DCS - anyone flying tonight?

Hi all - given that the TS server is now gone, do we have a recurring “hi, I’m online anyone wanna play” thread at all?

I just realised I no longer know how to get in touch with Mudspikers for an impromptu DCS / Elite Dangerous / whatever session and wanted to check if there is a ‘system’ in place.

In any case I’m online for a few hours from now so if anyone wants to fly, hit me up! :slight_smile:

I’ve been meeting with @Wes, @WreckingCrew, and @Dark_Star on Wes’ Discord, but we’re in GMT-5 and -6. Hollo Pointe server tends to be pretty universal for us as a DCS meeting place, too.

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Cool, cheers! Yeah fair enough. Can’t do much about time differences! I’ll have a little flyaround Hollo Pointe server now anyway, check out what it is like on the offchance someone shows up.

Edit: heh - looks like I should get a Hornet! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be on tonight as well. Most likely 4 or 5 hours from 7 gmt? I’ve just bought some of those thrustmaster replica mfd’s and am looking forward to trying them out! Also I now have PG map as well.

Definitely be online around 45 mins from now if anyone is available

One thing we could add here that might help would be some typical ‘social gaming ids’ on people’s user profiles. That way if you wanted to let people know your discourse# or steamid etc then you just need to fill it in. When you click over a forum user’s ‘avatar circle’ then it could show it. It would allow people to say how to find each other outside of this forum.

Would that help, and would people fill those optional fields in? If there is any interest I’ll propose something in #meta and add it.


Never mind I can’t seem to get on the hollo pointe server so I’ll just be playing around with other places tonight never mind :relieved:

I think a discussion in meta would be good, see what we can come up with. :slightly_smiling_face:

I fly relatively often but at random unpredictable times so it’s hard for me to get to fly with Mudspikers but I’d love to do so.

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I’m about to pop online, send me a PM if you want to link up

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I keep getting a pure client needed message and when I click on the shield icon at the top of the server screen it says I have a texture problem with the stennis? No idea why this is

Have you installed any mods (now or ever)? Also, are you on the open beta?

Yea I disabled the skyhawk as that caused me problems before the update. Now its showing this message and not sure what do do about it

Huh. Now that’s puzzling…

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I got something like that using the VFA-113 LSO Mod - repair?

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Sorry for the rubbish pic I just snapped it off the tv with my phone. But it doesn’t make a lot of sense does it. I removed the a4e but maybe its popped a file into the stennis folder as well that I don’t know about

Do you mean in Skatezillas app @fearlessfrog?

Sure - Skate’s app runs the DCS command line stuff, so either use that or a

(from GUIDE / INFO : DCS Updater Usage, Version Numbers, Module IDs - General Tutorials - ED Forums)


I’ll try it. Good plan thanks guys I’ll let you know… It says successful repair to the open beta version I’m using so I’ll fire up and try it on hollo pointe

Bingo that was going to be my next recommendation. @Victork2 the command line stuff is fairly straightforward, although @SkateZilla’s app is very well made & user friendly too :slight_smile:

No that didn’t work either unfortunately