DCS Simple Radio

Hey y’all!

Before I go to bed now, I just had an idea so I have to write it down:
I wondered if anyone here has tried that radio tool called “DCS-SimpleRadio” by Ciribob already.

Here’s the link:

It sounds pretty easy to setup and use, maybe we could use it for the next fly-in? And/or try it some time before that.
I’d love to try it. Those TS whisper channels we used last time were…kinda nice actually, but the setup was… meh.

Dunno, I guess it would add some realism while not being as complex as TARS (really, I never understood that one) or Aries (which I haven’t tried yet).

Sooo… any opinions?


We did give it a try early last week. It works really well and, I think, we will be using it in the future.


What fridge said. I noted a few would like to haves, but overall it is perfectly usable and quite slick.

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I tried to get it working for Blue Flag, so far no luck. I think the LUA has borked itself on my install but haven’t gotten it figured out yet.

There is a copy of the lua export file in the zip you downloaded.

Otherwise have you tried unplugging and plugging it back in again?

I bashed on it with my hammer a little. Did very little to be fair.

I’ll give that a go when I find it important enough ;). Everyone seems to be on Teamspeak anyways.

Are we gonna use this for the fly-in? Is this compatible with the usual Teamspeak comms, how do I install it and is anything required server-side?

It certainly looks very interesting!

It’s a standalone thing from teamspeak or DCS, so you can operate both side by side.

The installation instructions are on the ED fora where you can also download it. I haven’t been able to get it working yet but perhaps you might have more luck.

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After a bunch of trial and error, we’ve gotten SRS to work for our multiplay. The most common issues are with speaker boost numbers and speaker/mic input settings. Once that was fixed, its great. And with jets with only one radio (F-5E), opening the SRS radio panel allows you the use of the secondary radio as a workaround.


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I like SRS alot, but no, I won’t be running it on my server this time around. There isn’t enough time to reasonably expect people to download, install, and test it before the weekend.

Next time we run a massively coordinated event however…


Alright, feeling a bit dumb.

I’ve installed DCS Simple Radio according to instructions, but anytime I try to bring up the overlay I get “Unknown” and red dots, no matter what vehicle I’m in.

I’ve installed the .NET framework and the other windows thingy, and I’ve checked my Export.lua. I can also connect to say, the Blue flag DCS-SRS server, but again, red dots and no audio.

Anyone have a hint?

Are all of the aircraft radio systems working? If not then it won’t work either.

Yeah they are. Similar note, TACVIEW is not recording for me (SP or MP) even though I appear to have everything set up and configured.

Could you post your lua file here so that we can verify that it’s correct?

Check the environment variable that tacview uses and see if it reverted to a previous setting (happens to me every time I install/upgrade tacview).

Got simple radio to work. Carefully reinstalled and followed the directions, not sure what was wrong initially.

TacView though…

Is the above a symptom of that?

Simple Radio has been updated to Download and run the installer for update.

Happy simple radio-ing

Tried it today for the first time. I had issues with audio output but I think I have it figured out.