I knew this would happen. The Hornet is the most anticipated module, there had to be multiple people doing the same liveries, especially the most famous ones.

Oh… and Skate, please, the VMFA-314, VW-00 is already in the works by someone.

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Good information, although I guess its probably not out of the realm of possibility to have those, and the more options the better.


Gimmie an Idea and a Color Scheme… ;-D

Thinkin’ Mudspike Logo on the spine, bomb target logo for tail art?

Would just need the Logo’s sent over in a PSD (no background etc)

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I’m working on some skin too…but I don’t mind if someone else already did them…I do it for fun and for personal pleasure. One for sure nobody else will do…but it will be a surprise :wink::smile:



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Hey everyone. I have created a second thread for Impressions, AARs and Screenshots after tomorrows release. I hope we can keep the discussion going here but if you wouldn’t mind, please post your impressions and media in that thread.

This is an attempt to break up the discussion a little so that people who might be coming to Mudspike for information (etc) won’t have to wade through a long thread. Please let me know your thoughts on this.


link: DCS F/A-18C (Open Beta) Initial Impressions AAR


Wow… don’t listen to them, I love your liveries!!!


I would guess you’re going for Ita… I better not take that surprise away.

Ohhh…comeon !!! Everybody knows that italians doesn’t have any Hornet !! :wink::wink::sunglasses:

Yeah, about that… I think we should ask the real aircraft operators of the world to agree on a standard livery. Or at least reduce the number of squadrons…

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Proof positive that people will Whine about EVERYTHING. Carry On SkateZilla. We love your work.


By the downloading balls of Compuserve, is it not the 30th!



It’s a GO!

DCS Update 1 for Open Beta

DCS F/A-18C Hornet is available in the Early Access.
Added CVN-74 J.C.Stennis aircraft carrier.


The discount is gone, no download yet though. For me atleast.

I noticed that it is not finding an update yet, but if I log in it does say I can install the Hornet. When I try though it says it can’t find the module. So not just yet.

Same thing happened with PG last week.

I would like a generic Mudspike skin for our yet to be confirmed F/A-18C fly in #Summer 18


Hey, that’s my job! (Hint: No it isn’t)

soon young padawan

All MY Liveries that are Ready are on DCS Site:
Servers are taking a beating at the moment:

VFA-103 Fictional Set: