DCS 2.8

Nice. I thought about doing that a few years ago. Ick, what a project that was going to be. Being lua -driven made it possible (is an extensible language) but still, ick…

Thought I heard ED was looking at making the editor 3D? That sounds like it would be very helpful.

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If they could make an Arma 3 like editor, it would be incredible indeed. The jump from the 2D editor we all knew and loved to the 3den editor was an amazing leap and sets a good standard.


It’s more the arcane set of things you’ve got to add in the “advanced” waypoints category that trips me up, getting an AWACS that will datalink contacts to the client has always been frustrating to me. I could live with basically any visuals if somebody fixed that for me (e.g. have all the “advanced” stuff automatically added depedent on mission, and also maybe some in-editor help as to what each option does - “awacs” is obvious but a few of them, like the one to turn datalink on, aren’t!)


That’s what gets me too. Like having to disable or delete the “CAP” task to prevent AI from going full-burner and trying to engage something 200nm away instead of doing…an actual CAP…or having to tell A2A tasked AI not to engage ground units…or having to tell A2G tasked AI not to jettison and run away at the first enemy RWR contact.

A lot of the extra functions are extremely useful for customizing missions, but the above stuff is basic and should be default AI behavior under the hood without being an Advanced Waypoint Action entry.



The AI is…

Frustrating. I’ll leave it at that.

I hope the reason ED seems to be ‘quiet’ on what I feel are good suggestions is: they are about to improve all this. Maybe?


Frustrating, bordering on game-breaking in some cases. At the moment I can get Spitfires to engage 2 Ju-88s, but as soon as I increase the enemy group to 3 Ju-88s the Spits go haywire and fly all over the map.

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I haven’t even broached A2A yet; my system is strictly A2G at the moment ("Attack Pilots Make History kind of thing). The inability to do a basic thing like attack a target I can spot, visually, IS game-breaking IMHO.

My sincere hope is they’re making simple things like this work for they Dynamic Campaign Engine.

[rant: ON]
I mean, I KNOW the engine KNOWS what I’m looking at: they have a mechanism for this via Cockpit Visual Recon - that even works! It responds with feedback when I ‘hit’ something with my eyeball cursor.

I want the id (object) of this unit. I suggested an event via the ED forms Wish List but nothing but crickets in response. Research (forum search) showed a few related requests from years gone by too.

A2A it should work too, if you can follow another plane well enough with your head.
[rant: OFF]

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You mean getting your wingmen to engage what you see? I have that issue with A2G and A2A as well. I’ve found that if your group doesn’t have an advanced waypoint task to engage something (best case the specific target you want to hit) your wingmen will just give “negative” even if they report the contacts themselves.

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It’s confusing to explain (or I’m bad at it) but I can get my AI wingman to kill any specifiic ground UNIT (or attack a GROUP) -IF- I can ID that object via:

grp = Group.getByName(“groupName”) for instance.

See: class Group.getByName( string name )

Then run my :attackGroup(grp) function. Works like a charm. But I have to know the ID of the group. A random, arbitrary (to me the player) unit is programmatically unidentifiable while flying within the game.

The Cockpit Visual Recon thing does acknowledge (only method that comes close) when I’ve successfully looked at something (there’s a key combo + mouse input you have to do) but I don’t know the id of that object to then ‘feed’ to my AI wingman the id for use above. When trying to simulate real-world combat the AI might attack anything, or nothing, as you’ve observed.

The “Negative” or is it “Unable” response thing happens when the AI loadout isn’t correct (using the above mech). They’re picky about this in A2G stuff. If I recall (been a month since I last tested this) I reverted to giving my AI wingman MK-xxx’s for just about every mission cus they wouldn’t attack if I supplied them with anything ‘exotic’.

Another test, somewhat related: I spent a LONG time playing with their spotting abilities One example: Me and Bot are 25NM flying straight at a convoy. Armed with (I think it was MK-82s) they didn’t ‘tally’ anything, ever. Gave them IR-Mav’s and they suddenly had superman vision - id’g things all over the place. Or something like that. Have to look at my notes again.

