it doesn’t get lost in the rest of the enthusiasm for DCS World 2.5.

And let’s not argue the title, shall we? :slight_smile: Most (98%) of the fun stuff in DCS is not free (to fly or use through Combined Arms) but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that the video showcases what DCS 2.5 is capable of.


At the end of the trailer “Eagle Dynamics” thanks its supporters for helping them last 25 years. Personally I say thank you Eagle Dynamics for introducing me to and allowing me to indulge in my favorite hobby as a virtual aviation enthusiast.


New 2.5 oil rig. Will be nice on the SOH map.


Grim Reapers having some helo fun. At the end there is some crazy Harrier pilot joining the mix.


I have been watching alot of their videos … seem to be a good group … good mix of serious and fun


Another vid from me. AAR and some low altitude flight in a Harrier. Enjoy.


This is funny.


This trick works on planes too you know :wink:


Does the oil rig explode?




I like your thinking :thinking: now where is that big new refinery …also has anyone tried the mig 21’s nuke yet


Appropriately titled: Bye Bye One Point Five


Nice one, the audio was broken though, here’s fixed version


Another real nice DCS World video recently released showing some superb camera angles and such.


I thought this person did a wonderful job highlighting the graphical beauty that is DCS World. Some really interesting camera angles and of course highlights a high favorite helicopter of mine in DCS.

I just realized that there is a “DCS World 2.5 Videos” thread. Can @Fridge or someone else move this post to that thread?


Cool simple mission by superhavoc set in 1997 in Gulf of Oman / Iran.

All the info in video description.


Just a little bit of raw Huey gameplay footage (the easy instant action) and rough flying. One of these days I’ll get a stick extension and it’ll help I swear…