DCS 2.7 Clouds ☁

He must have been up all night making that, unless he is a tester or has a time machine :crazy_face:

Time Travel Drive GIF by Back to the Future Trilogy


Good grief, that was excellent.

Tried a night mission (January, at 2300) taking off from a base in Caucasus with the Viper.

Overcast 3 as a setup, didn’t change anything else… Rough, simple, basic.

And yet… As I peaked over the thick cloud layer the view was just like the initial scene of Flight of the Intruder.

Jesus, I nearly lost it. I had watery eyes… I felt so emotionally involved…

Did I say I really really love this game?

Now, I really felt what @Aginor said and I hope they’ll code finally some water-to-light reaction…
Flying at night over the water is a sorry experience right now.


If I’m not mistaken he’s HeatBlur video guy so he might have had access to a test build

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What is your take on the visual quality of 2.7 clouds in 2D vs VR? To me it looks like the clouds in VR are quite different to those in 2D.

Can you see any difference in VR when changing the clouds quality settings?


This is not a complaint :slight_smile: I like the new clouds and consider them really a game changer. I just want to x-check some of my impressions with yours.

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That seems to be the general consensus.

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Interesting comparison in 2D.
Low vs. Ultra.

I don’t think Ultra necessarily looks better, just different. Clouds come in all shapes and forms.

This is not what I see in VR though. Don’t know if they made the VR clouds less demanding, or if it’s a part of the associated known issues…


Having fun with the Reforger Campaign for the Tomcat.


Nice video here where a sim pilot takes his Hornet out for a morning strike on an airfield and having to deal with two SA-2 Batteries protecting the airfield. He does a nice job showing how the clouds and new atmosphere change things in DCS while conducting missions. While dealing with the SA-2 Batteries, he loses site of things and needs to re-acquire targets due to cloud cover. At one point he almost gets hit by an SA-2 missile which flies right by him. It is at around 17:45 in the video.

Really neat to see how clouds and such affect a sim pilots experience in DCS.


I wonder if this was captured from the PG map?


Oddly I see that I lose a little FPS in VR if I set Clouds to Low vs Ultra, although it’s pretty even.


I’m going to keep Ultra I think.


Another superb cloud surfing video.

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Glad somebody re-created that photo, I was itching to do it myself but I’ve got no idea how to get the AI to fly close formation like that.

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Agreed. And looking at the FPS at the bottom it looks like you are only really sacrificing 10% for Ultra… In some ways I actually like the low better…less micropuff definition…which seems sorta more in line with what I see day to day out the cockpit…


How I’ve done it is just create separate flights that track the same course/route.

  • Create one flight at X altitude, speed, and heading.
  • Add a waypoint down line and make sure it is the same speed and altitude
  • Copy that aircraft (ctrl-C ) and paste (ctrl-v)
  • Pasting it will create the same aircraft next to it, but not very close. Move the aircraft closer. I think the minimum distance between AI aircraft is around 70 ft before they will break off to avoid collision. You can use the ruler to measure the distance after zooming in.
  • After moving the second aircraft, be sure to move the downline waypoint to the approximate same distance otherwise they aircraft will slowly drift apart.
  • Change the second aircraft to another type.
  • load the mission. Make adjustments. rinse and repeat.

Screenshot from a video I made a while back.

I’m not mission editor pro, but it works.

You can set the close WW2 bomber formations (100ish feet/30m), but it wont be as close as manually doing it like the above method. And you can’t change aircraft type within the formation. must be the same aircraft type.

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I figured it was only a matter of time before someone did a DCS movie of this classic with the new clouds. By the way, are we going to get a DCS 2.7 Videos thread anytime soon?



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That’s my thoughts as well.
Here’s another comparison, by Redkite.
It just underlines what the other video showed me. Ultra looks almost too detailed, if you know what I mean.
A 20fps hit by using clouds though. About 10fps between low and ultra.
This in 2D, of course and Redkite has settings above normal VR settings, so it doesn’t represent what I see in VR. Still, interesting to see. Guessing the clouds team at ED will continue to do some of that ones and zeros magic. Let’s see how all this looks in a few months.


Wow, brilliant editing…