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Oh with scripting? I haven’t messed with that.Is the ID for the script the same as the Unit ID in the Mission Editor?

Interesting. I have not experienced that exact situation, although I have experienced my fair share of “Unable” responses. That said, when I am creating sandbox missions I usually add an “attack task” advanced waypoint action for the WP prior to the target (the IP as it were).

If CAS, this would be an ATTACK GROUP, or or UNIT; for Ground Attack, Bombing or Attack Map Object.

At the approbate time I order an “Engage - Mission Targets and Rejoin Formation” (or something like that). I almost always get positive - “Roger”, etc. - replies and they engage with missiles or different types of bombs.

The frustrating AI Engage call can be “Engage - Ground Targets”. They prioritize Air Defense targets…which makes sense but may not be what you want them today the time.

…and that said…you can actually do some good “on the fly” (pun intended) targeting to AI wingmen with the Black Shark DL. The challenging part is entering the the target(s) into the system in a timely manner.


I ran an experiment (several) on this and there was, at the time (year ago?), a “sweet spot” for the distance from the target to do what you say. DCS mission making feels like a moving target sometimes too.

Anyway, I try to stick to 20-25 NM’s to send the task (note I do everything in code cus it’s much easier for me to organize things). I don’t know if I’m getting better at it or DCS is but my ‘bots’ (not in my flight, the other AI attackers I have doing stuff) are performing in an expected, based on the code, manner more lately.

Seems you have to micro-manage them, from taxi to target, and back, however. The code to get them to climb out, to altitude, blow something up - without getting blown up [stupidly], RTB, all without running out of gas…well, that took me months.

I’m getting closer to using the stored combat radius values too; before all this work anything over 150 miles and they never made it back; my baseline mission is about 285 NM from home; one pass, haul azz, do AR on the RTB leg - and they are doing it; what happens over the target is kinda outta my hands but that’s what makes it interesting, though I try to mitigate it using MANPAD-safe attack profiles. MANPADS are crazy deadly lately.

I still have to limit them to a max range (combat radius) as they remain HORRBILE at air refueling. So I only ‘let them’ do it on the return leg.

Little things like building a route that doesn’t have turns of more than about 25 degrees, while climbing out (else the lead will orbit waiting for -2; it’s an odd behavior and took a long time to resolve). Finding a ‘best’ range to Engage/AttackXXX; the right combo of pushTask (and whom to apply it to); that pushTask to ALL flight members is necessary - just sending it to the group isn’t good enough (made no sense to me); etc.


Yes but here I’m using ‘id’ generically; each unit has a unique, numerical, ID yet can be referenced by group/unit name. Either works but some functions want the number - at the end of the line I’m pretty sure the number is used either way. The numerical value is the same you see in then mission editor (it’s stored in the miz | mission [lua] file/table.

Can’t say I have full, complete, control over them but, either by luck or pure stubbornness, I’ve written a system that will send in n-flights (up to 8 right now; could be more but overall performance is a primary goal), broken down into ‘phases’:

1 - SEAD: give them 1 HARM, 1 Mav, gas - based on the threat (there may not be any SAMs).

2: Kill Guns: Any weapon seems to work but as I’m trying to ‘simulate’ a MANPAD rich environment I make them (or try to, usally works but not always) force them to do a Level bombing release with either MK-8x’s or Mavs.

3.a: Break things: MK-8x’s, level bombing (MANPAD thing again) using ‘fast’ multi-role jets (Viper, Hornet, Harrier)
3.b: Slow attackers (A-10s and Apaches) for non-air defense targets, etc

4: Cleanup (this one is still in the works as it can be just about anything)

Now, they WILL ‘go rogue’ after hitting the primary target. Getting them to STOP doing something isn’t always cut-and-dried either; I give them a completely new tasking - replace the entire ‘brain’ if you will (basically make them go stupid, only task is to follow a route) - yet they still have independent logic swirling around in their lil heads it seems. Be nice to know how the AI really IS programmed to work cus it would save us all months (and months) of pain.

This all works within a system that is limited in scope (number or targets) because, a) it helps it all work and, b) it runs much faster.

