DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2019)

After just over a month away from DCS I decided to take the Hornet out for a spin to get back into the swing of things.

Jumped into the pattern for a few touch and gos, I forgot, at least in my opinion, just how wonky it can be when dirtied up compared to the non-FBW aircraft I fly in DCS.

Found a couple of Tomcats prowling around and decided to fly some form…ish…


Wait, isn’t earth flat?


In DCS World it apparently is!

@Hangar200, I built a mission where you have to escort a Bear away from the carrier group before it gets within 160nmi. If it gets within that distance, Russian boats start firing missiles at the group! So you can be fairly flexible here with the typical intercept and escort mission if you play around with the triggers.

BONUS: Shooting the Bear results in the ships firing on the carrier, so no trigger-happiness or mission fail! Though you can try and drop down and plink ASMs if you’re really bored.



In DCS World, OK. In the real world, not so much. Plus you are probably trying to do this in an SA-N-6 SAM envelope. :scream:

Your mission sounds great! A realistic scenario that is also fun. :sunglasses:

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Rolled into Hollo Pointe with @Wes for some F-14 practice, mostly in getting some gas, so I took a few shots.

This little… Guy stole my spot! I was going to play around with getting gas from the boom when the tanker tells me chicks in tow. I’m wondering if Wes might’ve still been on his frequency so I ask him to cancel but he wasn’t in the queue. Turns out these F-16s were! I look behind me to see my butt full of Falcon face so quickly swerve away to the left to clear out, just in time for this guy to get his gas. USAF and their vanity! He gets done and I thought I could move in; nope! His wingman comes in. I’m down to 8800lbs by this point so opt to just join with Wes rather than cross the streams.

… Life wasn’t being kind to Wes. A constant fight of “return pre-contact” and “ready pre-contact” assumed as he had difficulty linking up. I hopped to the starboard side and got about 13,000lbs in one go. Seems like it might be easier to get gas from the starboard on the 135.

Connected! Before he shortly lost it again.

Miss! Too high!

Got it!

And success! It’s fair to note just before this I connected again for an additional 1,000lbs but took a couple tries as well to top off.

Other highlights, to which I didn’t get screenshots:

  • First runway landing! Smooth for me, went very well. Wes damaged a wheel but didn’t notice til he took off again.
  • First ground attack! I had floating Mk84s on the centerline since apparently picking AIM-7Ms for the centerline causes a glitch where the pallets won’t come back. Gave up trying to fix that and just went forth with my floating bomb racks. Very accurate CCIP!
  • I lost connection several times and wasn’t willing to go through the INS again, so hopped into a MiG-29C for some dissimilar training. Wes had a hard time picking me up unless I was flying toward him, not sure if the small size of the Fulcrum was behind that. We tested with the 4xAIM-54 loadout to see how well it did in BFM and… Let’s just say if you intend to dogfight, leave the Phoenixes at home – or use them prior! The Fulcrum’s HMD meant that I had several simulated kills against him past the merge and I had no problems keeping up with him in maneuvering or acceleration. I think it would have been slightly different if he had been lighter, but at the end of the day the Turkey has to remember that the Fulcrum has everything but speed and endurance over it.
  • Remember our USAF Falcon friends from earlier? Total Blue Falcons. They apparently decided to come after me after we were trying an acceleration test and I broke off and put out chaff upon missile warning. How does this make them Blue Falcons? They shot down Wes! Unbelievable. Seems their AIM-120s lost me when I hit their notch and acquired Wes’s big, honking huge Turkey instead. Boom! I shot both their Blue Falcon butts down with Adders for that – after dodging their AMRAAMs.

All in all, a good learning session for the Turkey. Also, my RIO is now named Chester and Wes’ RIO is named Buster. They’re related to Jester, in an inbred cousin sort of way.

Also, the official bird of our Blue Falcons:


The pilot/RIO body movements give such an amazing touch to this jet.


Does an human crewed Tomcat display the actual players head position?

Also con you salute while flying or only on the carrier?

Like… Can you read the other player gestures from canopy to canopy?

In multiplayer head positions are recorded/displayed. I haven’t tried saluting yet, though.

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:cccp: Comrades! The capitalists, imperialists are once again antagonizing the peace loving peoples of Mother Russia. Since Wednesday there has been a dramatic rise in the intercepts of glorious people’s Tu-95 and Tu-142 bombers by air pirate F-14s. The cannot be allowed to stand.

Until further notice these proud bombers will be escorted by our brave Mig fighter pilots. Here are some photos of the defense of the bombers from the imperialist bourgeois and their running dog lackeys!


High in the groove, but 3 wire so… Pass-fail? Fail-pass? :grimacing:

These expensive screenshots cost 1 Tomcat to get. RIP my airframe, you flatspinned like a champ!
@Franze refuels errrrrr…improperly.

While he did this, I set the altitude hold autopilot. I came back to my aircraft at 27,000ft stalling at extreme AoA (it was at full military power) and starting to nose down. The right wing dipped, inducing some momentum in the yaw axis and then it was all over. Nose came up, aircraft “snapped” into the spin and despite using counter active rudder and thrust, plus pulling the wings back - I could not get it out. Getting close the ground, I thought I was close to recovering but Jester punched out - the canopy came off so I hit my command too - but I am not sure if I triggered my seat or he did.

Oddly enough, the other day @Franze TRIED many ways to induce the spin, and it just would not happen…


That second screenshot is epic!

More from tonight:

Mission complete, @Franze & Chester long to be back out there, in the blue skies above.


@Wes easily getting gas in the Bug after the Turkey honed his skills!


:couplekiss_man_man: :two_men_holding_hands: :point_right::point_left:
if you get my drift


Hey, I will always respect all types of AAR.
Plus it’s Navy people we’re talking about.
Nothing really new.



I’ve learnt to use the Sidewinders. And kinda sorta the gun but my gunnery is deplorable at the moment.


Time to evade and escape!


I’d say OK 3 Wire. At worst a FAIR pass.

The possible grades:
Possible grades:

  • “OK Underline” – a perfect pass, generally under unfavorable circumstances. Naval Aviators often have hundreds of carrier landings without ever receiving this grade. Worth 5 points.
  • “OK” – a pass with only very minor deviations from centerline, glideslope and angle of attack. Worth 4 points.
  • “Fair” – a pass with one or more safe deviations and appropriate corrections. Worth 3 points.
  • Bolter” - a safe pass where the hook is down and the aircraft does not stop. Worth 2.5 point, but counts against pilot/squadron/wing “boarding rate”[ jargon ].
  • “No Grade” – a pass with gross (but still safe) deviations or inappropriate corrections. Failure to respond to LSO calls will often result in this grade. Worth 2 points.
  • “Technique Waveoff” – a pass with deviations from centerline, glideslope and/or angle of attack that are unsafe and need to be aborted. Worth 1 point.
  • “Cut Pass” – an unsafe pass with unacceptable deviations, typically after a wave off is possible. Worth zero points.
  • “Foul Deck Waveoff” – a pass that was aborted due to the landing area being fouled. No points are assigned and the pass is not counted toward the pilots landing grade average.