(DCS) Blue flag is up - Blue or Red, make your choice



Lord have mercy


The Mirage meta returns to us once more.


Goddamit, can one baguette with a cast?


What happened in the Alps?



Ohh some mountain climbing, a zip wire on the side of a mountain, a rescue helicopter, a stay in hospital.

Average day.

Back on topic…


9a6 (1)
Ride in Helicopter tho…minus the agony of whatever you broke.
Hope all is well anyway, back on topic yes.


Demands an AAR! We don’t need photos, crayon drawings will do.


Nope, I want the rescue re-enacted in a Hip or a Huey on the Blue flag server with screenshots!


I suppose i can put something together when i get back to the UK. It was fully documented by the others . A re-enactment with the hip sounds good :laughing:





They are using 1.5.7 right? I don’t see anything on the server browser even though I see changing numbers of players on the “gadget” and plenty of clients on SRS. There is an IP address listed on the bottom of the gadget and that just results in “server offline”.


So I decided to have a wee browse on the blue flag thread on Ed forums for the first time…annnd well best description I could come up with
download (1)
Tbh could be applied to all threads there.
Tis best to not go to the blue flag thread, tis a silly place.


Ooooh like what kinda stuff???

Gimme the goss


“Balancing issues” mainly, I think the current topic is that the baguette is a way too hot spicy meme that wrecks all the inferior cheeki fighters.


Have they tried shooting them down?

It’s a got four missiles and a delta wing. It’s not magic.

EDIT: Oh wow. They’re complaining they can’t get kills with the most effective heater in the game and that the Super 530D is better than the R-27.

There is no balancing that can fix this. The only cure is to get gud


Is the mi8 on both sides again now? I changed to red last time to get some ugly duckling action.


I crashed one Hip last night for the Reds. The stuttering was too much…


I crashed a Huey for the same reason. The first pause was 10 seconds and my Huey was still up! The next pause was 5 seconds and I found myself looking at a black screen. These long pauses seem to occur when someone joins the server.