DCS Easter Sale 2019

Heads up: there’s an Easter sale going on for DCS from today to the 21st.



Cool, Might just pick up a couple of the campaigns for the WW2 planes.


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In for C-101 and Mirage. Or C-101 and Mig 21. Or C-101 and Sabre.

Or go for some Helos?

Decisions decisions. With all this learning, planning my retirement in 10-20 years early.


France and Spain for me today. Going on a European cruise. Aviojet and Mirage boughten. Doubt I’ll spend time with the Mirage, but really looking forward to brushing up on basics with the Aviojet.

Erch! Aviojet is Starforce. Oh well.

Or not? They sent a license key but I didn’t have to plug it in.

You sure? According to Steam it doesn’t have Starforce.

Going with Campaigns this time round :grin:


I might pick up the Christen Eagle, although I know I would rarely fly it. Alternatively I could just take that $20 and put it towards the Aerfoil KA350 for X-Plane. Decisions, decisions. :thinking:

Bought another Caucasus campaign for the hog. Too bad Razbam haven’t finished the harrier yet, would love to fly campaigns with that!

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And because baby needs new shoes I finished up my module wishlist with the awesomely nippy Gazelle helicopter. Whee!

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I think you will like it.

Something that may be obvious to all other but it wasn’t to me…so to put the helicopter into auto hover (make shooting the ATGMs much easier) you have got to be slowed down in all directions. The VDI is good for maintaining a stable altitude but I could not for the life of me nail down forward/aft speed. The NADIR has a page - VS DER that displays ground speed…very helpful for getting within the “sweet spot” for auto hover.

I ended up buying the C101 but that was it.

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Got busy and forgot all about this sale.


I decided to wait. I went through the list over and over again and decided to wait for the HIND.
too many half learned modules already. All the hype for the tomcat and I’ve barely touched it. I fly the harrier and the sabre so much that until I use the tomcat more I better just wait for another thing I’m desperate to try… Like the Hind.

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I sort of am at the same point, i never got into the A-10 but I absolutely adore the harrier, the VTOL aspect adds so much for me. The Tomcat is pretty but I don’t feel like I can do it justice yet, though it’s fun to fly and I don’t regret buying it. I got the Hornet but have barely flown that at all…

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I enjoy the tomcat hugely for flying from a to b and a daily round of BFM. I hardly know a third of what there is to know in flying that thing.

Same for the MiG 19. Just some hoonage once in a while.

But isn’t variety the spice of life?


I really like the tomcat. It’s fantastic. But in all honesty I have more fun just tearing aroundand doing procedural stuff then I ever would actually fighting in the thing.
The harrier makes me feel like a warrior. I love the weapons, the systems and the flight model. I just can’t leave the thing alone.
I very much would like to try the helicopters in dcs. I know I would love them
But none of the current offerings really excite me. The gazelle is close but I really think I’m better off waiting for hind rather than half assing another module lol


For a guy being into transport a lot like you are, and a demonstrated interest in the Mi-24 Hind, the Mi-8 sounds like a match made in heaven. The Hip and the Hind share their dynamic systems, so learning the Hip should make learning the Hind easier.

The hip is a great machine, I really think you’d enjoy it vic. :smiley:


I know… I shouldn’t though… But it would be good practise for the HIND…and I know I would like it…

And hips are cool…


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