DCS F-14 Model Question

What’s the differnce between the A and B model?

I can’t seem to find any good answers.



The DCS:F-14 manual has some info.


Cool thanks.

So A model has the terribly underpowered and temperamental TF-30 engines, the same ones that powered the F-111. They were intended as a temporary solution until the F-101’s came online (same engines that power some models of F-15 and F-16).

Tomcat’s with those engines are B models. We will be flying the B model for the forseeable future. Less worries about compressor stalls and no need for afterburners on the cat. Those with the cool engines and some really sweet avionics updates are the D model.

What happened to C? Dunno, you tell me.


Somewhere in there, after the A but before the B was an A+…my understanding was upgraded engines only…and maybe a cupholder. They were going to the squadrons as I was leaving VF-32 so I never learned what happened to them…are they the B’s? I dunno. :slightly_smiling_face:

The lack of an F-14C has always puzzled me. Is there any story about why a C model was never made?

This is the only thing I could find.


Sounds like the first F-14A+ was eventually made into the F-14B and then another A+ was made.

There were two F-14Bs. The 70s one that never went into production and the renamed A+ of the 90s that formed half the fleet at the end.

I forget what went wrong with those engines for the original 14B, but when they failed you’d have thought they could have found another to convert. Not just give up for over a decade.

From an academic perspective, naming the jet that fit in between the A and B models the A+ doesn’t make sense…it should have been the A- or B+…just say’n :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The USMC decided to spell it out for the Harrier. :slight_smile:

The original plan from the start was, that there should be only 67 F-14A (VFX-1 requirement) with the interim TF-30 and the rest of the planned units should be with another engine according to VFX-2 requirement with the first 67 converted to this spec. This second variant was later designated F-14B and should use the P&W F401 (whose cousin would be used in F-15 and F-16). The whole -B program was cancelled due to issues with the new engine and already existing cost overrun in the Tomcat program. The Navy wanted to save cost, build more -As and tried bandaids to fix the symptoms of the problematic TF-30s which eventually cost millions of dollars and more importantly lives.

The F-14C was designed for multi-mission profiles, possibly for the Marines. Afaik not even a prototype was ordered for this one.

The F-14A+ is an -A with the new engine intended for the F-14D (F-110-GE-400) and some other changes (removed wing glove vanes, new RWR, coxkpit changes, new DLC, redesigned gun bay, etc). The first A+ was delivered in 1987. In 1991 it was redesignated F-14B (which is a little bit confusing since it’s not the 70s -B).


I guess that begs the question…why bother developing the A model at all in the sim if the B is really the better one from a performance and reliability standard?

lol because some of us find great joy in taming and mastering a temperamental machine and all its niggles, quirks and quibbles. Why fly a tomcat at all if you can fly an F/A-18C?


This is by far not the official answer, however…

To me the F-14A is the quintessential Tomcat. From its introduction in the 1970s until the very late 1980s, this was the model in the fleet. If you want that Cold War Tomcat experience, the F-14A is the way to go. :hugs:


Exactly my sentiment.

The C or Charlie appeared later in the film Top Gun - had a very different shaped fuselage.

A model has 20,000lbs of thrust less then the B and available weapons will probably be different

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As with the real Cats we are njoying confusion also virtually, first B then A :slight_smile: