So if we go by required systems, looks like the GBU stuff shouldn’t be too far off then. HARM would probably be down the road a ways. Does JSOW need ground radar?

Although I’m pretty sure it can be targeted with the radar, it is a GPS guided weapon. Basically it just needs the on board gps or one of the sensors to tell it where to go


You could technically use JSOW right now. Everything in the Hornet is run off the concept of designations, which is a coordinate the jet knows to cue the various delivery modes off of. Right now there are two ways to create one: designating a way point and using the HUD. The radar and TGP are two more ways to do it. As long as the jet knows where it is, and where it needs things to go, you can bomb it. (This is a gross oversimplification).


HARM supposedly is one of the weapons we should get soonish. You’ve got everything you need to shoot it right now outside of the LAR, symbology, etc.

I am probably the only one that doesn’t look forward to the AMRAAM. Thank you, I like my Desert Storm Hornet. With the Sparrow, things still evolve into dogfights for most parts.

Not long and everybody and his dog will fly around with 10 AIM-120.


That’s just a crutch for weak “deck spotters”…as is the IFLOS for that matter.:wink:

BTW, besides all the promotional videos, the DCS Hornet developers that created the IFLOS for the carrier made this exciting video about how they got it to work!


So did the most recent patch break the fingerlifts? I have mine mapped to china hat forward on my Warthog and now it seems as if I don’t even need them to engage afterburner.

Edit - NM. See that now there is an option to have the detent or not.

This perfectly captures every time we were in the shipyards for anything.

Reminds me of that great old Snickers commercial for the Chefs:

How many great googly moogly’s did you hear? :slight_smile:


DCS: F/A-18C Hornet – Episode 16: CASE III Introduction


Oh man, I love stuff like this. It has diagrams! :slight_smile:


Hey @NineLine

We’ve been discussing anti-shipping topics as they pertain to DCS in a different thread, and the topic of SEAD has come up. Currently in DCS, ship models have different radar antenna modeled visually, and different radar restrictions modelled to different extents in code, but the two are not linked. By this I mean you cannot target specific ship-board search and fire control radars, and any ARMs fired at the ship will guide instead at the ship model’s centroid.

With the eventual coming of AGM-88 and AGM-45 (and various Harpoons), has ED considered overhauling how ship damage models are defined pertaining to radars? I know the newer models can have various portions of their superstructure demolished.


Youtube version is up:


I’ll settle for a POP GROUP or TOP DOME that stops working after an AGM-88 hits the ship.

how are you guys doing with Rockeyes … in ccip bombing they still seem to go short for me … in auto they seem to be on the money, but i cant get the thing to hit at all in ccip … all other bomb types seem to be very accurate

Anybody got some good missions for regular carrier ops…?
I know there are some with the module, but I’d like a mission that starts on the cat, ready to go at trap weight, with maybe one or two other Hornets in the pattern.
Yes, I could make a mission myself, but I bet there already are a bunch of missions like that… :slight_smile:

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Errr. I could shoot you a mission where the carrier automagically turns into the wind, but you’d have to either dump fuel or configure the jet in the mission editor.


I’ll take that too, please.

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Nice! Thanks.

Good man!