DCS 2.5.x videos

Did something similar yesterday in BlackShark. Hit the tree. Managed to land safely.

Caught this on reddit the other day… fantastic work.


I wasn’t flying it, I winged it with the 25T’s 30mm. :blush:

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@Andrew116 wanted an instant replay.



Wow! It looked a lot worse from inside my cockpit :laughing:

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They didn’t call the Carrier to put the deck lights on? Braver than me. :slight_smile:

@near_blind has an excellent mission for creating a complete light/weather blackout. Like a head in a coal sack. I did my first Case II.5 last night on it and it was terrifying. Following those ICLS needles in, not being able to even see the sea and seeing the boat jump out of the gloom at the last second is scary stuff.


Something i have been wondering for some time, does anybody know how sensitive the arresting gear is to landing off centerline axis (lateral or angular offset)?

Yeah I noticed that too. Pretty confident pilot if you ask me. :sunglasses: Been meaning to talk to @near_blind regarding how to set up weather, particularly interesting weather. I can use the time of day pretty well in terms of having some beautiful scenery to fly in but I’m still experimenting with clouds and with not much success. Every time I set up clouds, they look okay but only cover a small area of the map. The only time I can cover the whole map is if I put density above 8-9. Then I get a layer. Is there a guide anywhere explaining how to tweak the weather panel in the editor?


That exhale at the end made me chuckle.


Beautifully done video. Mission looks interesting as well. New Persian Gulf map gives plenty of potential for all kinds of missions.

Second mission from the recently released mini-campaign for the bug.

Unfortunatelly wasn’t able to get back to the boat. Got damaged and had to divert to alternate.

Nice to have some scenarios to play with the Hornet.


Holy crap @Texac that was by far one of the best DCS videos I’ve ever seen! Get this man a F-14!


Yeah, I look at that and it kills all notion that I could create something similar. Love the timelapse at the end.

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Get this man a F-14!

Yes! Please.

Took me at least a month to create this, mainly because I couldn’t find the music that fits the best and changed it about four times in total.

Now I hope these skins will find their way into the game soon.



I’d go as far as stating, for the record, that it is indeed the best DCS video I have seen…!
I had to watch it twice to make sure there wasn’t some RL footage in there. And I’m still not entirely sure… :star_struck:

But first let me ask; @Texac, do you have the Viggen? :slight_smile: