DCS 2.5.x videos



Outstanding video RedBravo65.


Yeah, I’ve been watching those guys for a long time. They only flew Falcon 4 BMS. The fact that they are now flying some DCS is exciting. So much fun to watch and a learning experience as well. They really know their stuff.


A couple of the guys attacking a battery of SA-8s on lesser Tunb Island, then mixing it up with an intervening pair of Fishbeds. Also lots of me clearing my throat and not seeing bandits right in front of my face.


“who could of spawned a pair of mig 21’s” Says the guy egressing to a safe distance in the F10 menu………


Big talk from the guy whose bandit call outs for the first half of the fight seem to eerily match my maneuvers… :wink:


I think you will find i was tracking a mig.


The Tunb Island Fishbeds, my archenemy.


The ‘hard’ instant mission…that’s in fact kind of easier as the ‘easy’ mission as those door miniguns really lay down hell from a good distance away and using the ‘return fire’ option takes care of the AA units nicely as a priority.

Also I draw a perfect line around a truck with the minigun from about 50m distance without actually hitting the truck. Fully intentional, I assure you.


This guy did a really nice job with camera angles and such. Great video!





Nothing spectacular, just trying out some attack profiles against a defended target (Hawk SAM site with MANPADS and AAA). The Hornet is surprisingly fast down low.


Not the best landing, but I did land it.


Nice! Looking at the FPM and the cross I am reminded of the KSP docking lines … which is apt :slight_smile:


An absolutely beautiful video of virtual pilots flying the Sabre. Great flying skills and superb cinematography IMHO.


Very awesome!


Excellent editing. Also…



AV-8B > Flanker


Mi-8 crew is jammin’


Rotor damage? Did you bring that bird home? :open_mouth: