DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)



It’s quite a challenge, that’s for sure! The only way to spot SAMs is to look for the smoke of a launch and a small moving dot. Fortunately, you can skirt the edge of the envelope and take evasive with the SA-11, and since the scenario only has two launchers you only need to dodge 8 missiles. Less if the other A-4 gets shot at!

Yeah, the doppler navigation system is the only way to fly. It’s imperfect but with a sharp eye it gets you close enough.


Cool, could you post the miz file?


Sure, but bear in mind it’s still WIP.
a4e_c1m1.miz (17.7 KB)



Is the Shrike actually implemented?


Yes it is


Yup, and behaves fairly realistically (tracks radar beams, so if a radar is pointing off to the side it will track the beam rather than the source).


Giving the Mav’s on the Hornet a go, its nice to finally have something with alittle stand off.

I really wish we could get Heatblurs F-14B model in game before the launch, the more I see it the harder it is to look at the current model.


Wow that takes me back to Flanker 2.5! :smile:


The peninsula around Khasab airport is really gorgeous…let’s drop some bombs on it :grinning:



Flanker thought he didn’t have to worry about my A-4. He gun-gun’d in the butt-butt.


While lugging a full egg basket. That better be multiplayer. Or else that FM is slightly suspect.


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