(DCS) Blue flag is up - Blue or Red, make your choice

Who wants to be my wjngman this EU Tuesday night? (19:00-21:30 or so CET) Perhaps more so we can do an entire Muspike flight or package?
FC3, M-2000, UH-1 or Mi-8 are the modules I’m most proficient with

EDIT: nvm I’m occupied Tuesday night, how about Friday?

Holy carp! Friday I could be all yours! :smiley: Huey here too…
Mutual support and troops delivery?

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I’ve been on quite a lot recently playing Blue. Some F-15 but mostly Huey. I had one flight into Red-held Gauduta (or however they spell the place). I hovered behind a hill while an A-10C took out most of the big stuff. Every time the SAM would launch at him, I would call the direction and he would successfully spam the missile. That alone was worth the trip. With only 10 minutes left before map rotation I decided to go in come what may. One AAA platform was by the runway threshold and I sprayed him to no effect and took a few hits in return. We zoomed past with four different units shooting at us. I landed behind the big hangar and offloaded troops who immediately started fighting. A badguy truck rolled over to us on the other side of the fence and immediatetly took a pounding from my squad. It was like ARMA except that the guys were running in that wierd DCS slo-mo. I was still taking small caliber hits so I took off low and started spraying away at another tracked gun. He just laughed and shot a couple of holes in my canapy. (Fortunately I was sitting on my helmet). While the rotor was still turning I skidded in between two bunkered hangars. Then the map rotated. Must say, that was really fun.


I see your AAR and raise you an AAR:

Sometimes Red doesn’t know when to quit…

It’s a fine spring morning as Bogusheadbox and I take off from Kuitasi Airbase. I’m flying the venerable F-15C Eagle (Technically a Baz, but details), and Bogus cannot be decamped from his chasseur du baguette, the Mirage 2000C. We’re heading to Beslan, a small airfield on the Russian side of the Caucuses roughly opposite of Tbilisi. Blue is making a concerted push to take the air base, and running into steady opposition from Red fighters. As we cross the mountains north of Kashuri, we switch to the tactical frequency and check in. GCI, call sign “Magic”, confirms that verily, the proverbial excrement is hitting the metaphorical fan. Bogus and I climb up to angels 30 and accelerate, hoping to lend a hand.

We enter the target area from the south west, and I spot tells of a vicious fight over the northern most range of mountains. Flares and swirling specs hint at fighters locked in combat. I pick up a contact low, it’s an Su-27 trying to use the terrain to his advantage and bushwhack any unsuspecting aircraft that fly overhead. Unfortunately this tactic is as basic as bread, and none of us are having it. I launch a Sparrow to voice my displeasure, and I see a friendly flight to our south do the same. The friendly missile strikes first, and I watch bits of Sukhoi smash against the mountainside.

Magic chimes in, and talks me onto a new target, this one a Mirage embedded in the fur-ball now twenty miles off my nose. I spot him in the fight, and fire a second Sparrow. It’s for naught, he stalls the engine at high AoA, and his fancy french jet becomes a triangular brick. My missile doesn’t hit him, but he punches out anyway in deference to the ground and it’s 1.0 Pk.

The fur ball has broken up, and an aggressive Blue smells blood in the water. I’m vectored north over Vladivakaz and Beslan proper. I spot a lone Sukhoi taking off from the air base, and seeing the parameters are good, fire my third Sparrow. The situation conspires to rob me of this shot too. The Sukhoi turns and runs, and the base defenses at Beslan discourage my pursuit to the tune of two SA-8 "Gecko"s. I’m launched on, and despite the temptation to support my missile, I’m forced to aggressively break back south to avoid an embarrassing death to mere “ground units”.

As soon as I’m clear, Magic gives me new tasking. He wants me in a position in between Besland and Mozdok, a Red base further north and now teeming with Red air. I oblige, careful to circle east around the SA-8s. I’m also communicating with Bogus to get us back on the same page and position, more or less. He’s ended up south of me, and agrees to come north. Simultaneously my radar begins to pick up multiple bandits flowing south towards our CAP. For those not keeping count, I’m down to a single AIM-7, and four AIM-9s. I decide discretion is the better part of not dying, and elect to “spin”, I flow back south for a minute to allow the bandits to close with our CAP, and to allow Bogus to rejoin better.

