DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)



Technically, aluminum doesn’t rust…it oxides…giving it somewhat of a patina.


@EightBall do it! I would buy the Yak for this.


Heck me too…


Where is that? You make it? Can I have it?


Silly rich capitalist oaf! You think great motherland of the communism need aluminum fly? Real man make plane of steel, use many wood of delta, plane last forever, absorb many bullet of fascism!


Cosmoline perhaps :slight_smile:


That Yak certainly needs an Mi-8 ramp partner.


Steel? Bah!

REAL pilots fly planes made of IRON!


IRON? Puah… REAL real pilots fly wooden crates covered in chemically hardened canvas!


WOOD? pah! REAL men just curse the earth and air so hard they are instantly repelled and carried aloft, just to make it stop.


Hah! Wood and paper do not scare enemies! What will you do, give them splinters and paper cuts?

BEST planes made of solid rock. Igneous is best because flying volcano is ultimate fear inducer. Even exhaust from plane is lethal gas that kills millions and makes numerous charities gasp.


You’re actually right!


Sure! here it is: M.A.D FOB
You will need the VPC airfield equipment mod as well as Ranger79’s Objects
Also, if you want to spawn on the FOB, you’ll need the Plane Spawn Anywhere mod, it should be installed directly into the DCS root directory

I’m working on a few missions featuring the Yak, the Mi-8 and Combined Arms.
I haven’t decided which direction to take yet. Either go full harmless civilian mode or put you in the shoes of a pilot working for the Caucasian mafia.
A bit like Air Hauler but with a dash of corruption, drugs and guns :smiley:

Actually, I didn’t try to make it look rusty. I wanted a washed out look. Maybe I should turn down the color saturation a bit.
I’ve already done so in the cockpit so it looks a little less like rust (on the front dash)


Awesome! Sounds like John Le Carré’s Single & Single.

Spoilers, read only if you do not intend to read the novel


cries in composite materials

Washed out usually means faded and chipped paint on the aircraft, instruments panels and controls! Consider changing the brown to a more white-grey’ish kind of tone with some highlights :slight_smile:


Also dull and matte.


Alright, alright. I sand blasted the damn thing.
Result is the poor man’s digital camo:


:hushed: I haven’t read your spoiler and I’m intrigued. I’ll grab it for my next read, thanks!


Those skins look amazing!

Re the book, I will warm you that there is barely any aviation in it, but it is a beatifully crafted work, and you will not regret reading it, for other reasons. Any long-time DCS pilot would probably like it for those same reasons.


Hahaha this almost makes me buy the plane! :smiley:


:heart: lovely!