I’m testing my “Alpha Strike”-like logic right now and I can get 5-8 flights all, mostly, hitting the target within about 1 minute of each other, on a 250-300 NM outbound route, (along with other flights: tankers, AWACS, ABCCC, and ‘generic’ stuff for ‘feel’) and have no issues with performance. I do ‘cheat’ a little here: since it’s permissive A2A environment they will all do 1-2 laps over the control point until all the ducks are in a row (there’s YT video from former F15E WSO that confirms this is authentic - I even have a “Roll Call” callout when it’s time to drop the hammer here).

A [good] side effect of doing this all in lua is I have easy control of how often things are checked, ie; my wingman “Bingo/Joker” checks are only done once every minute (configurable) - haven’t lost a Bot to fuel starvation in a long time (MANPADS are a different thing :slight_smile: ). Using lua to me, is MUCH easier to manage than pages of triggers.

My “Todo” list contains a bit on using the waypoint time (eta) value again, to help with the timing - I tried it a while back and had issues but now that the system works well enough without it (scheduling the start time based on route distance and such - they all come from different bases) this should help me get this closer.

Makes it easier on the player too if you have a ‘solid’ TOT. This is on my schedule for today (and likely through the next two days).

It’s just REALLY time-consuming to test; doing the math is trivial. Massaging the AI so the math works is the trick. But I have to run it to validate everything (time compression helps).

I suspect in the real world (for this kind of operation) things need adjusting sometimes too.


Open Beta Planned Today
Current version number: DCS
Next update: Planned 25th January 2023 ( subject to change )

Thank you


Ooh really looking forward to Mirage F1EE and Super 530Fs for both versions


Ooh that’s a doozy!

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DCS Open Beta

Introducing new campaigns:

  • DCS: F-14 Speed & Angels Campaign by Reflected.
  • DCS: MAD AH-64D Campaign by Stone Sky.

DCS World

  • Weapon. MIM-104 missile guidance error has decreased.
  • Weapon. BLU-97/B penetration warhead and damage effect has increased.
  • Weapon. CBU-87 with HOF 300 had no effect on tanks. This has been adjusted so it will at least damage them now (see F10 view damage levels).
  • Weapon. Corrected nozzle flame of rockets at the moment of launch.
  • Weapon. AMRAAM fixed an issue with Home on Jam (HOJ) mode.
  • Fixed liveries name for ground units (this fixes seasonal textures for some units).
  • Added Ropucha-class landing ship BDK-775.
  • Removed dust effect when ships are firing.
  • Fixed incorrect unit direction when mounted on a ship.
  • New sounds for AK-series, M249, L94A1, PKT, 2A72, 2A42, M242, GSh-6-30K, M240C, ZU-23-2, ZU-23-4, Rheinmetall Mk20, KPVT, 2A38, Vulcan, Oerlikon-KDA, L21A1, Utes, MG3, M2 Browning.
  • Fixed inability for submarines to attack ships.
  • Fixed crash when the “Unit AI set life” trigger is used for EWR AN/FPS-117.
  • Fixed stuck SON-9 radar when aircraft fly directly overhead it at high altitude.
  • AI Aircraft. Removed old and unusable Kh-28 missile from payloads from the Su-17.
  • F10 map. Big Smoke is always shown on the F10 map regardless of ‘show’ setting - fixed.
  • AI Aircraft. Corrected damage and collision model of the CH-53.
  • AI Aircraft. F-15C cannot AAR in right turn - fixed.
  • AI Aircraft. Incorrect negative AOA of slow planes in formations appears in some cases - fixed.
  • Crash when vehicle destroyed during task Embarking - fixed.
  • AI Aircraft. Su-34 damage model corrected.
  • MP. Server panel, players pool. Added clients counter.
  • All weapons still visible on multiple weapon mount if base runs out of that weapon - fixed.
  • Resource manager of air bases has been corrected.
  • Scripts. StaticObject.getByName fails if the unit name contains a dot - fixed.
  • ME. Ka-50. GUI Error when you press delete on INU Fix Point (NAV target point) - fixed.
  • ME. Ka-50. Comment in NAV target point remains from last mission - fixed.
  • Weapons. Jettisoned racks don’t die when hitting the ground/sea - fixed.
  • SA-19 Tunguska. The power of warheads has been reduced so that it cannot destroy tanks.
  • Input controls adjustment window now preserves user state layout and selection during the mission session for convenience.