About the time I begin my northward leg, I pick up a bandit on my twelve, slightly higher, and clearly pointed at me. Magic comes on the line and assigns me the target, now Identified as another Mirage. I commit to the engagement, pushing my throttles into AB and climbing. Before I know it, we’re at 15 miles, and I fire my fourth and last Sparrow. As soon as the missile comes off the rail my RWR tells me he’s fired too. I roll to my right, away from any SAMs, and put the jet through a Six G turn, stopping just at the limit of my radar scope. To sweeten the crank, I interlace it with three packets of chaff. A quick glance at the HUD tells me my missile has timed out, and the bandit is within Six Miles. The RWR is still angry about his missile, so I pull another Six Gs, and put the aircraft on my six O’Clock, more chaff, and but the nose down to unload and accelerate. I’m hoping Bogus, who is flashing past me somewhere to my left, can pick this guy off of me.

This turns out to be for naught. A quick glance over my shoulder reveals Dassault bits fluttering to the ground astride oily black tendrils. He dead, splash one. I report to Magic, who confirms my kill and asks me to move further north. I respond I’m happy to, but I’m down to heaters. He instead orders me to RTB, and pushes Bogus north in my stead. I reluctantly begin to head south, uneasy about abandoning my wing man. Bogus calls out yet more contacts, and a quick glance of my fuel gauge tells me just one more fight. I swing north, get low, and begin sorting contacts on my radar. My plan is to use the radar to spot them, acquire them visually, and then go EMCON. Once Bogus was engaged, I’d sprint in and nail them with heaters from their six.

Red air has other plans.

As I pass Beslan, I get a frantic call that a Mirage is taking off from the airfield. I look over, and sure enough, a tiny triangle is angrily pointed my way. I categorize the pop-up threat as the biggest danger, and move to cut him off. Reaper flight is also prosecuting from the West. What follows next is a cacophony of missiles. Reaper fires a Sparrow at the Mirage. The SA-8 fires at Reaper. The Mirage fires at Reaper. I fire at the Mirage. the SA-8 fires at me. I see a missile self destruct, assume it’s mine, and fire at the Mirage again. Flares are everywhere. The Mirage explodes, and I elect it’s time to boogey. I dump some CM for the SA-8, do another Six G turn, and exit the MEZ In full blower. Down to two AIM-9s, and now less fuel, I’m actually going home this time.

Red air has other plans.

No sooner than I get five miles from the air base, Bogus calls out he’s got an engine stall. Reaper calls out another pop up from Beslan, and then that he’s hit. Magic has me turn back around to investigate, and I see a missile impact Bogus’ jet. I search, and see a fighter I assume to be yet another MIrage. Whatever it is it’s not friendly, so it gets an AIM-9. My contact dispenses roughly ALL THE FLARES, and I honor this with another AIM-9 which he then drives into the ground. He responds to my chicanery by firing a heat seeker, then a radar guided missile. I decoy the first, and the second has no chance to hit me as I blast past him at half a mile, and roughly a hundred feet of the deck. I also cannot fail to note: that was a MiG-29. I immediately roll left, and pull to initiate the fight. I purposefully remind myself to get my head out of the HUD and acquire him visually. I pick him up at my 11, still low. His nose is overly high, and I can tell his energy state is nil: he pulled too aggressively in the merge and now he’s trying to fight a stall. I glance with one eye back at my HUD, and note I’m at 300 KIAS, not great, but not terrible. I ease my turn to rebuild my airspeed back to a comfortable 350, and then pull for maximum sustained G. I devour the circle like it’s BBQ day in the cafeteria and the angles are brisket. He’s managed to get his nose down, but by the time he’s going fast enough to maneuver I’m saddled comfortably 1500 feet to his rear. My first burst of cannon peppers his engine and right wing, clouds of fuel vapor, hydraulic fluid and smoke intermingle. Stubbornly his jet flies on despite this punishment. The second burst guts his engines, and removes the damaged wing. His MiG stops being a jet so much as a rapidly moving junk yard, and plows into the Russian soil.

Splash 3

i radio Magic a triumphant Splash splaaaaaaaash, and inform him I’d like to go home for real this time. He gives me vectors for Tbilisi, and I climb for home at a comfortable 400 knots. As I reach the crest of the mountains, I hear GCI warn me a second MiG has taken off from Beslan, and would like very much to make my acquaintance. The MiG makes one critical error however: in his lust for revenge, he has failed to honor the surviving member of Reaper flight. Reaper 12 repays this slight with a Sparrow applied directly to the air frame.

The rest of the flight is uneventful. I leave Magic for the traffic channel, and begin haggling with the various aircraft taking off for an opening to land. I grease the landing on Tbilisi Lochini 13R, and taxi to the terminal to bask in the glory of a guns kill.


Nice read!

You, sir, are a poet.


Very well

It was a cold morning at the FOB, not that it mattered, for the skies were alight with missiles this week. I give the old lady a barrel of fuel and off we trot, with fresh supplies for Sochi, just over the mountain. They were running low on spareparts and down to operating 21’ from that airbase against constant A-10 and F-15 harrasement.

Soon enough I start climbing out, keeping a good eye on that torque meter, supplies and a IGLA team on board means this lady is having a rough time bringing herself over the mountains, but we make it. Without any threats from the air, then again I’d doubt they be penetrating whatever remains of our defensive shield anyway, just to hunt a chopper? There’s bigger fish to fry, that’s how you survive you see.

With sochi in sigh I lower the collective and give her a little nose down. Right now I’m a creamy target on top of a cherry pie. 3 minutes later and I skid into sochi at full speed, drop off the supply crate by giving it a firm kick off the boot, and we trot on along the coast, weaving through the buildings to minimize radar contact.

Not long after I find the LZ for the IGLA team, they get out, look a wee bit confused and throw up a little. But off I go again, no time for slackers when you know the enemy is there.

A few seconds later a streaming wreckage(well it was presumable still a plane at that time) sails by and creates another crater. Not that I’d mind, I like craters.

Full speed with a sufficient disregard for personal or technical safety I speed back to ol’soch. Once there I load up part one of a SA-6 unit. Deploy it on the mountains to the south west, and repeat the whole thingamajig. As soon as I bring them their radar part they start firing missiles. Clever as I am I dive out of there, knowing their chances of survival in this theater.

As I zippety zoppety zoom back home I see something hovering.

It’s a Shark.

And it’s spotting, and shooting.

A shark.

I have 2 miniguns. I tell Mr Co-pilot FREE FIRE. And he obliges by missing all the shots.

Well doesn’t matter. back to fixed gunsight since our Kamov inclined friend is so fixated that he didn’t notice or didn’t realize that the streamers were coming from his six. I come in at 60kts and start pounding him, bits flying everywhere but it’s not dead yet, the shark tries to escape, evades to the left and dives. I pull back on the stick and kick in the rudder to the left too, adding collective to aid the turn then lower it to dive back down.

As I hammerhead the chopper I see the shark slide into my sights again, for a short moment time stops and a matrix like camera rotate’s around as the shell start falling. And they smash that kamov into so many wonderful tiny bits.

And that’s how I killed a Shark, with a Heuy. In Blue Flag. Back when all bases were still supplied only by choppers. What a glorious time that was!


If you’d welcome the company some of us Yanks might be able to make that as a mid-morning flight :slight_smile:

@Freak : Hey I was just thinking- I can actually get in the 'pit only after I put the cubs in bed.
That means around 21.30 CET. Is it too late for a Friday flight?

@komemiute I’m so sorry guys, I’m awful with planning.
This weekend is Easter weekend and we’re probably leaving to visit family Friday afternoon or evening.
I will try to find a different spot, perhaps Easter Monday. Let me confirm this.


Sunday, anywhere from 15:00-22:00 EU summer time?
Shout yes and a time slot!
(I don’t think I’m able to do a 7-hour mission)


YEAH! Still after sunset… variable from around 21.30 but well after midnight CET.

Mini AAR 13/04/17 Battle for Mozdoc.

It SHOULD have been an easy take… (can’t you just feel where this is going)

Not many players on and blue has the numbers advantage. I jump on comms (thank you simple radio) and request what is our current objective. We have no GCI, but there is some co-ordination and it appears that Mozdoc is our target for today. Blues own the airfields in the Southeast of the map so the Baguette and I spawn in at Tbilisi for a quick jaunt up Mozdoc overflying our friendly base Beslan in the process.

Mozdoc is still quite active and its up to the A10’s to whack the angry stick at the airdefenses before we can push hard and send in the helos.

Scooting up to 41,000 I circled above Mozdoc, out of range of sams and keeping a keen eye on any movement from the airfield. I can see the airfield ablaze from the punishment of the a10’s. I keep my radar emitting to not only try to get the jump on enemy but also hopefully grab the attention of any enemy before they spot the ground pounders.

Well it didn’t take long and an A10 calls engaged. I have his position and attack, a lone Su27. I dive hard breaking the sound barrier when the notching 27 breaks my lock. Scrambling furiously on the radar modes, I pick him back up from the flares and eventual death of the A-10 and launch my Super 530. It tracks, su27 jinks, I am pretty sure it will loose lock. Head quickly inside I switch to magic’s and quickly slave the heat seeker onto the radar target. I get tone and at that point I fire the magic which coincides with loss of lock from the Su27’s hard turn and my 530 stupidly skips past the enemy.

