(DCS) Blue flag is up - Blue or Red, make your choice



LOL @smokinhole … my first pause was like 30s in the hover before landing near a village in the middle of the route as I had to leave the PC for a minute. I was able to miraculously live through this with slight increase of power.
The second pause was like 5-10s in transition to hover at Novorosysk. In this short period I fell into the VRS with no chances to recover - my fault - too high to survive too low to change for speed :beers:


Sooo… how to put it !? I think this is good :

I would like to try again BF but I am not an Lonewolf and also I need someone who will help me with all the behind-the-scenes mechanics of BF.

That said is there a chance that we could manage to form a small laid-back team to gather lets say once a week for some BF goodnes?

I am thinking about something easy for the behining like helicopter company or second gen fighter co.
I dont think I can buy Bug / JumpJet tomorow and be ready in a week to fight :slight_smile:

Day and time I am available ? For me any day can work from 19:30UTC except Wednesday. On Wed I can do it from 21:30UTC.
But the times are not fixed, I am flexible :slight_smile:

Pls do not hesitate to post your coments or ideas.


to coment my last post, yep I am lonewolfing on BF :slight_smile:

Just wanted to mention that there was Cold War planeset on BF Caucasus and it was great. I hoped it will stay like that - Cold War on Caucasus and Modern War on Persian Gulf.
Unfortunately Caucasus is back to standard planeset.


Dude give me a shout if your on there again I keep meaning to give that server a try. I like the idea of it. Just all my friends are on hollo pointe so I naturally go there now.


Actualy I was planing to visit holo pointe as you guys are there and me all alone on BF :smile:

Ok next time I will be online I will try to get in touch with you :+1:


my expectations were not false :slight_smile: good guys at BuddySpike have added Cats as folows

'80 CAUCASUS server = F14s for Western coalition
'Modern GULF server = F14s for Eastern coalition

:+1: …now I have to buy it finaly ! :smile:


Excellent news. Persian gulf means I get the cat, mirage and the HIP. !!! Wooo !