DCS F-14 Tomcat Launch Impressions MEGATHREAD




Excuse me Mr @goosebot fortune is @victork2 the most gorgeous and suave character you have ever had the good fortune to meet


This, again.


Oh, my…


DCS is now officially cooler than Ace Combat.
I never thought I’d see the day…


nope, not just quite yet. No update on my box so far.


On my way home for the day… if its 1500z it should be still just over an hour away, plenty of time to prep some MRE’s for the coming days :burrito::bowl_with_spoon::sandwich:



Change log is up on DCS forum. No update yet though.


Update is LIVE!!! Downloading now… 3 GB update @ 6 MB/s


It begins! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:




Remember, some of us are stuck at work for the next few hours, so for the love of @goosebot Fortune please tease the poop out of us :slight_smile:


:crystal_ball: It is certain


Seven hours to go. And Dr. Girlfriend just asked if we could do something tonight (I thought she was going to be out of town).


I’m stuck at work also. Lucky for me though I’m stuck in my home office with my DCS rig! Ah the joys of working from home… :laughing::laughing:

Waiting for a blizzard to hit here in the Denver area. Perfect day to sit inside with a nice warm Tomcat.

Almost there, looks like just over 6 GB uncompressed.



Downloading the Tomcat now!! 2 GB just for an aircraft module!!



Bummer. I turned off TeamViewer on my home PC, because it has a conflict with VoiceAttack LOL.


Happy Tomcat Day to One and All! :grin:


One hour until I can go home…