DCS F-14 Tomcat Launch Impressions MEGATHREAD


Out flying today…hoping I’ll be home for the scrum!


I ran the count, and the F-14B shipped with 57 missions. This includes all training missions, all normal missions and all instant action missions for all currently available maps. Refreshing to have this much content available for singleplayer in a new release.




Thankfully I can remote in to my PC and at least start the updating process…


15 training missions, 15 normal missions (10 in the Caucasus, 3 on the gulf. Nevada and Normandy get one each), 8 instant action for the caucasus, 9 instant for the NTTR, 3 instant for Normandy and 7 instant for the Gulf. That tallies up to 57 :slight_smile:


That’ll tide me over for the weekend :smiley:


I dived into the files and found also found 13 MP coop missions, so that brings the total tally to 70 missions. Judging from their titles, these are MP variants of the single missions though.


With a tomcat, isn’t every mission a coop mission?


In the pit for real now, lets try the cold and dark challenge :slight_smile:


I have no idea what I’m doing… but I managed to pull this off. I just couldn’t resist.


Coincidentally, yesterday my copy of PC Pilot arrived featuring (among there things) @BeachAV8R’s look at the Tomcat…talk about good timing. :sunglasses:


don’t worry fridge, you will probably still be flying before me … damn slow internet :sob:


Well I am updated but having had a builder round for 2.5 hours talking extensions and now have to walk dogs with my wife who is hyper over the house improvements and I am hyper for the tomcat


and of course the very moment the thing is done installing, four kids at a time melt down and wife is cooking. F!



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Gaw dangit now windows has hidden my mouse and wants to update pfffft


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Can’t wait to roll in on my first turkey in the C-101CC…