DCS Apache (un)reversable throttle axis

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For Chaz (or anybody who knows): RL flight instructor here. While I don’t have more than just a little real helo time, (less than an an hour, dual), I have a ton of fixed-wing time. And many thousands of hours (no joke) of sim helo time in Longbow and EECH. Suffice it to say, I know how the flight controls of a helicopter are supposed to work and have a lot of experience flying them using a CH stick, throttle and pedals. They aren’t perfect for reproducing an authentic helo experience, but they’re good enough.

I found if I set the throttle to have its axis reversed, it does a pretty fair job of acting as a collective. And that’s where my problem lies. I cannot get the throttle axis to reverse in the Apache in DCS. There’s a box you can check for reversing the axis in the controls setup, but it doesn’t work. There’s even a box in Control Manager to check for reversing the throttle axis, but it stubbornly refuses to work in DCS. Yes, it’s worked in other sims. That’s how I was able to fly with the throttle axis reversed in Longbow, EECH and MSFS for going on 30 years.

I’m trying to learn the Apache, but I can’t get even basic flying right with the axis unreversed. I don’t know how the guys who are experienced RL helo pilots do it, because I sure can’t.

Does anyone know how to make DCS reverse the throttle axis for real?

I have had no problem reversing axes in DCS , including using the CH Pro throttle as a collective (Huey) . I can only assume it is an early-access Apache bug . Have you tried the Apache section at ED Forum ?
Also , there are usually two setting pages for each aircraft . One for “game” mode and one for “sim” . Is it possible you are editing one , and flying the other ?
And it’s been a while since i’ve been in settings , is there a “save” function ?
Finally , I only use CH Control Manager for calibration and do not run it in DCS . You too ?

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Svsmokey, you reminded me. I’ve used the reverse axis function within the sim on several other DCS helos. In fact, all the other DCS helos, at one time or another. Just not recently for any of them, since I’ve been flying strike missions online using mostly the Harrier and A-10. But I’ve never had a problem getting the throttle axis to reverse for any other DCS helo.

The DCS AH-64 does not have a “Game” mode.

The reverse function is applied using a check box. There is no dedicated Save function, just the main Save when you exit the Controls window when you’re done.

No, I run Control Manager live while I fly. I’ve found it a lot easier to make changes out-of-sim in the CH maps than modifying the DCS control setups every time they do a minor update.

I think you’re right, though: it’s a bug in the Apache. I’ll report it in the proper place in the DCS forum.

Are you setting it for both pilot and gunner? Those are two sets of controls… my apache most definitely pulls for power.

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Schurem, one thing at a time. Right now I’m working on just flying the thing from the back seat. CPG operations will come later.

That’s not what @schurem is saying- could you be adjusting/inverting the Collective for the Co-Pilot Gunner instead the Pilot?


Nope. I haven’t even opened the controls for the CPG. Like I said, one thing at a time.

Okay, I got the throttle axis to reverse, but only by using the setting in Control Manager, not the one in the sim. I did it by doing a reboot and making sure the only things running on the computer were those essential to running DCS. The in-sim reverser still doesn’t work, so I left my bug report in place.

I just tried the reverser on mine for pilot and CPG and had no problem changing either (both function as intended)
Very odd. Wonder whats causing that on your end.

Mine works as well on all the helis, including Apache with my Winwing Taurus. I’d try a DCS Repair. Good luck!

I’m an expert at stating the obvious, but just in case will throw this out there. I’m away from my gaming rig, but FYI not every aircraft requires you to set it as inverted in the game. Some come inverted by default and if you invert the axis before testing, you might find it moving opposite of what you intended. I can’t remember if ai had to do this Apache of not.

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