DCS 2.8

It will remove the pumpkins etc


No…I think the “Halloween Easter Eggs” are removed by a "Date Sensitive” feature.Mine we’re gone this morning.
I hope this patch helps VR users who have suffered a significant loss in FPS.

…Or maybe it will bring New Light effect to all maps??

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Regarding VR (not trying to invalidate complainers—just adding a data point to hopefully help focus the issue), I’ve been experiencing no negative change in performance with 2.8. This is with the Quest 2.

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lol, it would be the dream, but probably it’s just some hotfixes…


Do you play with Terrain Shadows on? It seems there are issues with the lower settings for Terrain Shadows, which do not work correctly. So users that depend on the performance gain of these settings may currently not get them while those who play with full settings anyway will probably not notice a difference.


Do you use ASW? Thinking that the performance reduction may not be enough to make DCS output less than 45FPS but may be noticeable with ASW off…?

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I’ve noticed on a brief warp or two when I spawn in on a carrier, then smooth and locked at 45. My settings below, also with a Quest 2. RTX3090ti / 5600X / 32 GB. As you guessed MBot, Terrain Textures are High. Game PD is 1.0.


I do have terrain shadows on and ASW on as well. ASW OFF dramatically improves X-Plane for me but there doesn’t seem to be any change in DCS.

Patch Notes

  • Network protocol version changed.
  • Fixed CTD while conversing with JTAC.
  • Aircraft shadows appear overlapping models and duplicated - fixed.
  • VR Kneeboard waypoint pages show battery page - fixed.
  • Fixed crash caused by shooting train that was placed via ME.
  • Fixed dedicated server crash when client uses smoke rockets.
  • Aircraft at Senaki Hold for 15+ mins before taking off - fixed.
  • Сombined arms crash - fixed.

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: HARM Target handed off in HAS mode gets frozen relative to missile’s seeker boresight
  • Updated ACM BORE HMCS logic. Hold TMS Forward to slave radar to HMCS line-of-sight and display the ellipse. When TMS Forward is released, the radar will attempt to lock the nearest contact within the ellipse out to 10 nm.

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: gear automatically deploying in some cases when multicrew is used (Petrovich shenanigans).

DCS: Black Shark 2 by Eagle Dynamics (Features added in last patch DCS Open Beta 2022-10-28 but not mentioned)

  • Changes in the flight dynamics model include the implementation of the engine gas-dynamic instability during rocket launch from the inboard launchers, at hover, and at low speeds. This is due to hot rocket gases sucked in the air intakes, which can lead to a thrust drop, surge, and shutdown of the engines.
  • Added delay up to 2 seconds for ATGM Vikhr launch sequence.
  • SHKVAL screen textures changed to achieve more authentic “green” look

DCS: MB-339 by IndiaFoxtEcho

  • Fix - Canopy not locked in auto start procedure
  • Fix - Out Of Range exception
  • Improved external 3D model UV Mapping
  • Fix warning lights illumination
  • Fix on campaign mission 4 for end mission
  • Fix on voiceover training mission Ripple MK82
  • Fix on safety pin landing shutdown
  • Fix on A/A mission
  • Improved static force and damping nosewheel

DCS: SA-342 by Polychop Simulations

  • Added functionality to ripple switch on weapons panel

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • New: Brand new integrated configuration panel GUI
    • Apply laser code change, DTC config, AAR probe install/remove etc by one click
    • Open it via radio menu → ground crew → configuration panel
  • Added: campaign mission 11 and 12. Now campaign is completed

DCS: AV-8B by Razbam

  • Fixed: Dedicated server crash when the aircraft dumps fuel
  • F10 MAP designation rework.
    • a. Now it is not required to create an unlabeled Marker. Marker Label must now say ‘#TPn’ where n is a number.
    • b. In MP environment it will only load the Markers created by the pilot.
  • Added: New mode for Offset input in the Mission Editor. Please check the forum for a more detailed explanation.

DCS: M-2000C by Razbam

  • Fixed: Dedicated server crash when the aircraft dumps fuel

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges


  • Complete autopilot rework (BIP trim fix will be included in next update):
    • AP is now less aggressive in altitude hold mode.
    • Included radionavigation G and R modes that allow interception of a radial and following an ILS approach.
    • Corrected AP engagement and mode logic, as well as light logic.
  • Route commutation unit selected radial no longer affects ILS.
  • Artificial horizon radionavigation bars behaviour adjusted according to manuals.
  • Backup ADI bank index now animated (pending to fix incorrect bank indication).
  • IDN distance selector can no longer exceed its limits.
  • IDN: In TT and TE modes, now the narrow needle does not move with the rest of the IDN assembly
  • Fixed radio presets not allowing integers.


  • Added YAW position to Yaw/Anti-slip switch and renamed the switch up position from ON to ANTI-SLIP in control inputs.

3D model:


Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: gear automatically deploying in some cases when multicrew is used (Petrovich shenanigans).
    :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Sadly the terrain shadows performance hit isn’t caught and fixed yet.


BLack Shark seems to be getting lots of TLC Lately….Anyone think Version #3 is Imminent?…Like maybe Friday??
:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

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Perhaps not quite that soon, but certainly…


ASW will cut your FPS to 45FPS and start producing artificial frames, whenever DCS can’t produce the full native refreshrate of the VR headset. So if you got maybe 80FPS in 2.7 and 70FPS in 2.8, you won’t see the difference as ASW will take it down to 45 either way.
Could explain why you don’t see reduced VR performance…?

Note that the values will differ depending on what the full refreshrate is. Could be 90 or 80, and ASW can reduce that to 45, 40 and even lower now, I think.

The aircraft ground shadow looks much better on flat now though… :wink:

Nice look at what was fixed in the DCS F-16 with 2.8.


I’ve been getting repeatable crashes when attempting to use the TACAN or MCLS on the supercarrier. Might just be an A-4 thing as that’s all I’ve been flying recently. Bug report posted at DCS.

Do you have the latest version of the A-4?

This is from the V2.1 release notes:

  • This update, A-4E-C 2.1.0, and all subsequent updates will not be compatible with DCS versions before Our last update, A-4E-C 2.0.1, is not compatible with DCS versions after The most common effects of these incompatibilities are client-side crashes. Always ensure servers, clients, and DCS versions employed are the most compatible options available!

As for Performance in and leading up to 2.8.

IMHO the DX11 GFX Engine has hit a peak, the more stuff being added to it, just lowers overall performance across the board, It’s well known, which is why the move to Vulkan is taking place. DX11 Served us well, but Graphics Detail, VR and Render API Progress made it short-lived. One of the reasons for the move to DX11 from DX9c was Object count and rendering detail levels/limits, well 10 years later and we are at that limit again, look at screenshots of DCS A-10C and Screenshots of DCS A-10C II in 2.8 and try to tell me they look the same, outside of visual cue references.

I wouldn’t expect any magic patch outside the move to Vulkan and MT to boost FPS to the point it was 3 or 4 years ago, the lightning, terrain, and atmosphere rendering was entirely different then.


Yup. My wag for raw number is ~20%, but smooth. Or more so. And scale better with unit count.