DCS Air-Ground Attack Script

Are you sick of the DCS AI doing stupid things? At least for Air-Ground, I tried to make some improvements:


Looks really interesting @MBot.

Do you think it would work with DCS Liberation? That has a number of plug-in scripts (Skynet IADS etc) and it could really do with some better AI ground attacks.

Well it would need to be integrated by liberation, i.e. liberation would have to use it when planning missions. But there would be nothing fundamentally difficult about it.

It looks like Liberation uses a plug-in structure for LUA, which is how they use the VEAF Mission Generator stuff for their missions, so I guess it would be a similar sort of deal:

As Liberation just builds regular DCS mission files, it is of course possible just to add the LUA reference and then a quick edit on the attack waypoint for a Do Script etc. Might play with it later.

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That is excellent man! ED should hire you on as a consultant on some of the AI work.

Nice! You have great patience.

I peeked down that bunny hole: getting them to do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it was a pain. In the end, the only reliable way (but not 100%) was to mess with (change) the ‘Mission’ task. Doing all the geometry and inserting points, etc.

Then I realized, “this stuff should be IN THERE already” and surly they’re about to drop it in anytime, right? That was a year or two ago.

Good job. I’m gonna play with this tonight.

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Cool. Just ran a couple of the sample miz files.

I have a ‘thing’ I’m pounding on that adds what I call “atmosphere” to missions (DCS is kind of dead without a lot of work): you can build one (or more) large scale ‘templates’ and it will randomly add stuff from that one file for variety. So far it helps.

Testing in the NTTR right now and I’ve been wanting to include AI working over a bombing range; this will make it more pleasing to the eye (won’t look like the standard DCS AI behavior).

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