Dcs 2.8

My hat’s off to you; I can only imagine how needlessly complicated it is to provide this functionality (I haven’t gone there yet). Seems a basic feature in a combat simulation world (that provides aircraft carriers, ‘Super’ ones at that).

Someday someone will make an authentic combat game out of this cockpit simulator and graphics engine :slight_smile: But it sure looks pretty.


Concur. It feels very smooth even though frames aren’t that much higher.

Can you expound on what this represents, and why it’s significant? I don’t doubt that it is, just curious what it’s going to change, and am away from my sim where I can see for myself.

Does it allow a mission editor to add a recovery tanker to a mission more easily? Or something else?

That’s exciting! Is it time for someone sticking with 2.7 to finally allow it to update?

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I have to agree… i did some tweaking with my system last time and managed to get 40fps stable, but with yesterdays update i have managed to move the msaa up to 4x and still get stable 40fps


That’s it. You can plop an S-3 tanker down next to the carrier, open up advanced waypoint actions, select “Recovery Tanker” and it will orbit the boat at whatever speed/altitude you set it.

Before this we had to use MOOSE and AIRBOSS lua scripting, which was a pain in the butt.


Just saw this and don’t remember seeing it here … apologies if it’s already been posted…

But here is another one for @Troll


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This might very well be happening in the December patch…


I hope so…I’m still holding on to hope for a few others…It isn’t a crime to Dream Right??? :grin:


It very much isn’t . In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret:

Not a crime

Dreams are what propel the world, they are the fuel, the navigation and the motivation for all we do.


So… I have been re reading the multithreading post. As I now seem to understand, the new EDGE engine (aka Vulkan implementation), will be the first to be released with the separation between logical and graphical clusters.

As so that does not necessarily mean multithreading will be there from day one. After they release the new core with EDGE on one side and independent logical computation on the other side is when they will be ready to work on multithreading. As such, some minor improvements might come at day one, and probably some more eye candy from EDGE 3.0 but, that would be basically ground zero for CPU multithreading implementation.

Either way we have two different things in the pipeline that can come togheter or in separate updates…

About the December update, I’d predict the Black Shark 3 is the only new release that might still appear this year. We still will have the first half of 2023 dedicated to the SE and Phantom and only late next year we should start to expect core improvements/updates - and that is not considering the very usual months/years long delays… Let’s face it 2.8 took more than a year to come and it’s just been released…


MT is being released before Vulkan.
EDGE Renderer was updated with MT.

MT Takes the one overloaded DCS Process, which was calculating all of the sim calculations + the DX11 Calls on a single thread, and splits them into a Logical Thread for Sim calculations and a separate thread for DX11 Commands.

So Very Large Missions no longer bogged down the DCS Thread to the point where it would had to wait for sim calculations before sending graphics commands to the DX11 API Layer.

That’s the simplest way to explain that. SubThreading of the SimCalculations is likely as well.

Vulkan is not part of the MT Update, EDGE DX11 Renderer was re-coded, as it is part of the DCS Process, and moving it to it’s own thread required it to be adjusted and properly synced to allow it the EDGE Rendering to be done on it’s own thread and commands send to DX11 API more effeciently.

MT is 1 Part of the FPS Bottleneck, Vulkan is another part entirely.
-MT will remove the CPU Bottleneck caused by Large Missions with alot of Mission Scripts and Sim calculations/functions.
-Vulkan will remove the CPU Bottleneck caused by DX11 API with Large Object Counts.

They address the Two entirely difference scenarios for Performance Bottlenecks:
A. You can have a Mission with heavy object counts and low sim-calculations (ie Object Heavy terrains/No AI Units).
in Which the CPU-DX11 API Bottlenecks GPU Performance

B. You can have a mission with heavy sim-calculations (AI, pathing, sensors etc)
In Which the CPU-DCS Process Bottlenecks the GPU Performance

the MT Update will fix Scenario B
the Vulkan Update will fix Scenario A


I must say: DCS World welcome in 21 century! It takes more time than I expected since LOMAC and Flaming Cliffs. Hopefully in 2023.


That’s what I found most confusing. I think I inderstand your post and it goes pretty much in line with what I understand from ED’s last one. The conflicting information for me is regarding older stuff that we kind of read here and there, such as Vulkan being part of the MT rework (or even Vulkan being essential for the multithreading to work), all of that called EDGE 3.0 which would be next major milestone.

The confusing part for me is that when they talk about next releases they talk about EDGE. So EDGE isn’t just the graphics engine, it’s all of it? (I really thought that EDGE was only graphics)

The way you explained this, it seems what’s coming next year is somewhat a DCS 2.9 release with DX11 graphics on its own thread prior to the Vulkan implementation.

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Nice Brother


EDGE is Eagle Dynamics Graphics Engine.

There’s 2 parts of each Graphics Engine,
The Source Render Instructions to the API and the Rendering API Intructions.

So DCS-CORE Generates Render Instructions which are sent to the DX11 API to Process into the GPU’s Rendering Pipeline…

So the Part of EDGE within DCS-CORE is part of the MT Rewrite, while the DX11 APU to GPU Portion remains until Vulkan to GPU replaces DX11


Wow, great post over there as well…Thanks for the lesson!

Seems like this week’s post is for the expectations to be properly managed, since the first multithreading upgrade will be a very important one, but will only provide benefits in some cases.

Maybe they are preparing us for an actual closer release than I thought, even it not being the magic bullet we all hope for…

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I think we’ll see some improvements in terms of performance, but what I mostly hope is that it enables features for ED to make our missions more interesting and challenging.

I’m very interested in the Dynamic Campaign, I’m actually quite fed up flying either missions in solo or playing the same versions over and over of online server missions.

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Thanks for those posts @SkateZilla! Good to read some of the inner workings. I don’t get to the other forums much, so I don’t know where to find these juicy morsels :slight_smile: