(DCS) Blue flag is up - Blue or Red, make your choice



I’ll join @smokinhole and @TheAlmightySnark in a few minutes on blue!
Also, the server just reset.


@Freak in the UH-1H, @smokinhole in the other Gazelle, we deployed, repaired and replenished a succesful KUB system, then my DCS crashed as we were planning on heading to Sochi, alas!


Will I find anyone in an hour or so?


Well, not me but perhaps others will take you up on that offer? I know Freak and Smokinhole continued to Sochi after I crashed.


I just shut down, Smokinhole is still up there. In a difficult situation in a Gazelle with lots of SAMs at Sochi airport.

Thanks @smokinhole and @TheAlmightySnark for flying with me! I absolutely loved it!


Shall be on tonight at some point.


@Freak If you love this kind of helo operations join the 229th :wink:


I’ll be back on tonight.

That was a blast. Right up to the point where Snark’s DCS crashed. Well to be honest it was a blast after he left but still a disappointment that the guy who planned the flight didn’t get to fly it. And thank you, 'Snark, for teaching me a few of the ropes on deploying resources on the server. I am embarrassed to admit that a few weeks ago I spent 20 minutes trying to slingload a Russian Jeep (or whatever they call those things).

After your departure, Freak and I continued as best we could with a Huey full of troops and a Gazelle with a JTAC outfit stored under the seats. We stopped in a valley 10 miles shy of the border and Sochi to go over our plan. I would cover his drop and then head for the hill overlooking the airport. I went to the wrong side of the hill and quickly darted off to the other side losing Freak in the process. While I was climbing up the road to the summit a piercing squeal drove me to distraction. I thought it was somebody talking on UHF 264.0 with a bad mic. Three missiles buzzing past reminded me rudely that I have a RWR. That thing had been dead silent all this time and only now did I learn that it does have an audio function, but only when in deep doodoo. Freak got hit because I failed to warn him of the bad position I had found for us. But just like the old lady driver who causes accidents but never actually gets into them herself, I lived on. An overhead A-10 took out the offending SA site and I got to use my HOT’s in multiplayer anger for the first time, taking out a Shilka and the Radar for the SA site. Without enough kerosene to get me back to Gadauta, I landed and shut down at the base of the hill.


@everyone: sadly my Internet connection isn’t enough to withstand DCS. :frowning:
Loses packages faster than an :f111: loses lift-generating surfaces… or any other sort, really.
So as long as it doesn’t improve (oh… a month or so? ) I give up on any MP thoughts.
Love you all.


I will be on tomorrow at some point. I feel marginally amateurish to fly the F-15C :slight_smile:


ARRRG! I wish I could get this to work! It looks awesome! But several tries and I just can’t seem to be on the server more then 5 minutes before it boots me or the game crashes.


Dammit, loads come on when I get called into work. Home in a bit anyone on?


Waiting on people to get on…


I is here comrade !!!


@smokinhole @Freak glad to hear the mission was a success! I had expected none of us to return! Such a damn shame I couldn’t join this wonderful spectacle.


I know I should, but I’m afraid I don’t invest the time into DCS to be able to contribute to the group. Especially since I also want to fly the Mirage, finish its campaign, and I still haven’t finished the Mi-8 campaign. The idea is that you fly with the same guys sorta regularly right? I will consider them, hope to be able to free up some time soon™.


You may lack free time but you will still be about more often than the elusive AWOL Snark :stuck_out_tongue:
Why don’t you let me/us know when you have some free time and we can get you set up with a visitors pass and try a mission or two. I am Captain of B Co the European Company but have been away from MP whilst lambing 320 sheep and Calving 120 cows. Only 30 cows left so hope to be around a lot more than recently.


Now then Cib, no need to be Snarky! :wink: I’m trying to be online as much as possible, but alas work schedule doesn’t permit me as much. You can still participate in the events and trainings though! It’s a fun and motly crew of rotary lovers :heart:


Thanks, I will take you up on that.


For you lovers of Viggen-y goodness.

Blue flag has been updated. Yes, we now have fuel depots to take over and control along with Farps cities and airfields.

But what about the Viggens you say… you mentioned viggens…

Well I suppose I did. Has anyone noticed roadside farps that may or may not spawn a Viggen…

Mmmmmm Viggen