I have the height and energy advantage and I launch another Magic at the 27. He breaks hard again and just as I start to overshoot, I see the first magic contact the target. Pulling up and rolling over I confirm the kill as the second hits home.

A quick, re-arm at Beslan a short distance away and a regrouping of a10’s and transport helo’s, and I burn back up to 41,000 overhead mozdoc. Its quiet for a time then there is movement from Mozdoc. One pilots fully burns from the apron and is up heading for the a10’s once again.

I don’t have any time and I dive hard at my target. I can’t get radar lock and I have lost him in the clutter. It becomes a bit of a blur as I start the dance of trying to find the enemy before he finds me as well as shouts over the radio as A-10’s are also being targeted. He pops up on radar hard right, and I give away my position with full burner towards him in a hard right turn. I get him to leave the A-10 alone and I am now chasing hard to engage. 530 misses him, but I am closing now, back to Magics. Its at this point the penny dropped. He is charging straight back to Mozdoc and I am following him back into the respawning air defences…

As I take a step back from the red mist and regain my situational awareness, its at this point I hear my RWR screaming and several smoke trails coming for me. It was about 5 seconds later in a hard jink and cloud of flares and chaff that one of the missiles found their mark… One life down.

The map rotated which meant that Mozdoc was back at full defense and we had to press hard on ground attack and cap. Again we had the numbers advantage. We were more organised too. Mozdoc took a pounding and as there was no defense, I jumped into the trusty viggen to help take mozdoc.

Enroute I hear calls of aircraft now being engaged. But I think to myself, that’s ok, we have loads of cap, some mirages and a few f-15’s. “Press on old chap, this will be over by the time I get there”. That thought started diminishing as a certain enemy mirage seems to have been touched by the hand of god. One by one our cap cover disappeared to this lonely mirage.

Scratching my head and thinking this is no good, I anchor over a friendly manpad south of Mozdoc waiting for our cap to put this to bed. But there are less voices on the radio now, I am trying hard to make a mental picture of the battlefield, we have lost lots of fighters. It all goes quiet. Someone shouts, I think he has gone and commands the push for Mozdoc. I oblige.

Enroute though, the Viggens RWR starts barking at me. Its not happy and nor am am I. I call the nails out to what is remaining of my cap, they say its clear, I press on. The RWR barking turns to rage as I am locked up. Full burner!, turn tail, I am now legging it out of there (its now I realise that this is a good time for countermeasure pod). Barking position updates to my cap flight (who are still thinking this can’t be true) one picks up the bandit on my tail. they jump into action but its too late, its not before I am hit that the enemy is brought down.

Back to the Mirage and burner back to Mozdoc. This crazy enemy mirage pilot has taken a score of 10kills to no deaths and seriously has us scratching our heads and in a big pot of disarray. But the battle rages, and I score some more kills. But the dynamic nature of Blue flag means that you never know what is really round the corner. The reds had come en-mass, they had a GCI, we didn’t. This wasn’t a small battle anymore.

More eventualities happned, but in the end the reds, held out our attack once again until mission rotation.

Mozdoc remains in enemy hands.


Has anybody seen my Wingman?

I’m sure he’s in a helluva fix…

I have scanned all through the skies, but I needn’t use my eyes,

Cause that sucker only flies at my dead six…

Tuesday night- uneventful mission, but relaxing.

Took off from Kutaisi and cruised up the coast, initiated a CAP, bullied a few helicopters and a Mirage out of the area, then climbed to 50,000 feet for a Hohmann Transfer over the mountains.

Our peaceful ascent was interrupted by a Mirage nails on the RWR at 6- so we zipped around and came in screaming from the mesosphere at 600 knots. Neither of us actually got the kill- he splashed into the ocean. @near_blind’s best theory is the guy freaked out, pulled too hard, G-LOC’ed and then splooshed before regaining consciousness.

Landed shortly after at Sochi. Good times.


Kudos for the action but mad respect for the Dos Gringos reference! :smiley:

Included because I’m certain it’s what anyone I’m playing with has on repeat :yum:


Or belting it out over comms. Because I am a person who flies jets.


Its Saturday night tonight guys… Who wants to spank some reds? Are we staying as blue or changing red?

I feel the need, the need for BLUE FLAG (yeah that doesn’t kind of work, I know).

BLUE FLAG>>>>> lets team up and


I’ll be gazelling for a bit, meet me on Teamspeak!