Note: Initial implementation of improved bomb fusing options for mk-x series bombs. Please note this is a WIP and will not function for multiple racked weapons. Some options may not yet be fully implemented.

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added ALT GEAR Handle.
  • Added Animated Tail Hook.
  • Updates/Corrections to ALR-56M RWR.
  • Training Missions covering F-16C 2022 improvements.
  • Fixed: FCR CATA movement during bank angle.
  • Fixed: AGM-65 boresight alignment accuracy. If boresighting a Maverick to the Targeting Pod on the ground, you must first set the GND JETT switch to ENABLE and the Master Arm switch to ARM or SIMULATE. As much as possible, boresight directly ahead of the aircraft and at least 1 nm away to avoid parallax errors.
  • Fixed: FPM doesn’t act as expected with Drift Cut Out selected.
  • Fixed: Rudder pedals animation is incorrect.
  • Fixed: Erratic Active Timer when using DTT SAM.
  • Fixed: Changing Modes in DGFT Mode breaks lock.
  • Fixed: TGP A-A Mode does not return to -3 elevation in front of the aircraft.
  • Fixed: FCR symbology error when locking recently re-spawned aircraft.
  • Fixed: Fuel leak rate after damage.
  • Fixed: Radar Air to Ground Antenna Elevation Bug.
  • Fixed: TMS right behaviour with FCR as SOI and no targets.
  • Fixed: CRUS/HOME steerpoint cannot be entered directly.
  • Fixed: CCRP HUD symbology issues when REL ANG set to zero. Now possible.
  • Fixed: TGP designated JDAM target point now has a miss error average of 5 metres.
  • Fixed: CRUS EDR page is incorrectly calculating time to Bingo.
  • Fixed: Preset VHF FM frequency in ME adds a digit on COMM 2 DED page.
  • Instant Action Missions Update.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Potential crash when pressing the TDC.
  • Updates/Corrections to ALR-67 RWR.
  • Added Pilot Salute for humans.
  • Fixed: AUTO bombing inaccurate at different weapon release air speeds.
  • Fixed: DDI SOI Diamond becomes very difficult to see when zoomed in using the FLIR.
  • Fixed: GPS-guided bombs can be launched without a target in TOO mode.
  • Fixed: Threat circle flashes on briefly when WPDSG is selected.
  • Instant Action Missions Update.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added TADS IAT MP sync.
  • Add Israeli AH-64D livery created by ZedTank.
  • Add patches for Pilots.
  • Fixed: IHADSS image scale incorrect.
  • Fixed: CPG DMS Autopage button state is de-synced in multicrew.
  • Fixed: Selecting GUN on cyclic WAS was reverting MANRNG > value to default value.
  • Fixed: George spaming “Lost Target” messages.
  • Fixed: The Free Air Temperature gauge should not have backlighting.
  • Fixed: The standby Magnetic Compass lighting should be controlled by STBY INST knob.
  • Fixed: HMD Grayscale page coop synchronisation.
  • Fixed: BACK SCATTER message should have a space.
  • Instant Action Missions Update.

DCS Ka-50 Black Shark 3 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Tuned INS alignment process. Manual alignment precision is now much higher and close to the hot start and auto-alignment precision.
  • Autopilot auto-turn won’t be dependent on INS anymore. It only aims for decreasing Shkval deviation from zero (for all roll angles).
  • Fixed a bug of wrong switching from inertial mode to ADC after 60 minutes of inertial mode work.
  • Hot start INS alignment precision made it a bit worse to match a cold start manual INS alignment precision.
  • Remade INS alignment options and settings in mission editor.
  • 3D. Corrected nose textures.
  • 3D. Rotor blades animation corrected.
  • 3D. Motion blur of rotors head corrected.
  • 3D. Added night texture of external cockpit model.
  • Cockpit. R-828 texture ambient occlusion corrected.
  • VR. Add the option to choose HMS render eye.
  • Startup sounds updated.
  • Renamed cockpit hints for HSI knobs.
  • ABRIS. The English ABRIS charts setup shows two Russian items - fixed.

