DCS C-101 liveries

It is a really nice plane!
I use it to train all the basic airmanship, like radio navigation, IFR flying, formation flying and so on. And to just fly around and look at stuff, since it can fly slow and has great visibility out of its cockpit.


I do like it too - and the cockpit instrument layout is really good for the scan. The more I fly it the more I like it.

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Absolutely! Clearly readable instruments, even in VR.

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Sorry for the delay- stoopid Real Life ™ always in the way…

Maybe tonight— maybe tomorrow.

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No hurry! :slight_smile:

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I think it works!

@Aginor you can now download them from here-

Make sure you delete the previous folders to avoid conflicts.


It looks pretty good @komemiute but are you able to rotate the emblems so the top of them are in line with the canopy frame?

Look at the original picture and hopefully you will see what I mean.


You’re not wrong in asking but I took inspiration from the original Alphajet Skin


Lol, I should have know there was a reason for it. :+1:


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No worries man…

Just tried them. We are VERY close! In fact some might say we are there already.

There is one tiny weirdness left as far as I can see:

Compared to the Aviodev skin the yellow thingies aren’t there anymore.
But the labels for the rear one are still there.

Could you either restore the yellow thingies or remove the excess labels please?

Other than that: YAY!

Oh, and all the skins have the same name in the mission editor, except the 53. Can I just change that my changing the folder names? EDIT: Found it, it is in the lua,


I also noticed that there seems to be some property somewhere that determines whether there are gunsights mounted in the plane.
If I apply the German skin, regardless of whether it is a EB or CC the gunsights are there, while the C101EB Aviodev skin for example has no gunsights mounted. I think the same property might be responsible for the pointy nose.

But actually: I don’t care about such a little discrepancy between the internal and external model, so nothing to do there.

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This utterly puzzled me…
I have zero idea how that works…
When I have time I’ll look into it, about the decals… I’ll do it asap.

I love the skin already. :slight_smile:


Found how to change the names, in the lua.

Btw, can the choice of the skin also affect the textures of the (in that case external) guns?
I’d try and do a little ajdustment myself in that case (replacing the big warning text on the gun with a German/English one).

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ACH, JA! Now I remember!
You’re right… At the very bottom, near the National availability!
Aside from that, I think the different physical aspects could be defined there…
I was planning to check in the ED forums.

A question @Aginor, is there anything about that in the module manual?

If you have any trouble at all, let me know and I’ll try to help you.

I’ll check when I am home tonight.

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OK so, now I should be done. Me thinks. Added the Yellow … uhm… thingamajinghies.


I have corrected the description.lua files so now every livery has a different name. :slight_smile:



I have tried to find something about the nose cone and gunsight stuff, but no joy so far.

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