DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)



Great pics, guys! And damn sweet liveries Texac :ok_hand:


Oh man I didn’t even notice that was you in the Pinnacle Landing video! Great skin and I’m really interested in that sound mod. Sounded awesome!


Yeah, that sound mod is an absolute must have for the huey!


WOWZA; where can I find it?





Ordinance training


Oooh, kinda foggy today -

Ya ya. Ve’ve been gettin’ dis fer d’ past veek. Doncha know.


It looks like rain in the upper left of that shot, actually.

It’s really better to just stay home and read a book in that weather.


Pffft… time to wear your best baseball cap and do some loops in your Huey! :smiley:




How can that plane still fly?


Is russian. You take big swig, hit it with hammer and off you go. Is simple. Russian.


Careful…AmeriFlite is looking at it and going… Can we put a cargo door on it?



Sergei is keeping her air worthy. One of the many advantages of a place where regulations are soluble in vodka :smiley:




Perhaps…but is rust??


Can’t you see that Sergei is polishing that rust to a beautiful sheen… Only Vodka will numb a mans brain enough, to do something like that.


Problem is Sergei did not follow proper long term storage instructions for Yak. He should have dipped the plane in a barrel of cosmoline.

Sergei might spend rest of mortal existence cleaning Cosmoline from Yak, but there will be no rust.


Who would have thought GA would be so much fun in DCS :smiley:

The Russian Mudspike Air Delivery FOB:

with the (t)rustworthy Yak

Now with assorted cockpit - I know…it’s still WIP

A nearby strip

Short flight from the MAD FOB to the strip and back:


This deserves a campaign of its own! WANT!