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Mirrors and thermometer are not seen in external view.
  • Fixed: Aiming station - zoom IN / OUT binds not working.
  • Fixed: Rotor shaft animation.

DCS: F-86F Sabre by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: the V-8 slaved directional (gyro) indicator can not be rotated with the mouse.
  • Fixed: Ammunition capacity error - ammo changed to 300 rounds per gun.

DCS: F-5E Tiger II by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed:TACAN / ADF directional arrow remains fixed and does not rotate.
  • Fixed: EGT reaches nearly 800c at start up.

DCS: A-10A by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added PBR textures, made some fixes.

DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer by Eagle Dynamics

  • Minor fix to textures of both aircraft.
  • A-10C. Position lights don’t flash. Fixed.
  • A-10C II. Position lights remain when the wing is destroyed. Fixed

Note: It is our plan to release ARC-210 radio with UHF and VHF functions in the February 2023 update.

DCS: Spitfire LF Mk. IX by Eagle Dynamics

  • Oil temperature gauge now shows the actual OAT on cold aircraft.
  • Oil and coolant temperatures are tuned according to real WWII in flight tests (WIP).

DCS: Mosquito FB VI by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added new single player missions without units from the WWII Assets pack.

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges

  • Added Mirage F1EE. Including new ALR-300 RWR, air to air refuelling and Inertial Navigation System.


  • Slight adjustment (reduction) in low supersonic drag.
  • Slight reduction of drag coefficient at subsonic speeds to better match the performance data.
  • Reduced payload supersonic drag.
  • Adjusted Magic, SW and SAMP 400 drag coefficients.
  • Rolling moment induced by external payload lift now accounted for.
  • Improved wake behaviour (reduced influence on the roll of the aircraft).
  • Slight increase in lateral stability at high aoa to better match SME feedback.

Control system:

  • Default neutral point of non-FFB sticks changed to increase pitch-up zone, thus reducing sensitivity in pitch and increasing usable stick range in most situations.
  • Modified internal pitch curve (AMEDEE system). Pitch is now less sensitive at high deflection values.
  • Reduced effects of ARTHUR and Dashpot systems (stick force emulation) on pitch control. Now the ARTHUR and Dashpot model can be toggled in the Special Options menu.
  • Flight controls now require hydraulic pressure to move.
  • Rudder trembling problem solved.
  • Adjusted nose wheel steering curves to make it both more responsive and easier to control (still WIP).


  • Flying backwards or having significant tail wind with RPM below 7000 might turn the engine off.
  • Moving the throttle to idle before the RPM are above 300 may lead to fire or over-temperature due to accumulation of fuel faster than before (IMPORTANT).
  • Engine stall can now be caused by moving the RPM back and forth too fast or engaging the afterburner at very high AoA or outside the flight envelope.
  • Engine stall RPM oscillations are now less severe.
  • Engine temperature in overspeed corrected to what is indicated in the manuals (<= 735 ºC).
  • Engine starter sound starts 2 seconds earlier than before.
  • Throttle is clickable now near idle detent position. When clicked it is set to idle cut-off position.


  • Radar cover keyboard/joystick command will not take effect anymore when the radar cover add/remove function is disabled (aircraft is not on the ground, or canopy is closed).
  • Removed sound from the radar cover clickable action.
  • Radar antenna elevation/altitude difference function is fixed.
  • Altitude difference is correctly updated now when a target is tracked.
  • Radar strobe is now positioned at the last known target azimuth/range when the target track was lost.
  • The radar tracked target closing velocity (relative velocity) scale is correctly calibrated now in the range of -450 to 1800 knots, with the gap of -150 to 0 knots.
  • Fixed radar antenna orientation when scanning with nonzero delta elevation set.
  • Fixed 1 line scan antenna orientation.
  • Adjusted antenna local scan origin position.
  • Fixed the radar TL mode scan center position (-5 degrees from FRL), and TL scan area size - it was too wide.
  • Radar strobe position is now shown in IDN even when a target is not locked.
  • Fixed radar elevation digits texture issues.

Other features and improvements:

  • Added Matra S530F ‘Supermatra’ missile.
  • FFB sticks are now automatically detected by the code.
  • Armament panel lights brightness is now regulated by light/day switch and rheostat.
  • Armament panel light on/off is now dependent on sight being on.
  • Reduced maximum light brightness of indicators in night mode.
  • Updated controls indicator stick axes display: pitch trim position is added to the stick pitch position.
  • AWACS ‘Declare’ command is functional now.
  • Fixed Radio Selector Panel pushbuttons not holding in ‘pushed’ position, when activated by keyboard or joystick.
  • Added the option to load empty fuel tanks at mission start.
  • Corrected fuel tank masses.
  • Fixed maximum fuel weights of F1EE, and F1B/BE AI.
  • Added general and particular gyroscope failures.
  • Backup horizon will be caged now once the cage knob is pulled, disregarding the knob rotation.
  • Adjusted braking power.
  • Brake light now illuminates always when braking (not only when the gear is up).
  • Brake nominal pressure now has the correct value of 210 bar.
  • Fixed CADS not affecting autopilot, ARTHUR and shock-cones (“souris”) behaviour.
  • Updated liveries.
  • Improved cockpit darkness.
  • Auto startup sequence: Added the item “Ejection handle safety pin - Removed (out of sequence)”.
  • Auto shutdown sequence:
    • Added “Ejection handle safety pin - Installed (out of sequence)”.
    • Fixed “UHF radio - Off” and “V/UHF radio - Off”.


  • Added Mirage F1 Flight Manual (CE + EE annex).
  • Added Mirage F1CE Manual de Vuelo (CE translation into Spanish).


  • Added Mirage F1EE Single Player and Instant Action missions for all maps except Normandy and The Channel.

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Completed: cockpit textures with more weathering.
  • Completed: external textures (template will come soon).
  • Updated: rocket loadout of each pylon in SMS shows rocket name if fully loaded, otherwise the number of remaining rockets.
  • Updated: sd10/ld10 pylon drag.
  • Updated: bingo fuel should only trigger a warning on HUD, no mode change.
  • Added: more input controls (throttle step etc).
  • Fixed: SSLC/SS gunsight display bug on HUD.
  • Fixed: target distance on HUD.
  • Fixed: empty rocket pod should appear in SMS, and not affect FCS config unless jettison.
  • Fixed: cockpit animation in external model.
  • Fixed: campaign 02 bug.
  • Fixed: brief image.

DCS: WWII Assets pack by Eagle Dynamics

  • Ju-88. Fixes to the model and textures.
  • Ju-88. Added bombs in the main bombs bay.

DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics

  • Firefighting Vehicle AA-7.2/60, Refueler ATZ-5, Refueler ATZ-60 Tractor, S-75 Tractor, Refueler.
  • TZ-22 Tractors are all drivable now.
  • Fixed front armour M1A2 Abrams.
  • Fixed driver position for “Tachanka” units.
  • Fixed crash when giving artillery second target.

DCS: South Atlantic Map by Razbam

  • New - Franco Bianco Airfield.
  • New - Grass Airfield Goose Green.
  • New - club grass airfield for Hipico.
  • New - Various Settlement have been created across the map (still ongoing).
  • Corrected - ILS Glideslope at Rio Gallegos facing wrong way corrected.
  • Adjusted - lakes have been added / corrected across the map.
  • Adjusted - fleshed out terrain including vegetation maps around New Airfields.
  • Adjusted - changed the F10 map colours to be more in keeping with the region.
  • Adjusted - Rio Turbio NDB map display frequency.
  • Adjusted - tidied up some of the tiles around the new Airfields.
  • Adjusted - airfield Puerto Williams changed runway elevation to reflect the real airfield (different on both approaches).
  • Adjusted - updated Radar returns for object.


