(DCS) Blue flag is up - Blue or Red, make your choice


LOL @smokinhole … my first pause was like 30s in the hover before landing near a village in the middle of the route as I had to leave the PC for a minute. I was able to miraculously live through this with slight increase of power.
The second pause was like 5-10s in transition to hover at Novorosysk. In this short period I fell into the VRS with no chances to recover - my fault - too high to survive too low to change for speed :beers:


Sooo… how to put it !? I think this is good :

I would like to try again BF but I am not an Lonewolf and also I need someone who will help me with all the behind-the-scenes mechanics of BF.

That said is there a chance that we could manage to form a small laid-back team to gather lets say once a week for some BF goodnes?

I am thinking about something easy for the behining like helicopter company or second gen fighter co.
I dont think I can buy Bug / JumpJet tomorow and be ready in a week to fight :slight_smile:

Day and time I am available ? For me any day can work from 19:30UTC except Wednesday. On Wed I can do it from 21:30UTC.
But the times are not fixed, I am flexible :slight_smile:

Pls do not hesitate to post your coments or ideas.


to coment my last post, yep I am lonewolfing on BF :slight_smile:

Just wanted to mention that there was Cold War planeset on BF Caucasus and it was great. I hoped it will stay like that - Cold War on Caucasus and Modern War on Persian Gulf.
Unfortunately Caucasus is back to standard planeset.

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Dude give me a shout if your on there again I keep meaning to give that server a try. I like the idea of it. Just all my friends are on hollo pointe so I naturally go there now.

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Actualy I was planing to visit holo pointe as you guys are there and me all alone on BF :smile:

Ok next time I will be online I will try to get in touch with you :+1:

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my expectations were not false :slight_smile: good guys at BuddySpike have added Cats as folows

'80 CAUCASUS server = F14s for Western coalition
'Modern GULF server = F14s for Eastern coalition

:+1: …now I have to buy it finaly ! :smile:


Excellent news. Persian gulf means I get the cat, mirage and the HIP. !!! Wooo !


Well, just checked and the AIM7 is back in. Tomcat can tomcat now !!! Time to Blue Flag !!!


I’ve had horrible luck with the F-14 in Blue Flag. Honestly I gave up. Jester has his limits. I took out a friendly when I clipped a Pheonix and it went mad dog and I said to myself, “that’s it!” Until we get full front-seat mastery if the radar, the F-14 is, for me, single-player only unless humans occupy both seats. Stated another way, the more I play DCS the worse I get.


Your not alone there @smokinhole I’ve stopped playing online and focused on the actual training and personal flying and I’m having a lot more fun at the moment.

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Great write up!

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Oh, why to stop ? I am doing all my training online. There is so many training servers :slight_smile:


Is this the new site / map URL? http://gadget.buddyspike.net/

It looks really good.

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Correcto, realy useful gadget. Hopefuly one day this will be standard DCS feature. Guessing that with dynamic campaign this will be must !?


Out of curiosity, how does Blue Flag server work? Is this a scripted multiplayer campaign hosted on a server? If yes, is it scripted using Moose / Mist or does it go deeper? Is it supported somehow by ED?


I really enjoy flying the harrier online. Also the extra traffic and noise makes doing nav exercises in the sabre a lot of fun. However the tomcat has such a low fps online for me that it gives me a savage headache after 15mins or so. Its pretty smooth on single player but my poor old pc really feels the heat online bless her lol


In simple terms,

Blue flag is an online pvp dynamic campaign. You need to capture towns, airfields by destroying their defences and then getting troops into it to capture. Helicopters play a vital role.

Blue flag gives you a certain amount of lives. Like 3 fighter 6 helicopter, 4 interceptor etc and lives reset every four hours.

Blue flag encourages team play, and looking after your airframe. Once you take off you consume a life an that life is returned once you have landed (note not exploded @Hangar200) at friendly territory.

Load outs are restricted for balance reasons to let no one plane set have an advantage.

Its truly dynamic, as you have no idea what you will cone a cross. People online like to help out and offer advice.

It’s not all just fighters attacking. Helicopters play the pivotal role. Without helos, your team can’t win as the ferry the troops and resources around. Helicopters can also build Sam sites, EWR sites, drop off jtacs etc.

So no matter what you fly, from mustang to helo to bomber to fighter, there is something for everyone.

(the mustang role which is the free unarmed version, is recon. If you recon an enemy installation and get back to base, you will spawn a bomber that will bomb that installation.)

You can have human gci as well.

Quite simply, it’s one of the best servers going. They have a Persian gulf, caucuses and Normandy campaign to suit all

I think I wrote a guide to blue flag many moons ago… Somewhere here.

@fearlessfrog yeah that’s the widget. Updates about every minute or so to show what’s happening in the game.

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Technically, a parachute anding can be considered a “landing”, especially if it is in friendly territory. Just say’n. :grin:

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Look, the “life” of importance is not that of the pilot, its the machine!

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The Mustang also transports troops and cargo, simulating a C-130-like airframe supplying a freshly won airbase.