DCS 2.5.X Screenshots (2018)

Think you need to close the canopy to keep the dust out…:wink:

Seriously, no. I haven’t seen this problem and I’m pretty sure I’ve flown with the dust (Gulf map) with the Hornet. I know I haven’t seen it with other jets. I’m on the non-Open Beta version of DCSW. Haven’t tried dust since the last big release.

I absolutely knew someone was gonna say this lol


Actually, I seem to be getting something related to high detail water. When I’m low over the water, my screen will sometimes flash black and I’ll momentarily only see the HUD and/or digital displays in the cockpit.

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I had to put Water to ‘medium’ as otherwise I would get a ‘flash’ every other frame or so in VR. It’s probably just Christen Eagle II subliminal advertising. :clown_face:

The downside is the medium setting of water makes things really dark with deferred shading, to the extent that it is hard with the Harrier to see the blue stuff nicely.


Plenty of nice eye candy things I caught since the new update to 2.5.4. The lightning changed a bit, surfaces are a lot more shiny now and the explosion effects got a bit more detailed as well, next to new GBU/JDAM 3d models.

And some skins I’m working on.

I had a VMFA-314 skin in my mind and surprisingly the images I found from 2005 represent a BuNo 165402 Hornet (so Lot 20), just like the DCS Hornet.

Since all the other Lot 20 paint schemes from mid 2000’s are present, I can only guess, that it was not included because it doesn’t belong to the Navy.

Fine tuning on the Chinese MiG’s.

This MiG-29A is from 1988, based on the paint scheme from the Farnborough Airshow. Due to it’s white/green paint, it has this winter camouflage impression to me.


Any of these getting included in game like the others? The more Marine skins, the better.

I want to, yes. They still need to be send towards ED.

:notes: Fly me to the moon… :notes:


Fantastic pics @Texac love the sky in the first one and that A-10 is sublime!


^^^ From the Kill Transports mission.


Nice pics Mudspikers


I have to be honest with you guys… The Italian section of the ED Forums is driving me insane.
There’s so much petty hate towards the most ridiculous things…
For instance- the Dora.
I love it! Sounds and all are pretty great and flies like a dream!
Yet still apparently all is wrong because a bug has been injected with the last update where the canopy disappear if pulled all the way back.
I mean seriously- these guys literally bash the whole WWII section into a bloody pulp just for minor things when ED is making constant progress in all areas?
Sorry for the rant…


And that’s when you redirect your browser back to mudspike, where bugs like that are taken in stride and the screenshots are pretty.


"ere Jean-Jacques, 'old mon wine.

Whatever others may say, my 2nd hand warthog stick’s precision and smoothness suit my needs.


hmm, can’t upload screenies, too big these daze

That is a SWEET screenshot! Love it

Aside from the bridges at the river by batumi airbase on caucasus is there any more low low stuff to fly under? Or though? Narrow stuff gratefully received as well.

I spent so long on arma 3 trying to get a warthog through the gap in the solar power plant towers on altis and then watched a dude on YouTube do it 3 times in a row first time out lol


A-4 time!


yep, tunels :slight_smile:

you can find some yt videos of folks flying through them

My shot is one of the shelters at Creech in the NTTR. Nellis has them too. And theres the Vegas strip of course. Have you done that at mach 1.4 yet?


I do like the feeling of being in the flanker breaking windows down the strip lol