DCS C-101 liveries

I see some models like this

It also doesn’t have the ventral fins…

I… I have no clue.
Does anyone know what is going on there?

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Ok, I am not sure what that depends on.
If I pick the USAF (fictional) skin the nose is pointy. I prefer that look but I don’t know how to pick it. There is no option for it it seems.

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Ok, done!
Use the same link I gave you to download the previous version, now it’ll grab version 2.0.

I added quite some extra details!
Since the plane shape is quite different from the Alpha jet I couldn’t replicate the livery 100%.

Hope it still works good enough! :smiley:


Downloading now! :slight_smile:


ACH! I just realised I didn’t put the red-triangular ejection seat warning labels under the canopy…
Will rectify when home. :confused:
Sorry 'bout that.
Aslo do you want some personalization?
Like a name or a specific helmet paint?

C’mon, I’m on a roll with this! :smiley:

Still thinking about that, but I tend to say that I like it a tad more generic so I can use several planes like it ina mission.
Related to that: could you also provide a version without the numerals for that purpose?

As for the rest: I’ll check the skin again once I am home tonight. But from first glance yesterday it looks pretty perfect already. Excited to fly it soon!

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Yes, absolutely!
I can also make several with different numbering…
Each skin is barely 5MB so even 8 planes don’t waste too much HDD space.

In any case, if you find anything you don’t like or prefer different, just tell me and I’ll do all I can.

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Ok, some remarks, extreme nitpicking mode engaged per your request:

The antennas and the little “roofs” above the flags on the tail are still white it seems. I think they should be grey, brown or maybe black? Not sure…

The ventral fins look a bit bright, too, but that might be the light. They should be the same light grey color as the belly.

When looking at those fins from the bottom there is some round, brown color, maybe some artefact from the old skin?

Most of the script on the plane is unreadable fortunately, but the text on the flaps still says “no pisar”. I think we should keep it though, since even the USAF skin has it in spanish. :smiley:

There is one triangles that is so small that they look a bit out of place, like a fragment. On the left side of the fuselage.

Judging by the Alphajet paint scheme I think that both wings should have some brown polygon on them.

If I could pick five numbers I’d love to have
41+84 (already done)
And a blank one with just the iron cross but no numbers.


Roger Wilco! :wink:

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This looks really cool!

Now we just need someone at ED to get a big roll of dymo tape and let them loose in the cockpit and tape long German words over all the labels :smiley:

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Cockpits of modern German planes are usually in English anway, no additional work required. :slight_smile:

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Each other skin has them white so… I guess is some sort of “No paint zone”?

The fins are actually the same colur of the belly- checked and verified so… it’s either the angle that makes them having a different luminance or the albedo of the skin?

On the other hand there actually was a leak from a part of the texture to the inner fin so- that I did clean up that artifact. :slight_smile:
Thank for pointing that out! i didn’t notice it!

Fixed and fixed- as I said there’s this very funny way the template is made, wasting a lot of space and making double assignments…
I think you’ll like it better now. :smiley:

I also made all the numbered version.
I’ll provide a link ASAP.

The file called Aginor skin will now be the one without numbering.
All the other skins will have the numbering in the name.


@Aginor- here’s the link to the whole “Aginor Squadron”! :smiley:


Ok, that’s not severe.

Hmmm yeah probably the lighting. I’ll try other weather settings to check that.

I’ll try them tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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They look great!
The only thing I noticed is that the read triangles for the ejection seats aren’t there.

They look like this:



Oh, and there should be a yellow arrow saying

like the one in this picture.

it should point at this panel, on both sides of the plane.

On the alphajet it is pretty huge.

EDIT: And yes I know I am asking a lot. Feel free to take a break, I don’t want to drain all your artistic energy from you!


Hahaha no worries, you’re totally right. :slight_smile:

I just took a short look at the aviodev skin.

I am not sure what those small yellow things (on the fuselage near the ejection seat triangles which are solid red on the spanish skin) are. Maybe also something to do with the canopy. They seem to correspond to the small yellow markings the alphajet has in a similar place.

I also noticed that the spanish yellow “emergencia” arrow is way smaller than the “SAFETY FIRST!” Germans made theirs. :smiley:

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This thread makes me want to fly this bird…damn you! :grin: