DCS 2.5.x Screenshots (2020)

Emergency Scramble.
B52H sighted inbound from Turkish airspace.
Launch Mig 19 (and dont give him any drop tanks… :roll_eyes:)

I managed to be guided in by the ground controller. smashed him with 2 missiles and then promptly ran out of fuel before I could finish him with the cannon.

i really REALLY need to conserve fuel better and keep an eye on the level better. plus not realising the drop tanks were still at base didnt help


I did it!!! i landed it!!

its so damn twitchy and lighting the burners sounds and feels like hyperspace engaging but i think im gonna grow to love this monster.
I hope to be able to fly it on Hollo pointe soon on the red side. plus my old flying instructor has just bought himself a flashy laptop and the F18 to learn to fly with me (and mudspike hopefully) so he will need a nice red adversary thats a bit easier to kill than a su33…




Comrade schurem, your mission, should you choose to accept it, and you better do, zampolit has your name in his little black book is to go out and intercept the unknown radar contact coming in off the black sea.

This switch goes like this, that one like that. Click click clickety click… zzzzzzoooooOOOOOOO Here we go.

Off to defend the rodina.

'Sup Vladimir.

Last one to catch a capitalist buys the vodka, suckers!

Kick the tires and light the fires!

We have lift-off.

Into the wild blue yonder, gonna get me some of that precious medal to pin on my chest.

Oh yes, Olga and Irena will love that, a nice Lenin-order or Meritous Service Award on my uniform. It’ll melt the ice right quickly. …Oh da ground control, vector 135, spasibo, right away!

First report he was at 165 for 90, now at 135 for 40, better steer 120 and light the cans.

Found the BUFF! And he’s toting a full load of imperialist hate too! Well he can have some of this righteous indignation…

Fly true, arrows of the motherland…

Zasplatka! Cyka blyat! No more american pie for you, stinking cowboys!

The little black smudge in the field right above the cockpit is where my comrades will fruitlessly dig the wreckage for secrets of the imperialist agressors.

Popping some fireworks to celebrate the kill. Urrah! I shall not be paying for vodka this evening.

A nice hot break to make sure both Olga and Irena know I was flying today.

Oh she’s a dirty bird turning onto finals.

Kissing the tarmac with well over three quarters of the main tank full.

…Aand parking it where I found it.

I tried @Victork2 steep approach style, and I like it. At least in this bird. And unlike him, I was relatively frugal with the afterburner, allowing me to bring the bird home after splashing the BUFF. Fun ride in a fun aircraft.


You got that bit right. :rofl:

3 degree approach is for airlines. Get yourself down!!!

I’m gonna try that mission again tommorow. I was MILES out to sea when I flamed out and you were WAAAAAY inland lol


Right after takeoff I punched channel one and asked ground for the bogey dope. Turned the course knob to that, waited a bit and got a new vector. That more or less told me what side to lead. I think I got him pretty efficiently. I also took my sweet time warming up the jet :wink:


“stinking cowboys!” eeeeh?




Flying the Spitfire with Franze

We went for a tour up through the mountains, down the Inguri River over the dam and back to Senaki Kolkhi. There’s a lot to enjoy in the old warbirds, if you have the patience. Our landings weren’t stellar, but we made it down in one piece!


Off to explore Normandy for a bit.

Some morning fog still remains

Involuntary gyro sight practice on a Mustang coming in to land.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Right now this guy is kinda both so I need to get extra-extra close, right?

OK, knock it off!

On final. Also, can someone please get a lumber axe!?

Very far from a perfect 3-point touch down unfortunately. I hesitated raising the nose. My touch down was actually somewhat okay. No bounce. But with me thinking I got all 3 on the floor (and I really shouldn’t have thought I was) I tilted the stick backwards to lock the rear gear. promptly sending me back up for a series of bounces.

With the helmet fire kicking in I also braked a bit hard. In the end I got her to a stand-still relatively safely, though.

Picked up a new plane, and found myself an adversary to fight over Cherbourg. Let the battle begin!

Sort of went for a 1 circle with the AI choosing the vertical like they really love to do. No shots off in the first pass. But I am able to get behind him when he tries to loop up again.

A bit higher deflection than I was hoping for, but the gyro checks out and with 1880 rounds on board I was feeling quite lucky.

Good connection. Chunks of aileron are disconnected from this FW-190.

Now to finish the job…

He is finished.

Come home victorious.

Much better on the 3-point but allignment suffered when I raised the nose. Gotta practice more!


Following @Wes through the Caucasus:


Not a bug, but a feature.


keeping warm under the big wings of mommy bird.


”Reports say this is a response to an uptick in the transportation sector, where bi-level parking has enabled airports to double effective capacity. Usually the military’s ideas trickle into the commercial sector as technology matures, but in this case we are seeing business economics return to the military for cost saving purposes. Bi-level parking has enabled the military to reduce the size of foreign improvised airfields, significantly reducing setup time and cost to the tax payers.”


My first successful vertical landing in the Harrier:

And my first successful Fixed Nozzle short landing:

The tutorials are great, but holy crap, is there a lot going on in a short time, and I’m still finding myself bouncing all over the sky in terms of speed and AoA.


Enjoy that bird @Navynuke99, its absolutely fantastic once you get the hang of V/STOL ops in that bird, one of the things that truly never gets old. If I may make a recommendation, consider starting with short landings using the variable nozzle. Relatively, it gives the most time to perform steps and teaches you to adjust your flight using the nozzles and not the pitch attitude, something you’ll need for true VTOL. A good bit of wind also helps with landing, and is appropiate for the blue-water, green-water and littoral enviroments this bird is expected to operate in.


The harrier tutes’ are where I started doing circuit landings. The time and ritualisation those provide help. Absolutely necessary in the harrier, but helpful in other birds as well.

It takes a lot of practice to straight-in just plonk a harrier down. But doing a regimented circuit and approach as taught by the harrier tutorial makes it a lot easier.


Problem I have is once you do adjust to doing it that way, any other takeoff or landing feels weird/hard to do.


@MBot mixing it up with the AI.