The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600

  • Mission 7: Fixed wind so A.I. takeoff on correct runway. MiG-15, custom Kneeboards now appear.
  • Mission 8.2: MiG-15, A.I. Wingman fail safe added to properly destroys his targets.

DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Horrido! Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • 2 Bonus missions added using the FW-190D-9.
  • Bomber speeds adjusted to historically accurate levels.
  • More accurate Luftwaffe formations.
  • FW-190 skin roughmets updated for a more realistic shine.
  • Clear prop! Argument adjusted for new values.

DCS: P-47D Wolfpack Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • More accurate Luftwaffe formations.
  • FW-190 skin roughmets updated for a more realistic shine.

DCS: Spitfire Beware! Beware! Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • More accurate Luftwaffe formations.
  • FW-190 skin roughmets updated for a more realistic shine.

DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • AAR logic fine tuned to prevent accidental triggers.
  • Mission 12: fixed a few static misplacements.

Mi-8MTV2 and Ka-50: Memory of a Hero Campaign by Stone Sky

  • All missions with Ka-50 have been updated for the Ka-50-3 module.
  • Added new environment: ships, ground personnel.
  • Fixed minor bugs

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Crew Part 1 Campaign by Stone Sky

  • All missions updated.
  • Added new environment: ships, ground personnel.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Updated weather conditions (halo, clouds).

Black Shark 2 Republic Campaign by ED

  • In the campaign package was added copy of original campaign with player’s aircraft Ka-50 III.

DCS: Ka-50 2 Pandemic Campaign by Armen Murazyan

  • In the campaign package was added copy of original campaign with player’s aircraft Ka-50 III.

DCS: A-10C Iron Flag Part I Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 05: Updated startup / initial radio check sequence.
  • Mission 10: Fixed issue with departure comms playing when still on the runway. Small text updates. Added message for player to hold short of the runway and wait for Biff.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 02: Fixed issue with Smoke not cutting away or flying into space after he is told to cut away.
  • Mission 05: Fixed possible issue with tanker following player on RTB.
  • Mission 08: Fixed problem with Raven 12 refusing to take off.
  • Mission 09: Fixed problem with Venom part playing out where helos arrive (double trigger).
  • Mission 11: Fixed the issue with Saint flight orbiting around the carrier after takeoff.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One: Dominant Fury Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 03: Updated triggers for recorder to only detect AUTO mode and added information about it to the briefing.
  • Mission 05: Reverted player to cold start. Updated “lights on” trigger: mission will now progress if player only turns on position lights. Fixed wingman not reporting switches safe.
  • Mission 12: Enemy frigate won’t shoot at player’s missile anymore.
  • Mission 13: Added safeguard for AI SEAD flights (they often failed to destroy their targets).
  • Mission 14: (only long version needs uploading, not M14S). Adjusted difficulty level for the Clementines in the landing zone (it should be easier to pass the mission now). Fixed possible bug with Olive not detaching when feet dry (happens only in long version of the mission).

F/A-18C Serpent’s Head 2 Campaign by Badger633

  • All Missions: Winds adjusted.

F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion Campaign by Badger633

  • All Missions: Winds adjusted.
  • Mission 6: 410 going home fixed.
  • Mission 8: Fix hatchet and 410 going home.

F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion II Campaign by Badger633

  • All Missions: Winds adjusted / Mission brief added to Kneeboards / Briefs updated / Printable Kneeboards updated.
  • Mission 1: Voice conflict fixed.
  • Mission 2: WP1 zone adjusted, and message added.
  • Mission 4: Trap message fixed /missing tank message issue fixed / Migs adjusted.
  • Mission 5: Start time brought forward two hours to 16:10.
  • Mission 8: Height fail fixed / Missing ACLS added.
  • Mission 12: Missing ACLS added.

Can anyone please tell me what VR performance is like in 2.8 now?

I’d held off updating as 2.7 was working so well and people were saying 2.8 had an impact on VR performance. Only just got really good framerates with the sim and didn’t want to lose that again already.
Also got a weird error now, so I’ll run the repair then update.


later: repair only took a few seconds, so I’m good to go

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