DCS: F-15 Training mission

F-15 Training Mission

I created a training mission that can be used to train a few different aspects. You can fly this mission solo, but there is also a slot for an instructor pilot. All triggers are based around the trainee though! Let’s see what you can train with my mission. No enemy aircraft are spawned by default. All enemies are spawned by F10 radio options by the trainee.

This is the FEBA (Forward Edge of Battle Area). The Enguri river splits east and west allowing the FEBA to be seen from the sky.

exercise #1: Holding a CAP.

The first radio menu option is to perfom a practice holding a CAP zone. This mode on it’s own won’t spawn any enemies. What you need to do is fly up and down between waypoint 2 and 3. Whenever you’re moving from 2 to 3 you should be scanning for bandits, but never should you keep going so far that you pass over enemy air defenses. I also created some triggers that will warn you when you get close to the FEBA or even waypoint 3 and you’re at MANPADS/IR SHORAD altitude (<14 000 feet). You should start the CAP exercise from the F10 menu, don’t start it untill you’re about 1 mile away from waypoint 2. Once you start it the exercise will last for 6 minutes, all the triggers will be active and warn you if you deviate from the plan. If you let the 6 minutes pass you will be notified that everything is deactivated, you can then restart the exercise if you so wish.

For any instructors, the zone is very small, a proper formation with ~6000 feet seperation is going to be hard to maintain without hitting triggers

exercise #2: inbound helo’s.

This exercise is not so much about killing helo’s as it is about patience and discipline. Enemy helo’s will spawn behind the FEBA once you select this radio menu option. They will linger for some time as they visit various spots inside the FEBA but will eventually (<10 minutes) come out from the FEBA to engage your troops. Can you or your mentee maintain their calmth and maintain the CAP flight untill the time is right to prosecute the target or will they go immediatly after that huge doppler return from the rotors and risk entering the SHORAD and SA-3 WEZ? You can choose this exercise from the F10 menu.

exercise #3: Easy fight

A MiG-25 Recconaisance aircraft will be inbound from the ocean, not even from the FEBA. it only has R60’s for self defense. Take it out. You can choose this exercise from the F10 menu.

exercise #4: Medium difficulty fight.

An enemy Flanker armed with the R-27T and R-27R will try to fight you from across the FEBA. You can choose this exercise from the F10 menu.

exercise #5: Speedy intercept

An enemy Su-25T armed with laser guided weapons is trying to destroy your troops from the safety of their zone. It’s up to you to become energetic enough without crossing into SA-3 terrain and take this frogfoot down. You can choose this exercise from the F10 menu.

exercise #6: Difficult BVR fight

A pair of either MiG-29 Fulcrums armed with the R77 Adder active radar guided missile or Su-27 Flankers armed with R-27ER’s will try to fight you across the FEBA. You can choose this exercise from the F10 menu.

Feel free to do only the ones you like or where you feel you need to improve.

@fearlessfrog how can I set up the tags for this?

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Thanks for playing! Appreciate any feedback.


Excellent! Thanks for doing this!

I would like to adapt this (or can you adapt this) for the Mirage? It probably just needs to have the adversary capabilities tweaked a little.


Go ahead @Fridge! I can do it for you but you won’t have it before tomorrow! Let me know if you do the editing yourself


Thanks a bunch Sryan. Sounds very well designed. However, when I click the file name to download, I’m getting the error message, “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Same here. Just on the computer after work and it won’t download :-). No rush though … Arma3 calls :slight_smile:

alternative download source

Edited into a Mirage version

  • The Flanker in exercise #4 is replaced by a Flogger
  • The Fulcrum-C in #6, a possible adversary in this exercise, is replaced by Fulcrum-A. They have no extended range alamo variants
  • The extended range Alamo variants where taken away from the Flankers that are a possible adversary in exercise #6.

Thanks! Appreciate it sryan!

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That worked great Sryan. I just flew the simple CAP mission since I’ve been out of the saddle for a few weeks with family vacation and visiting in-laws. No issues that were mission related that I could tell.

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