(DCS) Blue flag is up - Blue or Red, make your choice

I spend most of my time DCS’ing in Blue flag now (“buddyspike” server) as it provides the best co-op and dynamic experience.

So what side are we choosing now??? (there may be a limit to the type of module you can fly depending on what side you choose)

Blue or imperialist reds ??? DECIDE !!!

Its time to join the fight guys. Dynamic map, Capture of bases, farps and cities.

Dynamic map can be found here to see progress and plan objectives http://opblueflag-buddyspike.rhcloud.com/
You don’t need to register on their site to play, but it would be nice if you did to open up their forum stuff.

Its not all about jets and A2A, you NEED a co-ordinated effort to clear the skies and protect the transport helicopters to drop troops off and capture area. Therefore you NEED A2A working with A2G working with TRANSPORTS !!!
Usually there are very capable GCI’s on providing excellent radar cover work


For best experience, you need but don’t have to…
Team play
Simple Radio (there is a fix for the viggen)
Work in a co-ordinated group of different packages.

For those that are new to Blue Flag some basics.
1) YOU MUST CHOOSE A SIDE - you do this in the game lobby (where you select aircraft) and in CHAT just type “blue” or “red”. This will lock you to either the blue or red side for the duration or that round (about a week) When a new round is started you will be able to choose again. So choose wisely. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SELECT ANY AIRCRAFT TO FLY UNLESS YOU HAVE CHOSEN A SIDE.

2) YOU MUST PROTECT YOUR AIRFRAMES - Buddy spike puts a limit on lives of 4 x Fighter/attack helicopter + an additional 4 x Transport helictopers. This is to encourage teamplay. Lives are reset about every 4 hours. You must land your airframe to not loose a life before rotation of the map (about every 1.5 hours)
E.g. you have lost 4 lives flying fighters. That’s ok, you can (if you have the module) have 4 more lives flying transports. or with the combined arms module join a GCI slot (but these are very important and best left to experienced guys)

3) There may be a disparity or players on each side This is ok. Sometimes you may jump online and see 20 people on blue with only 5 people on red. This is OK and part of the Dynamics of the game. This is the time to take as much land as possible. Because guaranteed, whist you are sleeping the tides will turn and the enemy will amass.

**4) Commands to type into chat. “-lives” will tell you how many lives you have left. “-time” will tell you how long until the server restarts.

Please note that when the server restarts it can take up to 5 mins before it will allow people to join.

Anyhow, its time to drag you guys in. You don’t need to be professional, just have DCS, a smile and the willingness to not crash in the nearesst mountain or pickle off high yield weaponry whilst still on the runway!!!


Nice! I’ll try to start it up today, otherwise it’ll be tomorrow.

I’ve only been flying the single player M-2000 campaign lately. I remember something about a TrackIR z-axis double bound problem that only showed up in MP and wouldn’t go away. Anybody knows how to fix that?

I would really like to fly more with you guys!

Now, the dilemma: Red with my favourite chopper (Mi-8) or blue with my favourite fighter (M-2000C) ?

Blue with MY favourite chopper! Huey! :smiley:


If I manage I’d love to drop in this weekend.
@smokinhole, it was you who wanted to play something? I’m finally ready!
Add me up anywhere (Steam handle [email protected]) and never be afraid to ask me a game or two!

So that’s one vote for blue…
But how do you navigate without doppler radar or INS?

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If I may brag, being a former Mortar Section leader I learned to read a map a loong time ago.
Plus the Helo POV is high enough to give plenty reference point. :wink:

I love WWI-style navigation. :sunglasses:


I am happy for blue (but I don’t get my black shark) but that’s ok.

Yes thanks! Alas I am working this weekend. Thanks for the thought.

:blush: It’s ok. I just wanted to make sure you knew I was ready.
I’m alwys a bit ashamed to come online with other people, a bit because I’m always under-confident about my english, and a bit because I’m self-aware of my lack of skill…

But if I know I’m playing with you guys, I know you can accept me… :wink:

I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ve never seen me in Rise of Flight. That’s pretty impressive, let me tell you :wink:

They still let me fly when I’m able to show up.


HAHAHAHAH! Ok, I feel a bit better. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is awesome, @Bogusheadbox! Thanks for sharing! I will join up this weekend, maybe Sat or Sun evening. I’ll need to practice my self-nuking deliveries as it has been a while. :wink:

I take it you haven’t seen the new revised rules? :wink:

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You know, I’d heard “Blue Flag” was a thing but for some reason I got the impression it was a slightly more fancy version of the constant (admittedly fun) doom-ball on the 104th.

But, you say it’s a persistent campaign with simple radio? Very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing!

Judging from the thread it looks like there’s enough Mudspike interest for some of us to team up and do some damage!


Can I just ask- “What’s simple radio?” in Layman’s terms?

It’s a mod where the radios in your vehicle in DCS are actually radios.

You connect to a server and tell simple radio the server’s simple radio IP, and say, if two people tune to a given frequency you can actually talk.

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:heart_eyes: AMAZING!

Ok, ok-- we definitely need a thread with the most basic mods to get so we (i.e.: me!) can actually play on these sort of servers with some efficiency!

:fearful: Oops. Thank you kind sir! :blush:

No problem. I should have added some text there but I am in a rush to get out the door :slight_smile: