DCS Mission: Carrier QoL Demo

This is a demo mission for a script I wrote to improve the quality of life of virtual naval aviators. This adds an option in the F10 radio menu that allows players to order a carrier group to dynamically turn into the wind and match speed for ~25 knots of wind over the angled deck.

Once the carrier is heading in the right direction and performing “flight operations”, players can request the carrier either launch a tanker from which to refuel, or request the carriers Base Recovery Course (BRC), which will give the player the ship’s current heading, TACAN and pressure in QnH.

The player can order the ship to return to it’s previous route at any time, and the ship will automatically return to its route after 90 minutes.

CarrierQoLDemoV5.miz (186.0 KB)

Known Issues:

  • The way I’ve tried to account for magnetic variance per map is a shtty wild ass guess. Take BRC with a grain of salt.
  • The Recovery tanker only updates one half of it’s orbit, so it will fly increasingly long racetracks

EDIT 07/21/16
Put the actual latest version of the script in, ICLS should work now.


I am going to attempt to get back on the horse/hornet so to speak after a hiatus where my brain has now completely emptied of how to work even the drink holders.

This mission will help me, so thanks (and imagine some sort of animated kitten gif doing a thumbs up or something, I can’t be bothered to look for a good one). :slight_smile:

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The actual mission is pretty sparse. I basically threw this together a few weeks back as a way to distribute and demonstrate the script I wrote. There’s a Stennis Carrier group, a Tarawa Amphibious Group, and I think a single hot-ramp started F/A-18.

What I’m getting at here is feel free to go in and add whatever / however many jets you want.


So I take it then that I could use this with my “release version” of DCS? I know you guys just updated the beta again the other day and was wondering whether it would work with the release version.

That version? Probably not, I made a point to rush out an update to included the new ICLS functionality.


This version however, will work fine.


Sooo, just realized today that in the rush to get out the ICLS update on wednesday, the version of the mission that was linked did not have said update for ICLS. Whoops :smile:

I updated the file in the first post to be the correct mission. All the other goodies should have worked.


This works nicely - thanks.

251 Mhz AM for the S3 tanker.

Couldn’t find the ICLS channel - is it set, I tried 1 and 11 and then ran out of inspiration? :slight_smile:

Is there a way to launch the plane guard or is that automatic when the Carrier goes flight op’y?


I’d recommend not touching that until ED sorts out how helicopters and carriers interface.

CarrierQoLDemoV6.miz (186.8 KB)

A couple of changes:

  • Carrier now includes ICLS channel in BRC announcement
  • Carrier now includes angled deck heading in BRC announcement (For your dank Case III needs)
  • Changed the way radio menus are populated from one terrible brute force method to a second terrible brute force method (let me know if it breaks)
  • Slight change to how the carrier turns into the wind (explained below)

So previously I noticed the carrier’s announced BRC was not closely aligning with the heading the ship was actually on. I assumed this was something funky with how I calculated magnetic declination, remembered my philisophes, and pushed it out.

Further investigation showed the math was actually fine. What was actually occuring was the heading of the ship is calculated to place wind down the angled deck, so it’s a waypoint offset nine degrees from the actual bearing the wind is on. This is calculated when the ship is on its original route. However the ship has such a wide turn radius that by the time it actually assumes the proper heading, it’s position is offset by a significant enough margin that that initial offset is no longer enough to account for the nine degrees deck correction, it works out to somewhere around four, depending on the total angle of the turn.

I’ve introduced a work around where the ship takes a very SWAG on how long it will take to get around the turn into the wind (based upon assumed worst case scenario: a 180 degree turn at 5 knots), then recalculates the route necessary for the appropriate deck correction offset. Then in for a penny, in for a pound, I’ve added logic where it will do this every fifteen minutes, if the wind changes in that time, the carrier will announce its new heading.

It should work better (probably).

EDIT: Oh, little warning about that radio menu change. It only populates the radio menu with a client aircraft spawns. Works fine for MP. In SP you need to hop into spectators then hop into a client slot. Otherwise the event to populate doesn’t fire. Blame whomever wrote the event system.


Hi! Where I can find CVAirOps.lua file?