DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)

You’re supposed to run them under a bridge.


Huge props to the Community A-4E team for bringing this one to DCS!

Maverick’s dead!


Took up the A-4 myself for a quick hop down the Georgian coast.
A dear former coworker of mine from the VA was married to a former Scooter driver who flew with VA-163 over Vietnam, so I was pleased to see that as one of the stock skins:

A surprising number of things in the cockpit are clickable:

Takeoff was easy, and the plane flies nicely.

Tried to see how many G’s it takes to get the slats to blow out, but apparently that’s not modeled yet.

Landing was very easy, and reminded me a bit of the old Flaming Cliffs models, where the planes feel like they’re sucked down to the runway on touchdown. I’m guessing that’s an early release thing.

All in all, a fun little plane, and I’ll definitely look forward to flying it more! I hope we seriously get wheel brakes enabled as an axis soon as opposed to a pushbutton- modulating the brakes, especially after touchdown, was a bit of a challenge for me.

Great work, to the whole team!


Playing a preview version of an even further improved The Enemy Within v3.0 in VR this time around…


Ah, funny, that’s actually what I was working on when you posted this.
Although I went with white first, gray might be a better idea. White looks a bit weird but…kinda “chinese weird”.

Those Fulcrum screenshots and liveries look absolutely gorgeous btw, outstanding job :scream:


Such a pretty hunchback!


I hope someone will put together a RNZAF livery for that puppy! :grin:

There you go!

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Oh! Well there you go! Awesome! :grin:


I think number 1 and 3 are my favorite. Definitely needs red markings. Great work!

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Thanks Texac :slight_smile:
I followed your advices and drop’em into a pack. One thing out of the way, for now :upside_down_face:

Also, this little A-4 is quite gorgeous


They look superb, Thank you!

Will download once I get back home.

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Headed out for a morning in a kill box in southern Iran near Jask. Trying my take on loadout from “A-10’s over Kosovo”, swapped the CBU-87’s for -97’s.


Rolling in.

Another target.

Harassing a group of BMP’s.

The tanker decided staying on station was for chumps…

Made it though.


Hey! Crew rest is no joke! :wink:

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Hello darkness, my old friend…

Little bit of fun on a night SEAD mission with the A-4E. This worked originally as a hot start on the carrier, but every time I tried to run it since, DCS would lock up, so had to switch it to an air start. There’s not much to see but little dots here and there, with only the needle on the compass to guide you. The objective is to destroy the Tube Arm acquisition radar, with a secondary of destroying any launchers or support vehicles. Great!

Packing a pair of Shrikes, couple pods of 2.75", and three Mk82 slicks.

It’s a lonely place in here. You can make out some of the coastline, but that’s it.

Wide angle shot, closer to the coast.

You can’t see it real well, but my target is at the bottom of the gunsight.

See the four dots? Maybe not. They don’t seem to know I’m comin’ for 'em yet!

Spotted! SA-11 launched and inbound! Starting evasive and kicking out chaff.

Now the party’s goin’ down! I dodge several missiles until my companion starts drawing their attention, giving me a chance to engage.

Magnum! I fire both because I really don’t want to miss!

This Tube Arm is going to take a direct hit. That’s the best Shrike shot so far!

Amazingly enough, the other Shrike reacquires a different radar, probably a search radar. Blew it up! My primary objective complete, I select my bombs and try to destroy what remains. Unfortunately, I don’t score any hits, but the other A-4 pins a perfect hit on his first try. Magic AI. No, I’m not salty. Not at all.

If all else fails, just pickle the entire load of rockets at them! Makes for a pretty show, but no hits.

All that work and only three targets destroyed. Bummer!

Heading back to the boat, I’m a bit shocked to find that my fuel is now down to 2000lbs! Good thing the Scooter is an efficient little bird.

The mighty compass once again shows its power. Took some looking in the distance but eventually I spotted the boat and headed in.

No radio = no lights = you better have sharp eyes for the meatball.

Way close! Landed with 700lbs of fuel to spare. #1 wire.

All in all, radar(s) destroyed, a launcher destroyed, and a few rattled SAM crews. Not too bad for a low-tech night!


Wow, that looks incredibly fun!
How do you find the SAMs? There is no Radar Warning Receiver in this A-4 model, is there?
And how did you find the carrier? Are you using the Doppler navigation set?

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A night screenie over by the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel -

Nice city lighting.