DCS F-14 Tomcat Launch Impressions MEGATHREAD


Thanks. Yeah I’m blind, I searched the controls with “switch” “change” “RIO” and couldn’t find it. Now I can see it’s there :thinking: I think I need to get some sleep…


Ordered my a new joystick (T16000) so maybe I can fly on saturday. grml…




Be on hollo pointe in 10 mins


Updating now…


Is there a “We’d like to see this_____, in DCS” thread? I would like to see a normal “dismount” without having to eject - doesn’t have to be all animated…just pop, and you are standing next to the jet…kind of like those weird F-15 drivers that show up every time you shut down an AI Gazelle.


I’m curious, can you prevent someone from sitting in your backseat?

Like if you wanted to just use Jester, or if you’re keeping the seat open until your buddy joins.

By the way, I don’t know what you guys are talking about, the wait today hasn’t been that bad.

-Edited to try smaller image


Looks beautiful @boomerang10 :slight_smile:


I’ve only scratched the surface of this module but I’m just blow away by the quality. It’ll take me months to learn how to fly this bird properly but man will it be fun. Just fooling around I’ve manged to takeoff and land on the carrier… it wasn’t pretty put I pulled it off.

One thing I noticed is the optimization. I can load the carrier deck full of tomcats and still have over 60 fps. Add a few hornets and fps takes a big hit still. I hope ED fixes that soon. A deck full of Hornets and Tomcats sure is beautiful sight! I have noticed some dips in performance that appear to be related to the mirrors. Not that surprising though.


Anyone having problems assigning axis?


I did. Restarted it and it seemed to work better…


I’ve repaired, restarted, come out of VR and tried 2d…ill restart pc entirely and try that.


You get a pop up to accept or decline someone joining the aircraft


Did you clear axis of the other categories (click into each column, hit ‘Clear Category’ at the top button level)? Unless you have a Warthog then the assignments are best wiped first.


It’s odd. It sort of looks as if you are resting slightly on the left rudder left pitch left everything about 5 percent. It’s weird. I’ll clear everything after the restart


I also repaired and restarted and I could assign axes. No clue what that was.


It seems to be only when I assign toe brakes then it throws a wobbler and won’t recognise anything. Weird


My T-Rudder stuff I had to invert brake axis, but I think I do that for all modules.


At least I have an appropriate brew for riding with the Ghostriders! :sunglasses:

Rogue Dead Guy Ale.


Flew the MIG-28 Furball mission, got one kill with a Phoenix and got in a turning fight with another which ended in a Sidewinder kill. Jester’s updates on enemy positions are great. My absolute favourite feature though is the jet wash after firing the Phoenix, so cool.